First Wife at My Feet
First Wife at My Feet News:  The vampire queen invited into Inisfree has fit perfectly into her feminine place.
First Wife at My Feet Abstract

This account details more about how the highest ranking guest of Inisfree enjoys interacting with her husband, Inisfree's King.
First Wife at My Feet:

Ambrosia LeMorte, when I had again found her in the Outlands, was being groomed to be a regent, soon to be queen of her realm so many thousands of miles around the curve of our world, the Earth. She was a lovely little supermodel of a queen, standing a few inches shorter than me, with a full head of flowing, jet black hair, and the regal, high cheekboned features befitting a royal daughter; a princess destined to be even more. She always wore the finest dresses and gowns, always couture; perfectly fitted to her fit, taut, hourglass of the ideal woman's body. Ambrosia was a sex object coveted by many, yet had by few. Most in the Outlands of Earth were bred and brainwashed to be slaves, submitting to the --and any-- end. Further, Ambrosia's realm had somehow managed to force its shameful, touch-starved, anti-nudist ways upon even a woman as powerful in her beauty and other charms as her. I suppose it makes sense how it all turned out out there, for Ambrosia, a human female, is hard-wired to cave; to submit, to yield, to obey, to participate. And even once turned to a vampire, few things change save the ability to heal, move more quickly, and, perhaps, gain an interesting supernatural power or two; Ambrosia had gained Temporis, the ability to manipulate and move differently through time.

Yes, the lovely, luscious, sexy, sexual, sexually repressed Ambrosia, little vampire Barbie doll whom I had taken to calling 'my darkest queen', was an interesting case study. She longed to be more sexual. Her turning; when she had been made into a vampire, had probably helped bring that side out of her. It was still half-repressed, though, and not surprisingly so, for she was of the Outlands, and I am one of the only handful of Outlanders, it seems, who ever broke free of that realm's sorry mold. The rest, for whatever reason or reasons, remained locked within it --and within themselves, never to admit their natural desires, much less pursue them, much less bask in them. When Ambrosia sensed that I was the man she had been waiting for to be her husband, I brought her to Inisfree, and spent months helping reassure her that she could be her long-repressed, long-hidden, almost-forgotten, deeply sexual, naturally girly self. She had grown so cold, hard, and unbelieving out there without a real man, which the Outlands of Earth have always lacked. Her predictable, typical, Outlands jealousy and defensive rage fits eventually subsided, my Inisfreeans comforting all the slave girls she took them out on, and Ambrosia was finally able to relax into her role as Inisfree's first true queen.

Inisfree has known many queens, as it were, both wedded to me in the various customs and ways of the many realms we are now allied and trading with, and those who have just been our distinguished guests. The key difference in Inisfree, however, is that marriages are not recognized the same way they are in the Outlands; in Inisfree, anyone may fuck and otherwise enjoy anyone, and there is no clinging (at least, as one would think of clinging in the Outlands), nor concept of greedy possession. People in Inisfree share --their possessions and themselves. To many of Earth, this is a very alien concept, for Earthlings tend to be obsessed with property, laws, infighting, and kneejerk negative exaggerations and judgements of anyone experiencing any form of pleasure.

Bringing Ambrosia into my Inisfreean family, I honored her request that I stay out of her realm. We both knew I was too hot-headed to be compatible there. I also honored her request that I not permit anyone else of her realm to know of the Inisfreean one, much less be a guest on tour here. Likewise, Ambrosia honored my requests; she drank deeply from goblets and chalices full to the brim of my cum, mixed with fresh, warm blood. She brought me other girls she knew I'd enjoy, and fucked the girls I wished her to while I was busy elsewhere in my kingdom. She minded her manners and toned down her jealous rage, being more patient, understanding, and restrained around my daughters, the Inisfreeans. When she needed a break, and more time to adjust to the overwhelming ways of Inisfree and its people, she returned to her places in the Outlands, ensuring that we did not end up fighting. She was a well trained, well educated, most thoughtful queen. I watched her sweet, tender, gentle, affectionate, giggly, playful side come back out, and knew it was probably the only time it had, and the only time she had let it, since she had been turned. She realized she could trust me to let her be her truest, innermost self. She realized she had a true vacation resort in Inisfree; exactly what the city had been designed for so many like her to be.

Ambrosia, being an immortal like us Inisfreeans, took off with little or no notice for months or even many years at a time. Time had little meaning to her, just as it had for us. She squeaked her girlish joy whenever we reunited, letting me sweep her up into my arms, returning all my kisses wholeheartedly, and with great smiles and bright eyes, snuggling into my embraces as we wrapped ourselves up in each other. I knew in the Outlands she was the polar opposite; the ice princess she had needed to become out there --exactly how I, too, had had to become while I was still out there in the years before Inisfree.

Each time she came back to Inisfree, now having the clearance and knowhow to do so, always via our secret portals allowing special people from the Outlands to make their way back to us, I treated her like the queen we both knew she was born and always destined to be; red carpets, massive beds, endless bloodwines, showering her with the attention of millions of adoring citizens and visitors to the realm, palatial suites, and so much more. We made love until all our furniture was broken from it, had it replaced, and did it again. She and I both loved fucking out in the rain, and so I made sure it always rained at least once, and very hard; in sheets, while she was visiting. She and I both fucked each other as hard as we possibly could, both of us understanding just as well as the other that we both had our own realms to manage and command; that our time together was valuable and not always guaranteed, often sporadic, and sometimes upsettingly brief. Even with all our inherited and self-built authority and power, we weren't always truly free.

One of the times Ambrosia, my immortal vampire Barbie doll and sex goddess, returned to me, I practically yanked her out of the opening portal caressing her skin, and was already fucking her by the time it had just finished closing around the curves of her backside. I put her down on her knees right in front of me, held the sides of her head, and slowly, deeply fucked her mouth and the back of her throat, filling them and her stomach with my fresh, warm, smooth sperm. Again, as before, she drank deeply, and I could already sense how moist, slippery, clenching, and trembling her pussy, aching for my cock to stuff and fill it, had become. We fucked 50 times before we made it home to my gigantic private estate high up on Inisfree's central mountain. Our time apart had amped up our already skyhigh appetites for both sex in general and each other. It was a great blessing and fortune.

I didn't ask Ambrosia how things in her realm were going, for she had said it was a rather private matter. I remembered how she didn't want anyone prying, and how she had worried at my offer to invite her vampire relatives in to Inisfree. I accepted this, trusting that she, a woman born and raised of that realm, would know best. I didn't care if she was hiding anything, for she was sexy and longed for me, and even secrets, I find, are sexy.

She didn't ask how things in my realm were going, either. This was, I learned, because her focus was always far more upon enjoying sex with me; in getting to be her sexual girl self whenever we had time in our royal schedules for one another. After all, Inisfreeans are neo-nymphs, and Inisfree is an exclusive vacation resort realm for the super sexy nudist nymphos, and it was no coincidence that she of all Outlands women had been not only drawn to it, but married into it --and no less than as its highest ranking Outlands female.

We began to spend a lot of romantic days together deep underground, for even though direct sunlight in Inisfree cannot harm any vampires (due to our polarized shielding), vampires naturally, obviously, instinctively avoid like the plague the Sun. Our favorite spot in the lower hemisphere of Inisfree was, of course, my giant private mansion's lowest basement; a radial bunker complex called the Magics Chambers, in which were ancient, dark magic tombs, special portals to the darkest of outer realms, Halloween dungeon-like decor, and a transparent-bottomed, lightbulb-shaped swimming pool which doubled as a semi-sacrificial snuff altar which our Inisfreean and vampire orgy guests could enjoy being spectators beneath; voyeurs gazing up at Ambrosia and me and I fucked her literally to death while we floated, virtually weightless, in that blood-filling, spheroid pool.

I would slit her wrists or throat while I fucked her, drinking from them, and repeatedly yanking her head back by her hair, or holding it down in front of me. I came in her every hole, fucking even her throat so hard it would have broken the neck and jaw of any other girl. Ambrosia had, upon our second meet and first honeymoon, cried out in her unexpected sexual liberation, "Fuck me like the beast you are!" and I had, and again, as I had come to, now I was. So many times we enjoyed snuff; I split her open in that fucking pool, flooding it with her blood, darkening its waters until they were the deepest crimson, almost black, and then brought her up out of them, limp, nearly gone --even as a vampire, and refilled her body by literally showering it with new blood from the rainstorm-mimicking shower faucet heads up above it. Our special room there in that Magics Chambers basement became her regular, literal, blood shower, and she was brought back to vampire life anew every time I finished fucking her to death; fucking her to oblivion, and bringing her right back, each and every time reveling in how her eyes lit back up, she licked her lips, grinned wolfishly, and pounced on me for more. I smoothed and slicked her black hair back with her own spilt blood as we continued wading and swimming and floating together in that clear-bottomed bulb of a pool of ours, my cock never leaving the depths of one of her lower holes, and we splashed each other like children playing in a puddle, albeit with half water, half blood --and me splashing her with handfuls of my semen.

