Internal Affairs News:  In this chapter, Sarah begins her first solo mission.
Internal Affairs

This chapter details Sarah Conrad's first adventure and quest away from her master, Inisfree's king.  In it, she finds herself back in the Outlands, traveling around the world to observe its newly appointed kings for the Age to come.
Internal Affairs

​After returning from the bottoms of the Earth's oceans, we, the Inisfreeans, go back to the land; the continents and major islands around the world, checking on the progress of the 39 cities. Appointing our finest human slave as the subtle bridge between our two peoples, Sarah Conrad is sent back out into the tough world from which we came.

Part 1:  Briefing

I gave her a headsup; that she won't be wearing anything other than the normal iron slave collar; her collar of diamond and electrum will remain locked up in her suite in my mansion in Inisfree.
Her eyes widened for a second, and by just a hair, and her nostrils flared slightly, her neck stiffening, as she thought in a brief wave of horror at this; will another girl rise to take her place as First Girl while she is away? Will I forget about her? After all her training, Sarah was still just a slave, and that is how slaves tend to think.
Resting my warm hands around her shoulders, and getting her attention to snap her out of this reaction, I reassured my little Outlander teen, "Sarah Conrad--"
Her big bright eyes look up into mine, growing shinier with her building tears.
"--You are the First Girl of Inisfree, and you will be while you are away, and you will be when you get back. I will not permit anything else."
She didn't seem convinced. Her neck muscles flexed a few times, she trying to make herself say the words, "Yes, Master," but nothing came out.
"Have I not slept with ten Thousand other sexy girls?" I asked her, making her think more clearly.
She closed her eyes and gulped, nodding, her eyes, sad, then looking down toward my abs, still not fully believing me.
"Have I not always chosen You to share my most intimate moments?"
Again, she nodded, this time lowering her head, her eyes now on my feet.
"I know your heart belongs to me, Sarah, and that it is agony for a slave girl to be away from he whom she is a heart slave to, but it is also in your nature to obey my commands, and I am now commanding you to control your emotions and do this job in the Outlands. ...It will be good for you to see how they have Changed, Anyway; the Outlands are much cleaner now. It is time you witness with all your senses, rather than just through hearsay, what great and unprecedented works my people have done for our world."
She finally collapsed into my arms, throwing hers around me and sobbing against my chest, her whole body shaking, somewhere in her moans, the broken words, "Yes, Master."
I held her tightly in our hug, giving her all the time she needed to get it all out and stabilize herself. For once, I was not at all concerned if she might lose her mind and fail me when we were apart. Most Outlanders did after a matter of mere weeks, let alone months, but Sarah was one of my slaves, and it did not matter if she went insane or made stupid choices; I would just force her to do whatever I wanted once I recollected her at the end of this operation, and she would always know that was coming, and that no one had even a shred of the power it would take to stop someone such as me.
"I love you, Master," she whispered against my chest, no soaked with her tears and hot from her cheeks and breath.
"I know you do, little Sarah, and I love you just as much. You know that. I know you can feel it."
She nodded, her face still pressed against my chest, her arms and hands still clinging to me.
"Now go wash your cunt and dress yourself," I rumbled.
She laughed; just a gust of air escaping her nose, unable to help it; that was how I half-joked, half-ordered her kind around, and she had grown to find it endearing.
She relaxed, releasing me from her tight, needy hug, and turned to hurry to her palatial shower room, but I stopped her, keeping my firm grips about her, and brought her back to face me, raping a dozen long, patient, thorough kisses from her lips and tongue and neck and knuckles before I let her go.
She melted into them, surrendering herself to me completely, and was blushing, stumbling, and short of breath by the time I permitted her to hurry into that other room of her suite to prepare herself for our drive down my central mountain's slopes to our city's castle-like airport.
Part 3:  Arrival

Sarah had refused any beverages, light or otherwise, during the plane ride from Antarctica to her first Outlands stop, remembering to drink from the cum I had squirted into her pussy and hungrily, carefully doing so. As a slave, she would never be permitted possessions, save, perhaps, if she earned it, a single strip of diaphanous silk to skimpily clothe herself with whenever it might please her latest master. Thus, her only memento; her only keepsake to remember me by, would be, while it lasted, our cum; that which I had given her, and that which I had made her yield to me. She wouldn't let it leave her body so soon; once she fingered it out of her nether slit, she would immediately place it in her mouth, sucking it into her lips, rolling it around her tongue, rubbing it all over her teeth, and finally swallowing it as slowly as she possibly could, making sure every last sperm of it had the maximum amount of time in her preferred openings. She imagined her fingers were my cock still probing her; milking her pussy and filling her mouth; that the sperm she transferred from the first to the latter was moved not by her, but by me; by it. When there was a lot, she imagined I was cumming in her with great force, leaving her legs going limp, her knees turning to jello. When there was just a little, she imagined it was my precum; that little bead of building moisture releasing from my dick's hole for her electrifying pleasure, whetting her appetite for more.
The Master Female sitting next to her only grinned at this, always horny by such displays, especially when they were so wholehearted and casually public.
Their airplane, assisted by its internal Repulsines, silently flew down to land on the brand new runway of Nuuk's growing airport. The flight had taken eight hours; 10,665 miles at 1,333 miles per hour; the speed of the supersonic commercial airliner Aérospatiale-BAC Concorde. (I had specifically arranged her flight to give her a full sleep cycle, knowing what a heavy toll leaving her master, whom she was a heart slave to, would take on her.)
"Slave," the Master Female sitting next to her softly whispered in her direction, giving the back of her hand a warm touch of her silky palm. "Slave?"
Sarah stirred, blinked a few times, letting her eyes focus, remembered where she was, took on a defeated countenance for a moment, and then looked over at the phenomenally gorgeous Master Female she had been handed over to at the airport a third of a day ago. "Yes, Mistress?" Sarah sweetly asked, wondering if she had slept through one of her commands.
"We're here. Let's get you unhooked and out to your first master," the Master Female softly spoke to her.
"Yes, Mistress," Sarah cheered up a bit, curious and already aroused at the prospect of the demanding touch and scrutinizing, penetrating gaze of a new real man.
The Master Female unlocked the back of Sarah's slave collar from the metal loop fused into the frame of her headrest, then took the handle of Sarah's dog leash into her hand and rose, standing to make her way out into the airplane's aisle and across its royal red carpet toward the distant whine of the slowing engines coming in through the amoebic, convex door.
Sarah rose, stretched for a couple seconds, and heeled her mistress promptly, leaving her vicuna blanket behind her in the seat she'd been locked to. No longer having to remain and sleep sitting upright, she felt alive and thrilled at her restored, full range of movement. Her bare feet gripped and revered the soft, firm fibers of the royal red carpet that spanned the length of their airplane's central aisle, and she bowed deeply with total respect and adoration for the other Inisfreeans, all Master Females, she passed on her way, behind her mistress, to the door and down out of their plane.
Night at the South Pole meant day near the North; due to the tilt of the Earth's axis, and since a flight between those two, literally polar opposites, meant staying in the same time zone in spite of moving halfway around the circumference of the planet, Sarah would not be dealing with jet-lag even after the second intercontinental flight of her life.
Her bare feet stepped down to meet and feel the cold, coarse runway designed not for a barefoot slave girl, but the gripping rubber wheels of human aircraft landing gear. It was a stark contrast from the soft, lukewarm, vicuna carpeting the Inisfreean airship she had now emerged, nude, from, and had a bit of a bite to it; that timeless, familiar, burning sting of sudden, almost bitter cold. Though she was incredibly strengthened, mentally and physically, by what she had been exposed to in Inisfree, Sarah, naturally, still winced at the thought of such feelings, recomposing herself a few moments thereafter.
There was a man in a business suit standing a few meters out in front of where she now stood barefoot on the tarmac with her Inisfreean escort, the Master Female. The man looked every part a royal adviser or executive security operative; Nuuk's very own James Bond, and his presence was a commanding one; all about business. This man represented the local monarch, and was here to collect his merchandise; Sarah. Behind him was one of the most expensive Mercedes-Benz sedans that company had ever made, looking like it had just been shampooed and blowdried; the runway model of any world-class auto show. The survivors of the global terraforming had done well for themselves.
"Slave," the Master Female told Sarah, "this gentleman will escort you to the King of Nuuk."
Sarah kept her head and eyes down, "Yes, Mistress."
The man, more than a foot taller than them both, took Sarah's leash when the Master Female handed it over to him. "Takk mín, Inisfreean." (My thanks.)
The Master Female curtsied low, then rose on her tiptoes to be extra cute and sexy, and kissed the man on his lips, giving him a generous amount of time to feel her up however he pleased.
He roughly fingered her, then hooked that same finger into her mouth and gave her cheek and head an equally rough shake.
She blushed and beamed, grateful; a super-nymph through and through, as much as Sarah was a slave at heart, both of them eternally devoted to the pleasure of others.
The man inspected Sarah, directing her into several of the basic female pleasure slave positions, such as the kneeling one so often used on planet Gor, then pointed at the open door of his Mercedes, indicating that Sarah was to quickly get in.
"Yes, Master!" she almost squeaked, now very pleased and excited, herself, and crawled in on all fours, careful to stay down on the floor mats, not up on the seat cushions.
The man nodded to the Master Female, both of them pivoting away from each other and going their separate ways, and then he slid in and onto the back seat of his Mercedes, one of his attendants closing the door behind him.
"Talar þú íslensku? Ert þú að tala Icelandic?" he tried, wondering if Sarah knew his native tongue.
She looked up at him blankly, almost frightened, for a moment, then cast her eyes back down to the floor mat beneath his feet. "Forgive me, master!" she quietly begged. "A girl does not understand..." She tensed, almost wincing, expecting her first beating for being ill prepared.
"English, then?" he guessed. It was the global language of business now, after the Rapture Campaign, just as it had always been in the century prior.
Sarah relaxed a bit, "Yes, Master --if it pleases Master." She would learn whatever language and anything else she was ordered to. She was a slave. Girls on Gor learned Gorean and its many dialects. In Inisfree, they learned Inisfreean, Oculese, and several others. Here, if told, she would learn Icelandic.
"Slut, give me pleasure with your mouth," he instructed.
She lit up, smiling genuinely, and used her teeth to unzip his fly, fishing his flaccid cock out with her lips and tongue alone, keeping her wrists politely crossed behind her back. This was her first test of her first assignment, and she would do well --VERY well; she was a formally educated girl of Inisfree, after all; nothing less would do than perfection. He would be pleased. She would make sure of that. She had a sexy secret mission to think of, anyway!; many reasons to perform exceptionally.
The man rolled his head back on the leather headrest of the Mercedes as their car drove them from the new Nuuk airport across the growing city to the private estate of its first king. Sarah soon made her latest master orgasm into her mouth, and drank down every last squirt and drop of his cum almost greedily, grinning as her lips finally left their seal around the base of his throbbing shaft.
"Good," he simply rewarded her; "you will be suitable for our king."
"Thank you, Master!" Again, she lit up, her eyes bright with acceptance and pride, and she obeyed this man's commands precisely, heeling him with a spring in her step as she happily made her way, in his shadow, into the snow-crowned mansion of Nuuk's Inisfreean-appointed king.

Part 4:  Reception

"Who is this?" the king inquired, raising his head to look down over his nose upon the new nude girl brought before him.
He and all in his court spoke, of course, Icelandic, Sarah understanding none of it as she stood, respectfully silent, before them.
"A slave slut given to us as a gift from the Inisfreeans," the man who had fetched her at the Nuuk airport answered.
"Is she any good?" the king asked.
"Very, sire," his man smiled, remembering the road-head he'd been impressed with on their way here.
"Demonstrate," the king instructed.
Sarah, clearly paying close attention, yet comprehending none of their sounds, remained at her escort's side, standing a foot shorter than him.
The king snapped his fingers at her and she straightened her posture with a start, her eyes horrified for a moment; had she fucked up?
"She knows not a word of our language," the escort explained.
They switched to English.
"Slave slut," the king spoke casually to her, addressing her as all respected slave girls are addressed, "approach and demonstrate your skills."
Sarah looked to her escort who unhooked the dog leash from her collar's iron loop, then girlishly sped up to the king, dropping to her knees at his feet and assuming the Gorean female pleasure slave's kneeling position.
The king rose from his throne and knelt at her side, beginning to inspect her. "...Remain kneeling, but lie back so that your shoulders touch the floor," he told her.
Sarah did so immediately and with the grace of the exquisitely trained pleasure slave that she now was.
The king and his man from the airport both smiled, very pleased.
Fingering her thoroughly, the king inspected every part of her pussy and clit, then everything else, holding open her cheeks to look over each and every one of her teeth, making sure that they were straight, clean, neatly together, and not at all sharp enough to scrape his cock once it was in there. "She will do," he curtly decided. To his man, speaking in Icelandic again, "Thank you, good sir knight. You may take your leave."
The man bowed low and pivoted, striding confidently back out of the throne room.
The king straddled Sarah's head, his butt over her throat, and fished his cock out, letting it rest down on her lips and nose. "Begin," he calmly instructed her.
Sarah sucked his cock into her mouth and let it grow to its full length in there, making absolutely no effort to stop him when he gagged and choked her with it.
The king face-fucked her like that, keeping her pinned in the most helpless of positions on his cool, carpeted floor, occasionally, when the mood took him, holding the sides of her head with his hands for extra leverage as he forced her to deep-throat him, nutting, within a few minutes, into the back of her throat. "Swallow," he instructed her.
Sarah did, gulping it all down, trying not to choke on it, tears streaming down from her eyes, though not at all out of sadness; she Loved this line of work; to be wanted This Much, and by such a great and prominent man, no less. She wondered at her first assignment back out here in these risky Outlands; what would she learn and have to memorize first? (Slaves, again, were permitted no possessions; if the Inisfreeans weren't remotely recording her experiences somehow, or if they weren't going to download and share them all upon her return to their distant home, she would have to recite all her observations as perfectly as a surgeon tending to a cranial gunshot wound.)
"Gott, druslan. Gott," the king smiled down to her as she blinked up to him, gasping as he let her breathe, his cock no longer stuffing her entire mouth. He translated for her; "Good, slut. Good."
She smiled appreciatively at the deep compliment, suckling on the tip and hole of his cock for its very last beads of cum and emissions of tasty sperm. She gave the hole one final, cute, girly peck of a kiss. "Thank you, Master." Sarah was all smiles.
The king of Nuuk rose from how he had been pinning her down to the floor by straddling her neck.
"Fetch me wine," he instructed her.
And Sarah quickly sat up, got to her feet, and ran, like a proper slave girl; a prancing sprint, arms at her sides, hands open, palms to the front, head to the side, eyes downcast, away from his throne and toward the doorway which looked the most, to her, like it led to the kitchen or wine cellar. Her first few orders had gone delightfully well, and now she had two bellyfuls of yummy ejaculate. She was determined to keep this good streak going, for it was heavenly all by itself, and she had an important mission to complete --one given to her by her soulmate, the love of her life, the king of all kings, no less!

Part 2:  Departure

On the way to the airport, I clarified some of the details of her mission; "You will service the 39 kings in every way. You will always be pleasing to them. If ever you are in danger, my girls" (she now understood this to mean my children; the female humanoids born of Inisfree) "will be watching, ready at any moment to teleport you back to safety. You will not by returned to Inisfree until you have completed your clandestine observations of all 39 kings. If they beat you, you will get off to it. If they cum in you, you will moan in ecstasy at it. If they use you as a party favor or bargaining chip, you will blush and sigh at the extreme honor and pleasure of this, too. Like the greatest whore spymistresses of all time, you will now take your place in not only the history of Inisfree, but the rest of our world, as well. I am counting on you, Sarah. My Inisfreeans and I have many matters to attend to now. We need you do a good job with this."
Sarah steeled herself and nodded.
I then took her in my arms and pinned her down, fucking her until we both orgasmed and I filled up her pussy. Then I sat her down straddling my lap and put her hands behind her back. She politely crossed her wrists back there, keeping her chip up to expose all of her neck to me, and her chest out so that her breasts were presented centered on me. She used her pose and posture to ensure nothing was in my way of seeing and feeling her however I pleased. I slapped her across her face a few times and she relaxed into each blow, keeping her beautiful, girly, loving, submissive eyes on mine. I slapped her breasts and then spanked her ass, leaving a sting on each. I took a hold of her throat while I suckled on each of her nipples. She made no effort to breathe until I released my grip, permitting her. Taking in much needed breaths, her reddening began to reduce and I moved my hands to press their palms against her lower belly and upper, inner thighs as we grinded our groins against one another's, she kegeling every time I flexed my stiff cock up into her core. Again, I injected my seed into her pussy, then into her ass, and then we were making the turn toward our airport's incoming-traffic lanes, the 'mouth' of the oversized cargo plane that arced over them now spreading out all around us like the opening of an approaching tunnel.
"Thank you for cumming in me one last time, my Master, love," she said, keeping her eyes cast down and to the side of me until I permitted her to look in my general direction.
"You are welcome, slave slut," I rumbled to her. It was a compliment --and an important reminder; she was, for the duration of this covert mission, just another slave girl, not to think of herself as First Girl or privileged in any other way.
"It is an honor to have your sperm inside me," she choked the last words out, again falling against my chest and into my arms' embrace.
I raped more kissed from her lips and then kissed the tears off the outside corners of her eyes.
"I love you so very much, Sarah. You will be brought home to me here in our great city, Inisfree. Believe. Remember that."
She nodded, managing to get out the words she loved to say, "Yes, Master." Sarah was a slave at heart; through and through, that was all she ever wanted to be.
"Good girl," I said those words she always loved to hear. "That's my good little girl."
Another set of tears welled up and streamed out of her squeezing eyelids. She squeezed me even tighter, and I let her feel how it stiffened my cock between her legs.
"I want you to finger yourself on the flight out of here, slave girl," I told her.
She nodded, listening to her instructions.
"Keep my cum inside you for as long as you can. Whenever it leaks out, put it in your mouth, taste it, savor it, and swallow. Drink of our union until there is no more, then remember its sweetness, and smile. I know you are a cum slut, so enjoy it. It is your nature; it is part of what makes you so beautiful."
She nodded again, waiting for me to tell her to stop hugging me, and, of course, hoping I would take a long time.
"And you are, of course, encouraged to finger out some of my cum and drink it anytime you thirst for its slipperiness and flavor; you don't have to wait for it to trickle down between your legs on its own. Just try to keep it plugged up in those two special, lovely holes of yours for as long as your body will allow."
One of the Master Females; my Secret Service agents, stood ready on the curb to take charge of Sarah and walk her into the airport, through the necessary terminal, and to her gate for departure. I nodded to this flawless Inisfreean girl with my eyes, and her lips flickered into a helpless smile, her cheeks blushing, her temples flexing, and the irises of her eyes alighting with a rainbow of softly glowing colors; the very thought of me turned her on and got her dripping wet. Direct contact, even when just a quick look or signal, almost left my girls in puddles and waves of orgasms. And to fuck me was a pure drug, uncut, wholly spellbinding. They loved this, and this is why they reacted and behaved the way they did.
"Go, slave girl," I told Sarah, my voice now more controlled and final.
She shivered once in my arms, then moved back away from me, sniffling once and whispering, barely audible this time, "Yes, Master." Her hand was already pressing its digits up against her apex, blocking our cum from dripping out of her pussy or asshole, just as I had told her.
I willed the electrum ends of her collar to unlock behind the back of her neck, and reached up to open it, unhinging it around her and moving it forward toward me and down away from her throat. It sparkled and shone like the Sun, glinting and shimmering and casting a million tiny, bright rainbows in every direction and onto the surfaces of every single thing all around us.
"You are my love, my lover, and First Girl of Inisfree whether you wear this or not, Sarah," I reassured her one last time.
The Master Female closed a standard, dark, iron collar around her throat, riveting it behind her neck with her bare fingers and thumb; Inisfreean girls were as strong as Kara Zor-El; Supergirl.
Sarah gulped, wanting to reach up to feel her new slave collar, but fighting the urge and tensing up, remembering she had not been given permission to do so.
I clipped on the dog leash to the iron loop of her new, basic slave collar and handed the loop of its handle to the Master Female. Sarah was now in her custody; her acting master until she was handed over, again, to another; the first of my subordinate kings she would be assigned to in the Outlands.
The Master Female's voice was the sweetest, most feminine, melting music of the angels, just as I had designed and ensured the voices of all my clones would be, "Slave."
Sarah dutifully looked at the Master Female's pussy, indicating that she had her full attention; an Inisfreean form of respect.
The Master Female continued, pleased, "As you remember from your childhood in the Outlands, and from your training here in Inisfree, while we are back in the Outlands, you will address me and your other female handlers as Mistress, not Master Female."
"Yes, Master," Sarah softly acknowledged, remaining still and timid, ever ready for any command she might be given from us, and loving every minute of this; her calling as a true and total slave, completely helpless in her natural masters' presence.
The Master Female and I slightly smiled; Sarah had not gotten flustered and called the girl in charge of her 'mistress' yet, for she was still inside Inisfree.
I reached back and gave Sarah's nearest asscheek a firm, merciless, LOUD smack with the flat of my palm, my fingers and thumb cupped together to ensure the maximum connection with my First Girl's backside skin. Her flesh smarted and began to redden. She had been startled and lifted nearly two inches up off the smooth, clean, white and gold pavement of our airport's luxurious sidewalk. It had made her afraid and horny, and she was blushing again, grinning and trying to keep her lips sealed, trying so hard not to turn back to face me and rush, once again, into my arms for more fucking.
The Master Female pivoted and strode off, yanking Sarah into place behind her, forcing her to heel as she entered the airport's towering, regal doors sliding silently apart for their entry, and Sarah heeled her as all proper slave girls do; standing tall and proud for all to marvel at, yet infinitely submissive and responsive to her master or mistress, with her arms at her sides, her hands open, palms forward, her head turned slightly to one side, gaze at the floor, keeping track of her mistress's direction and body language through her peripheral vision. She only dared one quick look over her shoulder at me, and I gave her a soft and approving smile, letting her see that I'd been checking her out (enjoying gazing at her asscheeks and thigh gap) before I moved my eyes up to meet her own. This was one of the ways we told each other 'I love you, baby,' and her eyes brightened a great deal before she turned them back ahead of her to make sure she was heeling her mistress well.
I then, once she was out of view, looked down at the white and gold sidewalk outside the open doors of my Repulsine stretch limo parked within a few inches of the curb. A flutter of nervousness and second thoughts passed through my system; Sarah Conrad was a mortal... going back out into the unforgiving, often chaotic, sometimes fatal Outlands. Even I had nearly died there many a time before birthing Inisfree. Sarah would be under the watchful, tireless, vigilant eyes of my people, the Inisfreeans, virtually guaranteeing her nonstop protection and wellbeing, but that still didn't feel like enough. We had endured so much persecution out there. There was still so much about our birth-world we didn't know; still so much left to discover. We had wiped out nearly every last human scourge, but there were still millions, and countless trillions of Other creatures, plenty of them harmful, many of them hostile. Would Sarah Truly be okay?
I did not know these things. I could only guess, assume, and hope, having done all I could. It was time for her first big mission as a grown-up and fully-trained woman and young lady. I felt like I was tossing my favorite daughter or wife to the wolves or sharks. Turning to get back in my limo, I put these things from my mind and, now that my girls were not looking, gulped, myself.
Another Master Female politely, quietly closed the limo door behind me. I sat down in the throne that was its back seat. Yet another Master Female, nude as they All were; my chauffeur, began to drive our limo back away from the white and gold curb, into the merging lane, and out across the white and gold surface of our section of the city's Glowing Art Highway until we were approaching the exit lanes of the airport.
Making our half loop around the greenbelt which surrounded our city's tall airport with the usual, artistic landscaping, statues, fountains, and subtly bioluminescent flowers, I looked up through the roof of my limo which became entirely transparent the moment it noticed me looking that way. The entire top of the limo seemed to vanish before my eyes, every last square inch of it becoming one big, dome-like moon-roof. Its absence revealed the Inisfreean and Antarctic sky; a billion untwinkling stars left free to shine steadily through the thin, frigid atmosphere near the South Pole, with the arm of the Milky Way arcing out all the way across it like a cosmic pergola of heavenly Christmas lights. Inisfree's moon, Cloud City II, was ever so slowly making its way around the invisible track high above our central mountain; that flight path two miles above that massive landform's Avalanche Wall. The Aurora Australis; the Southern Lights, were hanging like ghostly lava lamp streaks and tails dozens of miles above the tiny puffs of nighttime clouds, doing their slowly swaying dance just as they always did this time of year. And, close and right in front of them all, was the lights pattern of the Inisfreean aircraft my other Master Female had taken Sarah to. Now boarded, seated, and buckled in, her collar locked into place where it met the headrest of her seat, she was a passenger on her way out across Antarctica and the Southern Ocean to wherever we might be sending her next.
I watched this; that tiny grouping of pinpoint dots, white and red, silently, slowly blinking in their unique order, as it moved, just as silently, up away from my city's airport and out across the colorful, star spangled, Inisfreean night sky... until it disappeared into one of our seamlessly concealed portals, allowing it to leave our city without us having to lower security by opening any of the city's giant gates.
Watching it reminded me of the first time I was, much like a slave; government property, being flown up into the night sky of my Own new home realm; California, and into the night sky, that time... looking down on just as many colors as tonight... I now looked Up at; I was being flown to Kuwait to sneak into Iraq with my team, and as our airplane soared up into the cold darkness, we saw, as it banked, a dozen different cities launching their rainbow array of fireworks back down below us and out in every direction.
"I love you, Sarah," I quietly rumbled to myself without thinking. It was involuntary. I was, as everyone in Inisfree knew, in love with the little slave girl who had proven so worthy in our most demanding of screening and training programs. Then I said it again, conscious of it, faintly smiling, "I love you."
In her seat on that airplane, Sarah Conrad, the back of her slave collar bolted to her seat's headrest, asked the Master Female in charge of her for permission to look out her window as they taxied down the runway and flew up, off, and away.
The Master Female nodded, patting the back of Sarah's nearest hand.
"Thank you, Master," she cooed, immediately turning her head to drink in the amazing views, her eyes, the vast majority of that time, desperately searching for my limousine which had driven her there. Finding it within seconds of it coming into view on the Inisfreean highway, her chest swelled with a quick breath, her heart almost skipping a beat, and her eyes glistened as she gulped again, wanting to blow her master, me, a parting kiss. She watched that long, rectangular vehicle of mine grow tinier and tinier as it shrank into the distance, wondering if I was, just as longingly, looking up, my eyes equally fixed, toward her.
The Master Female seated next to her on the flight gently slipped her hands into and around Sarah's nearest one, giving them a warm, light squeeze to say she understood and felt the same way.
Sarah squeezed her hand back the same, her eyes never leaving the sight of the little dark dot that my limo had become from her vantage there... until they had passed through the portal above the landing strips... and Inisfree, to her eyes, was now gone.
"...I love you, Auz," she whispered to herself, daring to use her Master's name, almost unable to do anything less. "I love you."
Settling back into her seat, and turning her eyes and face away from the window, she shut both resolutely and tried with all her might not to cry.
Again, the Inisfreean girl sitting next to her warmly squeezed her hand, but said nothing, knowing such feelings were best not responded to with words.
Sarah, appreciatively squeezed the girl's hands one more time, then withdrew hers from them, bringing both her hands up to cover her whole face as she finally broke down and wept bitterly into them, muffling her shortened breaths, sniffling, and hushed moans through gritted, little white teeth biting down and trembling upon her lower lip. Her whole body shook; quaked with little tremors like the spasms that come from being jolted with a stun gun. By the end of the first minute of this, her cheeks shone with layers of tears collecting at her chin and dripping down onto the middle of her breasts, leaving her palms soaked with them, as well. In time, as her mandatory flight took her out over the dull, dim white of the Antarctic ice, then out even farther over the pitch black waves and hidden icebergs of the Southern Ocean, she cried herself into exhaustion... and sleep.
The Master Female gently lowered a vicuna blanket down all around her, giving Sarah the only covering she would be permitted, now just a basic slave girl again, and Sarah, ever a slave through and through, instinctively, even though she now slept, cooed out to the girl, "Thank you, Mistress," somehow, even in her emotionally fatigued slumber, remembering her specific instructions to start addressing her as 'mistress' the moment they left Inisfreean airspace. There was a Reason Sarah was First Girl.

Part 5:  Sarah, the World Traveler

Her first mission as a spy for Inisfree had taken her to Greenland, then to all other 38 divisions of the newly terraformed Earth; several on every continent, save, of course, the forbidden one; Antarctica. She had served each of the 39 Outlands kings as a desirous, treasured slave girl, taking their pleasures to heights previously undreamed of. With each one, she had helped improve the sexual prowess and educations of their top slave girls, teaching them how to better serve their masters. Those girls, then, went off and spread Sarah's wisdom to their Own subordinates; the lesser slave girls of every one of those kingdoms, and they, in their turn, went off to teach thousands more; the slave girls of all the states and counties being established outside the walls of the 39 cities. Sarah was their prophet, their Jesus, their Buddha. Like those famous deities, she, too, was just a servant at heart; a slave built for love.

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