Library of Congress II News:  This is now Inisfree's main public library.
Library of Congress II
The Library of Congress II

Based upon the American original, this facility serves as Inisfree's main, 'brick and mortar' (non-digital/online) library.  Unlike the American original, this is a public library for all Inisfreean citizens, and does not require a lengthy process of making and issuing a photo ID.

Dimensions & Layout:
This facility measures 462'x726' across its foundation, stands over 45 stories tall, and contains the hard-copy and software backups of all unclassified Inisfreean knowledge

Naming Convention:
This library's name still includes "of Congress" due to the most basic definition and context of the term 'congress'; 
a formal assembly of representatives, as of various nations, to discuss problems. This is the library in Inisfree where such meetings have the greatest recorded knowledge base to assist their think-tanking and decisions.  The name of this construct and facility is also in keeping with the Inisfreean practice of reverence; namely, in this case, that of recognizing the great inspiration and form-sake which was the first building of this one's name.
庫 的 國會 兩