Later, I introduced her to a B.T.B. modified for vampire vixens just such as her. I sat her down on it, and its flesh-like, black-colored, snug loops and suction cups locked her body into helpless, seated place, its tongues and dildo-headed tentacles applying themselves in brilliant sequence simultaneously to all of her erogenous zones, plugging her holes and pumping them full of an even mixture of warm blood and warm, synthetic sperm. I made sure she was absolutely jampacked with the stuff before slitting her wrists and drinking from them, and then her throat, and then my own wrists which I let drip down into her mouth, my blood trickles streaming down the crease of her tongue, and let her marvel at how hypnotic and orgasmic those extreme sensations all were; how instantly she was able to heal when she had the combination of being stuffed to overflowing with blood, which vampires use to heal and enhance their powers, and all the orgasm-triggering devices which she, a self-professed sexual girl, needed for her soul or spirit to be so high on life that her smiles and laughter and spine-tingling rushes and waves of energy alone could accelerate and even perfect her healing.

We learned through these sexually playful, vampirically bloody lovemaking and experiments that it upgraded her Temporis powers to nearly unimaginable levels, maxing them out every time, and leaving her so pumped up on everything she had always wanted and needed, that she didn't need to rest after using her powers at all; instant recharging, never even getting tired in the first place. Thus it was that with Ambrosia plugged into the B.T.B. in my Magics Chambers, especially after I had killed and resurrected her several times in our snuff pool under its blood-rain-shower-ceiling, we became able to completely manipulate all aspects of time, moving in and out of any timestream, slipping sideways between them, looping or crossing them at our leisure, and even creating and ending new ones. This allowed us to fuck for YEARS STRAIGHT, never missing a moment, never losing a minute, and always having all the time we wanted for and with each other, and, of course, all the time Ambrosia wanted, needed, and craved to masturbate and fuck on her own. She had been thrilled at how I freed her, uplifting her and assuring her that I wanted her to be free to be as sexual as her heart had always dreamed, whether that was with me or anyone and everyone else, and now she truly was, and even more so than she'd initially dared to hope for. With her Magics Chambers enhanced Temporis, she could be the new, dark Freyja; Persephone; Aphrodite; Venus; goddess of beauty, sex, and love. She would never get worn out, never run out of time to be her true, sexual self, and never have to go home until she was ready and wanted to, if only just to take a break long enough to be trembling with withdrawal from me, Inisfree, and this new favorite room of ours.

After fucking her for months straight during one of her many and increasing visits to Inisfree, which she had made her home, before I took her up to my vast bed in my private mansion high up on the city's central mountain, I wrapped up our beastly, brutal, rough-as-all-Hell lovemaking by slitting her throat and holding her underwater in the Magics Chambers pool until she bled out, fucking her in the ass all the while, then brought her up to its surface, both of us wading in its liquid now a red almost black, and did not this time revive her by activating the blood shower. Instead, I brought her back to life by pouring a goblet full of fresh blood down into her pussy, then 'got my red wings' by munching on her pussy to work it more into her with my tongue, swirling its tip around her clit, soaking and coating it in the fresh blood, and then fucked her blood-filled pussy until I came in it all over again. She soon started to come to, already smiling, already knowing and feeling what was happening to her, and by the time she was moving her fingers and toes again, smiling ear to ear, I was pouring another goblet full of cum into her asshole which my other hand's digits were holding a half inch open. I then feverishly licked the blood all around her asshole, too, then fucked it just as much and hard as I had her pussy, cumming in her asshole, too. And it was only THEN that I swept her off her feet, both our entire bodies covered in red blood, blood and cum drooling out of her pussy and asshole the entire time I proudly strode with her, my vampire bride, up to our vast bed in the biggest master bedroom in all of Inisfree and all of the world.

We passed out, exhasted from sex and blood sharing, on our silky, vicuna, blood-soaked bedsheets that night, our bodies tightly tangled together, impossible to separate, still pulsing and throbbing and gripping and sliding and slipping against each other's, both of us gazing up into the stars, and then deeply into each other's eyes, unable to stop looking, unable to stop smiling, unable to let go, and never ever wanting to. We kissed so very deeply that night, and she couldn't stop gripping me as she repeated "I love you." I was panting, letting her see how in Heaven she had made me, and like that we fell asleep, and dreamed of bloody fucking some more. When we awoke the next morning, we burst into happy laughter at what a blood-stained mess we had made, our bodies caked in the drying, browning stuff, and made out and fucked some more. I bounced her on my lap, my cock spraying her insides with its hot, fluid product, and brought her back down to me, almost crushing her in my arms.

