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Firefly Firefight

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Firefly Firefight


螢火蟲 槍戰
Part 1:

I ask a girl who looks like Sammantha Kelly, "where were You years ago when I sought such a wench?"
With tears in her eyes, my fist still holding fiercely her hair, she looked up at me, daring not to move from the kneeling position I had just taught her by way of force and threat, and pleaded, trembling, "Master! I did not Know you back then! I did not know how to Please you!"
"Ignorance is no excuse for the law," I frowned down to her, my eyes dark and hard, I enjoying thoroughly, every single time, spitting that same ridiculous line back to her filthy sub-race, the humanimals.
"You will have to make up for lost time, stupid slave whore. You will have to please me extra every time I call on you."
"Yes, Master!" she whispered, her eyes wild with fear, the tears streaming down from them.
"And each time you wrong me, regardless of whether you knew yourself to be doing it, you will pay double the price of all the other girls, for you failed to be at my side the moment I first wished it."
"Yes, Master," she choked on her sobbing, casting her eyes down and to the side for a moment until I tugged on her hair, still in my fist, and returned her to perfect attention and posture.
"Begin by pleasing all my men," I threw her back away from me by her hair, releasing it as she began to fly and stumble, having been yanked a foot up from where she knelt.
A platoon of my Black Ops commandos, spies, and assassins encircled her like a pack of sharks ready to feed. She would be beaten as they fucked her, taking turns in groups of three or more, and she would be sore for a week afterward --at least. If she dared to say 'Please, Masters!', she would be beaten even more. She would soon learn to suffer in silence. She was a slave.
It was actually part firefight, part dogfight; the term they use for aerial combat.
A cop whose hot daughter we were using right in front of him, both of them bound helplessly, strained in fury, baring his teeth and boringly, typically, predictably threatening us (namely me) with the usual hum-drum dribble; "I am an officer of the law! You don't know how many armed men are in My gang! They will hunt you to the ends of this system! Detectives will figure out your pattern and come in force for you! SWAT? Federal agents? These are the Least of your worries! My fellow officers will find you and tear you to Pieces for what you've done here!"
I let him run his mouth, like a wise fighter baits his opponent into tiring himself out with futile swings before he moves in for a much easier and devastating blow. When the cop finally paused for breath, even more infuriated that we had all practically yawned and not paused even for a second in the ongoing rape of his daughter right in front of him, I chuckled, patting the cop on the top of his head as if he was a foolish little boy being cute in utter ignorance and misplaced zeal, "That is precisely why we Picked you and your little girl, stupid woman; to lure all your loser friends Out..." I grinned, slowly turning to lock eyes with the man now; "we will put them through a Thousand times more than what you are now being put through here toDay."
One of the women we captured claimed to be a witch. Another claimed she was a sorceress. They thought it might frighten us into letting them go. We just chuckled and said "Good," with a smile; "then when we read your thoughts, whatever it is you actually know and can do... will further enhance our Own sciences and abilities." To their horror, their approach had only made us want to enslave and probe them all the more, using them far more thoroughly, and expecting far more out of them.
We walked into an area that looked like they'd just left it. There were riches laying about. It looked like they would be back soon; that they had not left in a hurry, nor under any duress; no signs of struggle. I realized it was too good to be true; these people did some stupid things, but were not fools enough to leave all this wealth vulnerable. I mentally signaled Nyria to continue pretending to buy into it, as if she noticed and thought of nothing like what I just had. Our three Outlander male crewmen would play into it even better, for they probably had no idea, and we could not, per Inisfreean OPSEC, telepathically alert them, too.
We let the trap be sprung against them, and easily defeated it, Nyria and myself already being more than ready and anticipating of it, not to mention both of us having been exquisitely trained as elite warfighters.
Part 2:


Part 3: