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Prepare to be Boarded

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Prepare to be Boarded


Part 1:

Inisfreeans forcibly board post-Rapture human Naval vessels
"Prepare to be boarded." This message was broadcast into the minds of every sailor on board the latest Naval vessel the Inisfreeans, an entirely new, humanoid species,

"You are using unauthorized detection technology proven to be fatal to peaceful lifeforms and marine civilizations. Your sonar is killing many millions of sea creatures who are defenseless against it."

Some underwater life-forms do have defenses against such technology; they have ways of blocking, deflecting, or otherwise neutralizing

In the early 2000s, mass-beachings of whales and dolphins made the news around the world. It was determined that they had been confused or scared out of

We know that sonic canons were refined to the point of being as precise as lasers; they could be aimed over the railing of any ship and used to ward off pirates with incredible effectiveness, with the sailors operating them, standing right next to and behind them, hearing next to nothing at all. These same deterrents were further weaponized to work underwater -with even greater effectiveness, as sounds, as we all know, travel better through thicker mediums, such as liquids and solids.

Just like human civilizations, some mermaid ones are advanced, while others are comparatively very primitive. Some have many different kinds of technology. Some don't. Individuals (we can think of them as average mermaid civilians) are almost always vulnerable to the militaries of both their and our realms, while those working with or as part of military units (think of these as mermaid soldiers and scientists) are probably always going to have better protective gear and early warning systems. Thus, it is logical to conclude that dolphins, mermaids, and whales which were beached in the early 2000s were hapless bystanders who had no way of knowing what was about to happen to them, and no way of avoiding it or protecting themselves against its effects... but the military and militarized mermaids did. Today, they have taken measures for their peoples to shield them from the effects of human Naval sonar.

Reading the minds of the humans as easily as a webpage is rapidly and reliably loaded by a web browser, the Inisfreean minds and other technologies almost instantly identified who on board the Naval vessels they were boarding was innocent; ignorant of the harmful effects of their sonar against so many sea creatures, ...and who knew all about what was happening out there, and, even worse, wanted it that way. Some humans, almost always for religious reasons, wanted to exterminate all intelligent life, assuming that they alone were and were allowed to be intelligent and humanoid.

Was there a holy war; a jihad, going on against the mermaids which sailors had warned people about since the first time humans set to the seas?

Like humans, mermaids have many different races; many who look completely different as far as their skin color, proportions, faces, and even hair go. Some, we would find attractive. Some, we would find monstrously different; frightening in appearance. Like humans, some mermaids are peaceful, and some are willing to harm, kill, and even capture and torture to protect themselves and their ways of life. Like humans, some mermaids organize and go to war, and have secret societies, and elite military units, even 'black ops'. Like humans, some mermaids know sciences so advanced they seem like magic to the untrained eye and mind.

Inisfree as multiple underwater facilities now; a facility called the Sea-tanks or Oceanarium; a gigantic aquarium big enough for whales, SCUBA City; an underwater skyscrapers complex for dive training, and the Caribbean Lake including a half-underwater resort hotel, an underwater temple, and a beautiful version of Australia's Great Barrier Reef. All of these facilities are perfect environments for many of the mermaid races, as well as many of the naga and other marine/aquatic (define each) and amphibious lifeforms -and not just those from Earth's bodies of water.

We know we only know of a fraction of the species that exist on this planet, and that we can't access, let alone study, the vast majority of this planet, and the rest of Creation/Space. We know that many species we Did learn of and study... are now extinct, and that many will go extinct in our lifetimes, and that many will evolve. It is easy to realize, then, that mermaids are one of the Most believable species, rather than the least, and calling them, and anything in our mythological tales, mythological, is illogical, for they are simple, easily evolving lifeforms, even if hybrids like the chimera and so many others you may have read or heard about in legends.

Like the Americans and most other powerful groups before the Rapture, these post-Rapture humans who had regained some of their former technological might... were unprepared for being so easily dominated and educated; they were too proud to handle encounters with vastly more advanced peoples and powers, such as the Inisfreeans, well, much less maturely. Some of them resisted, and were effortlessly immobilized for all their kind around them to witness; there would be no rallying against Inisfree and its new race of humanoids. It was the dawn of the Age in which the humans would listen, rather than preach, and in which they would do only what worked, no longer living in fantasies with false promises and pipe-dreams as pointless hopes.

"Your sonar equipment is being neutralized. We are aware that you have alternative means of safely navigating the waterways you are familiar with. You are hereby directed to never again use or possess this technology. You fielded it impatiently and with reckless disregard for all other life. Thus, you have lost the privilege of having it in any way. Like a driver's license or weapons permit, it is naturally suspended and revoked from those who misuse it, harming innocent people. You must learn to accept the fact that your species is not the only one worth being spoken of as 'people', and that you are animals, and that 'animals' is not a negative or primitive term."