"THIS is why we are married," I smiled up into her eyes, rumbling my words into her core, cupping her breasts firmly. "THIS is why you are my First Queen." First Queen, like First Girl, was the equivalent of First Sergeant or Senior Wife; the top-performing, favorite girl of her class. Slave girls, called kajirae, have First Girl as their coveted rank. It is comparable to being the Guide in Boot Camp. Royalty has First Queen; highest ranking, most favored wife of the king. Ambrosia was, and by a long shot and great margin, my First Queen.

Upon my throne, high up in the tallest tower of downtown Inisfree (WGIHQ of Sotu), I kept my sweet, lovely, endlessly sexy Ambrosia, vampire queen of the Outlands, and First Queen in Inisfree, sitting on the floor by my side, lovingly hugging my shin and calf nearest her, licking and kissing around my knee, waiting for our next chance to fuck and share blood. As I decided on all the most important corporate and other Inisfreean matters from that throne, I casually petted her jet black head of hair, occasionally letting her suck on my middle finger while she hugged and caressed my lower leg, sliding her silky, milky-white breasts alongside it. When she grew hungry, I let her nibble on my wrist, drinking a little bit of my blood from it, and then returned to petting her. She understood by now, after how deeply and madly in love we had fallen with each other, and after all her education and touring of Inisfree and the Inisfreean Way, that by sitting on the floor at my feet, she was not being degraded. Rather, she was being uplifted in her feminine, submissive, sexy, royal form; this was how Inisfreeans indicated they treasured a woman more than any other. Thus, her vampire heart swelled with pride, knowing that she was on her own, Inisfreean version of a throne; her other throne, of course, being my lap; sitting on my cock.

And whenever vampire matters arose at the Round Table so high up there in our lofty skyscraper in the heart of downtown Inisfree, I always let her 'have the floor'; her chance to speak openly and freely about her concerns and interests, that Inisfree and the vampire realms beyond its walls always be in perfect harmonious coexistence with one another. And to officiate and commemorate our decisions together, we would often spill blood upon the surface of that great, prominent, thick, meeting table shaped from a single, house-sized diamond, and fuck in the pool of that rich, heady, red, spilled pool of blood, serving as the sexual centerpiece for all the elite Outlander representatives seated around its round border on the thrones of their own. They would watch us and clap, masturbate, and join in, casually returning to their thrones at the edge of this round table when they wished to pause for intervals of observing, and I, King of Inisfree, and Ambrosia LeMorte, its and my First Queen, would pass each other off to the various elite, royal ladies who crawled up over the edge of that table to join us, making our meeting-concluding fucking an orgy of the highest caliber. By the time we had finished, she and all the other elite women there were cum drunk, she was also blood drunk, and all of us were smeared in the same, many bloody, girl-sized handprints and grip-prints on our shoulders, hips, asscheeks, cheeks, biceps, ankles, and more.

At this point, she, my First Wife; my First Queen, would sexily, beaming her winning supermodel smile all the while, slide back off the blood-coated diamond table, rejoining me at my throne, though this time upon my lap, as her extreme beauty and sexiness would no longer be too much of a distraction from our now-ended meeting. Hanging her legs over the outsides of my own, with her back to my chest, and her head rolled back over my shoulder, her eyes rolled back up into her head, she would ride and grind upon me, ensuring that I came deep, all the way up inside her pussy, while my hands rubbed more of our blood and cum all around her pussy, upper inner thighs, and clit, then bringing it to her lips for her to suck and lick on, after which I would grab and roughly massage both her breasts --while the elite ladies approached us from their thrones to kiss, lick, and suck on Ambrosia's nipples, all around her breasts, and everywhere else on her body, enjoying, sharing, and swapping all our combined blood and cum, too.

*Wary of how drained she had been in the past after using Temporis, and happy with the way things had turned out for us both, Ambrosia elects not to use these newly discovered abilities, at least until we seem to need them. After all, we are both immortals now; she a vampire, I an Inisfreean, and so we know that we have all the time we'll ever want, and more than most could ever hope for. We spend our time together, using our more 'normal' powers.