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The Bridges of Sotu

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The Bridges of Sotu

​The bridges of Sotu, Inisfree's densest urban and downtown area, are sky-bridges the size of skyscrapers turned on their sides.  Some are straight, some are arches, and some are large enough that clusters of mansions hang beneath them like slowly rotating Christmas ornament orbs.  Some have office buildings built both on top of them and extending down below their undersides.  Some are also wide enough that highways run on top of and/or through them.

Part 1:

Sometimes, offending kajirae are hung from a 40' rope, dangling stories below the under-arches of these massive bridges, and are lashed by Inisfreeans sweeping past them in flight, riding their hover-saddles called Owls, brandishing their coiled, leather whips. The lashes cause the suspended girls to spin, and their tensing and flinching causes them to wobble, thus leaving them moving almost erratically, meaning they have no idea where the next lash will strike and cling to them, bending around their body as it dangles in the downtown wind, hundreds of stories off the ground. It is not uncommon for these girls to pass out from the sheer terror of it all; the height, the searing pain, the throbbing, crisscrossing, linear wounds, the total loss of control. These things are often too much for a girl, and that is the very point of this punishment.

When it pleases the Inisfreeans to stop, they release these girls by firing with pinpoint accuracy a maser into the center of the rope several feet above where it is locked to her wide wrist bands keeping her arms high above her head, her full body widely, wholly exposed. All a girl can do in this position is hang there, unable to block Anything, her legs hanging straight down below her, her feet out over nothing but air. She cannot shield herself with her legs, for this, she learns, will double her lashes, and each lash will strike her twice as hard as they would otherwise. She learns to go limp, and just accept her sentencing, no matter how long it may last. Inisfreeans are precise enough to keep from, with their whip tails, hitting a girl's face or head, but everything else, they will whip with ease and glee. The maser is a laser not visible to the human eye, so only the Inisfreeans firing them can see it. All the girl hanging far below the bridge knows is that her rope has suddenly snapped, and she is now in freefall, with only a number of seconds left to go before she, if no one chooses to save her, explodes upon impact with the ground.

Naturally, the Inisfreeans do not allow carnage like that in their paradisaical city, and their technology is such that the ground would elasticize and help soften any girl's impact much like a trampoline would, but the girls hung in this way, and dropped in this way, are usually brand new to the Inisfreean realm, and so are accustomed to an uncaring, unmoving earth, and certainly do not yet know how much stronger their mere presence around the Inisfreean ley-lines and other ultra-healing and super-charging forces have made them. They fall in terror, perhaps wondering why their hearts, now so much stronger, having been brought into Inisfree, do not have attacks and stop.

One of the Inisfreeans riding one of the Owls always ends up catching these girls as they fall, their wrists still tightly, inescapably bound. The girls are caught by a semi-elastic lasso, and left to dangle next from the underside of the Owls as they soar past, bringing the girls' trajectories into arcs that have them accelerating into at least a few G's for a moment before leveling out and being brought to match the momentum of their capturing aircraft.

A bundle of nerves when they land, the shivering, crying, wobbly girls collapse to the earth, or into the arms of their masters, unable to speak without shaky words and some measure of temporary incoherence, and are allowed some time, then, to process what has just been done to them. No girl ever forgets the lash, and this is doubly so for those who are hung a hundred stories or more in the air for those lashings. No girl ever needs to be suspended up there like that again. All that needs be said to a girl after such an event is "Do I need to whip you?" This is usually enough to cause a girl to pale, moan, and even faint. Girls are creatures based on feeling and submission, not thought and defiance. Their moments of defiance are only hiccups designed to lure in prospective sexual partners to re-dominate them, overwhelming their entire beings with more touch; more feeling sensations.
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