The U.S. Coast Guard established a secret unit; a bit of a combination of SEALs (commandos able to conduct special operations on SEa, Air, and Land), UFORT (Unidentified Flying Object Retrieval Team), and IA (Internal Affairs), in order to keep tabs on all beaches, especially ones experiencing beachings. They coordinated constantly with U.S. Navy units, especially those utilizing sonar and sonar-based weapons; variants of the previously above-water sonic canon for pirate boarding attempts deterring. This Coast Guard unit ensured that no mermaid remains washing ashore were ever found by the public of any nation; they surgically detected all such pieces of evidence, rapidly removing them and any trace they had ever been there, and taking them to places such as CDC (Center for Disease Control) facilities for autopsies and further studying.

At first, the underwater weapons were sloppy like all technologies; big, bulky, cumbersome, difficult to control, and causing collateral damage, such as the mass-beachings once thought to be mass-suicides. After 2010, the technology had been refined enough to cause almost no collateral damage, and was as powerful as it had been made precise; it could now be used to ward off, or even kill, things as large as giant squid; Krakens. Added to all nuclear submarines, it was one more insurance method preventing tax payers from losing billion-dollar war-ships with their most valuable personnel and long-range missile systems. That was all well and good, but when misused by religion-tolerating and religion-corrupter government superpowers, the technology had to be taken out of the hands of the still-immature species which had been able to develop it. Until humanity could get over its Age of delusions and chronic lying; its religions, it could not be allowed to possess such technology, any more so than a child having a tantrum could be allowed to possess a machinegun or flame thrower.

After the Rapture, 99% of humanity (all the worst liars and scum of their kind) had been deleted, and it was safe to allow them to begin stabilizing and even spreading their race again. It was safe to allow them to develop their technologies again. Messages had been broadcast to those of their kind who'd been allowed to survive; they'd been told why so many of their kind were removed from Earth's equation, and how to live to prevent that from ever happening again. The Inisfreeans had even told them not to worship the source of those messages; they were being helped to grow up and shed the notions of gods and religions (though angels were a real race; just one the humans had misinterpreted and misused, like their latest sonar technology).

Stepping up like this to disarm wayward humans of misused sonar technology didn't just help the mermaids, dolphins, and whales. It turned out to help the Inisfreeans and even the humans a lot, as well; advanced mermaids stopped causing tsunamis to slow down the plague called humanity, and many of those same mermaids, sensing how genuinely and completely the Inisfreeans cared about all their kind, began to share their stories and technologies with the Inisfreeans. Though advanced to the point of being godlike, Inisfreeans were still very new, and knew that mermaids had existed long before humans and even apes, for the Earth was covered in an ocean long before land formed up above its surface. Before Pangaea, there was the world ocean, and the mermaids have evolved in it for billions of years, while humans have only been around for millions (and after numerous nuclear wars, think they have only been around for thousands).

Thus, Inisfreeans were rewarded for their love, thoughtfulness, and militarized actions to defend all Earth life and civilizations against the plague called humanity. Thus, they were gifted with sciences which had been perfected since near the time of the formation of the Earth; a Space Whale in the solar disc became the molten Earth, as it grew in the nebular womb of that disc, its increasing mass attracted many comets which exploded into water vapor, and once it had cooled enough for liquid water to exist, it was covered in the world ocean, whose forces later worked with its initial tectonics to form mountains that first became islands... and then all of Pangaea.

It was the mermaids who had achieved Space travel first (not counting the Space Whales, of course). Anunnaki; the Titans of Jotunheim, had achieved it next. Nazis, third. Soviets, fourth. Americans, fifth. For other worlds across the Megaverse, the order was different, but for Earth, that was how history happened.

Mermaids, operating in lower light environments, would have bigger eyes. For some female mermaids, this would be an attractive feature for some human males; girls with big, bright, beautiful eyes; a common point of physical attraction and preferred gender distinction.

Fools thought that be confiscating evidence of these peoples and technological mishaps; what their sonar and other devices were doing in terms of collateral damage, that they were combating demonic and Satanic attempts to shake their faiths and communities, when all they were really doing was demonizing innocent people making wonderful discoveries and nearly breaking down both language and cultural barriers, as well as their own religious barriers self-imposed against themselves.

Like how U.N. weapons inspectors went around the world preventing terrorist-harboring nations from gaining nuclear capabilities, the Inisfreeans began going around the world -and the rest of Creation- preventing similar unstable technological developments from being completed. Or, with the case of weaponized sonar, from doing any more damage than they had already done with the mass-beachings of the years leading up to the Rapture.

Weaponized sonar isn't just against enemy nations' nuclear submarines. It terrorizes mermaids, which can lead to inter-species world wars. It could lead to WW4 (the Rapture was considered WW3).
We don't have to ban its use entirely. That would be as foolish as banning all firearms, or banning all automobiles, or banning all GMOs, or banning all sex of a certain kind. Instead, we only insist that the humans using it become more mature as a lifeform and community and civilization first, and that when they use weaponized sonar, it is only after MORE testing, not BANNED testing, in order to ensure it is accurate to the point of never jeopardizing the health, sanity, and existence of lifeforms such as the mermaid people.
Part 2:


Part 3: