Luxury Tree-houses News:  There are now thousands of tree-houses in the greenbelts of Inisfree.
Luxury Tree-houses
Luxury Tree-houses

Inisfreean tree-houses range in size and shape from one-room pods to full-sized mansions, each one being at the height of imaginable luxury.  Hundreds of them are hidden amidst the thick greenbelt of towering trees on the farside of Inisfree's central mountain, with a few dozen of these being the large, mansion-sized ones.

Dimensions & Layout:
These tree-houses may be as small as a pod-bed or typical Outlander child's tree-house, or include up to thousands of square feet of floor-space per story.  All of Inisfree's tree-houses start at least a few stories up off the local forest floor, and can extend well up into the top branches of their trees, though never peaking out above their canopies (with the exceptions of a few periscopes and retractable crow's nests, similar to the structures found on larger ships).  In the larger tree-houses in this city, rooms and furniture will be arranged the same way they would in any normal type of house or apartment, and, like in the downtown areas of major cities, some of these tree-houses are connected by 'sky bridges'; suspension walkways linking their balconies on various levels and out from them in various directions.  To get up into any of these tree-houses, a wooden, fort-like version of Inisfree's A.I.O.W.s are always available; a standard part of each tree-house design here.

Special Features:
Some of these tree-houses are so well-camouflaged that it would take bumping into one to find it.

All tree-houses in Inisfree also have heated floors and heated toilet seats.  
​"It all adds up to a nice..warm..feeling in your soul."​​
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