Sarah Becomes One with the King
Sarah Becomes One with the King News:  This teen girl from the Outlands is the first to have accomplished this evolution.
Sarah Becomes One with the King Abstract

This account details more about how the top student accepted into Inisfree's kajirae program became fully in tune with the leader of the Inisfreean people.
Sarah Becomes One with the King:

Sarah was brought to a throne specially designed for epic sex, while the King and 23 of his flawlessly sexy daughters set to arousing both her and themselves. All simultaneously:
  • one girl used both her hands to warmly cup Sarah's right breast while she suckled on its nipple, French kissing her way all across and around it, paying total attention to it, never pausing or missing a single spot
  • the 2nd girl did the same for Sarah's left breast
  • the 3rd girl slowly poured a champagne glass full of milky, warm, slippery, smooth cum down onto the tip of Sarah's tongue, helping to ensure that Sarah's entire tongue became coated in it as it continued to stream down to her, gradually filling her mouth, and letting Sarah decide when she wanted to swallow or swish it each time
  • the 4th girl, just as lovingly as all the other girls, warmly cupped Sarah's right ankle, massaging it while standing bold legged such that the toes of that right foot of Sarah's got to wriggle and probe and otherwise explore the entire space between that 4th girl's legs, usually hugging and squeezing them an inch up in the walls of her wet, hot pussy
  • the 5th girl did the same for Sarah's left foot, ankle, and toes
  • the 6th girl did the same for Sarah's right wrist, hand, and fingers, as if she had made her body Sarah's right glove and gauntlet
  • the 7th girl did the same for Sarah's left wrist, hand, and fingers, as if she had made her body Sarah's left glove and gauntlet
  • an 8th girl did the same for Sarah's right knee and shin, slowly grinding her pussy back and forth across its top while her hands cradled and tenderly, deeply massaged Sarah's right calf muscle group there, this girl taking her time working back up and down from Sarah's knee there
  • a 9th girl did the same for Sarah's left knee, shin, and calf
  • a 10th girl just as mesmerizingly massaged Sarah's right upper leg, focusing on her upper, inner thigh, and giving it plenty of slow, purposeful, passionate French kisses all the while; between the motions of her silky hands
  • an 11th girl did that for Sarah's left upper leg
  • the 12th girl just as slowly, purposefully, and passionately kept her face buried against Sarah's clit, her tongue lashing out in wide circles to cover all her pussy and clit, then narrowing its merciless, rhythmic passes until it was spiraling in to focus just on encircling and massaging her clit, and this was going on while the King of them all, Ubar of Ubars, took his sweet time thrusting his cock all the way up into the depths of Sarah's pussy
  • the 13th girl took her time pleasuring Sarah's right ribs
  • the 14th girl, Sarah's left ribs
  • the 15th girl, Sarah's right forearm
  • the 16th, her left forearm
  • the 17th girl, Sarah's right elbow, upper arm, shoulder, and trapezius
  • the 18th girl, Sarah's left elbow, upper arm, shoulder, and trapezius
  • the 19th girl French kissed and gently massaged her way all around Sarah's collarbone and throat
  • the 20th girl took care of slowly, carefully licking the tip of her tongue into Sarah's right ear, occasionally lightly munching on its earlobe
  • the 21st girl, Sarah's left ear and lobe
  • the 22nd girl worked her delicate, smooth, gifted fingertips and thumbtips through Sarah's hair and all the way down to her scalp, giving that entire scalp of hers the deep tissue massage of her lifetime
  • the 23rd girl, meanwhile, precisely combed out Sarah's long head of hair in such a miraculous way that her comb did not tug on a single tangle... though, perhaps, tangles were not possible in this magical kingdom of theirs, Inisfree...
  • and finally there were the King's powerful hands, which remained snugly wrapped around Sarah's hips, giving him the perfect leverage to pound into her pussy every time, letting him slide his throbbing, massive cock almost all the way down out of her with every single cycle of its motions in her, leaving thrilling sensations flooding and racing through her body, wondering if it might slip out every single time; he always played with her 'Just The Tip', then drove it deep, all the way home, stuffing and filling her completely. The only time he moved those hands away from gripping her hips to hold her lower body in place upon his squirting erection was once it had already spent its entire latest load up into her, at which point he would reach around to press their warm palms against her belly, rubbing slow circles all over and around it to help all his and her cum settle and mix together in her, too.
The girls born of Inisfree were short, small, and phenomenally fit and curvy, never tired, and shared the same overmind, making it possible for this many, 23, of them to weave their bodies together around Sarah, even with the 24th person; their King, being under her, also in the middle of them all. Like the piles of girls, seeming like a tangle of bodies, which Sarah, the King, and all Inisfreean girls slept in, this was no exception; fluid, coordinated, graceful, and majestic, they moved and thought and loved as one, and Sarah was their focal point tonight. She got to be their center of attention, the life of their party, their purpose and highest calling in life, enjoying their group massage, romantic orgy, symphony of goddess sighs, whimpers, and moans, and the undeniable and overpowering feeling that she could and always would trust them completely to bring her to newer and newer heights of previously unimagined, even unimaginable, pleasures, shivering full-bodied orgasms, and states of consciousness. She had loved them with all her heart, and so it was that now they returned the favor, instinct, and destiny like karma; well over and beyond tenfold, and forevermore. As Sarah got to choose how she fingered -and toed- the four girls tending to those digits of hers, and how she savored and swallowed the fresh cum they were pouring down the pink, sleek curve of her tongue, filling her mouth to its perfect pout brim, the King continued to nut near her core, leaving her entire pussy and pelvis tingling and begging for more, which he always provided for her, like his daughters never tiring or losing his sexual appetite or interest in her, and sending waves of satisfying sperm gushing and swirling around all up inside her, trickling down and being pulled and dragged out by the neverending motions of his shameless cock. There was a growing pool of their love juices collecting between her legs, atop his lap, and upon the royal throne which he had brought Sarah to an hour ago this evening. By the time he had made total use of her, dominating her so utterly and deliciously, its entire seat cushion would be soaked and dripping with the aromatic stuff, and Sarah would be encouraged to rub her face back and forth across the middle of it, inhaling as deeply and fully as she could, that she become as cum-drunk as her wildest dreams, before being carried back to bed by none other than that same King of all Kings, himself, his cock still erect, girthy, and pulsing all the way up inside her pussy, and her lower legs danging over his elbows as he walked her, still fucking her, to the side of his vast bed covered in hundreds of other Inisfreean girls, each one of them waiting just for him and her. They would fuck all night, and well into the next day, stopping only when Sarah was blushing, panting, and near fainting from the bliss, unable to control her breathing or her legs, and laughing giddily, almost absentmindedly, as if his cum and all their love had been her new and, by far, greatest drug. As long as her heart leapt for him and Inisfree, he and his girls would keep her so cum-drunk that even Freyja; Aphrodite; Venus; Persephone, Venus; timeless goddess of beauty, sex, and love, would be jealous, starstruck, blown away, and hungry to see and witness even more.

"CUM for me, Sarah," the King had rumbled from his chest and lips and tongue lashings into the bare and trembling flesh of Sarah's back. His Inisfreean girls had, when they passed near her ears, done the same; "CUM for ME, Sarah," each one, in her turn, had just as erotically, arousingly, hypnotically sighed and moaned into her ear, several of them in perfect sync finally saying "CUM for US, Sarah!" right when they could feel and see she was about to, anyway, WELL beyond the verge of no return. And they all knew Just how to tease and tickle and then deeply massage every one of her bodyparts, all at the same time, and then in fantastic, flawless sequence, such that their orgy of rough, yet loving, touch electrified and soothed every one of her erogenous zones in the absolute best way any woman could ever have, amplifying her orgasm until it was ten times harder and longer than any Sarah's had been, even with all her months of formal, elite kajira training and practice at the hands of their super-nymph people, vicuna fabrics softer than the finest silks, and heavenly home realm with its wildflower breezes, smooth wet white sands, warm waterfall showers, and aurora laden skies.

"We love you So Much, Sarah," they would emphasize, some of them speaking into her mind while others said it for her ears to hear, knowing it was music to and for her in so many ways. "You are So Beautiful when you Cum!" they said with bubbly auras and winning, perfect smiles. None of them were faking it; they loved this favorite outlander girl of theirs as much as they loved themselves and all the other things they had built and perfected here. Their auras, to the empath; her; Sarah, said, letting her feel, it all. All their truths and genuine feelings combined within her, resonating through her and reverberating like a euphoric bell, and echoed back out to all of them, letting them; empaths just like her, feel how much she loved and needed them, too. As this let her aura and life force expand out to almost fill their great room, engulfing them all, every one of the Inisfreeans basked in it, their King the most, at its center. Sarah wasn't just their King's First Girl anymore; in their hearts, she was All of theirs. Inisfree had seen her light, and now she was their best lover, friend, and gem, rarest of the outlanders, and most beloved of their guests and pleasure slaves. Her place in Inisfree was secure.

And their King, Ubar of all worlds' Ubars, said it in his touch; the way he kissed her and kept her, held her and squeezed her tight when she was, with her body and beauty, making him to cum. He, like she, communicated so much more through touch and sound than words, written or spoken, and knew that he didn't have to say 'I love you, Sarah.' for her to hear and know it. He let her hear and feel it in how deeply, calmly, and slowly he breathed when he fell right to slip with her tightly snuggled up in his arms, and him in her legs, her cheek smiling against his chest's strongly beating, love filled heart. They had become one soul, just as she had felt and thought, and she might never again see the girl pens, except to help his many daughters; the girls of Inisfree, better welcome, educate, train, and graduate the many millions of potential kajirae who passed into and through those hallowed grounds of the Universe's finest pleasure slaves and their instructresses.

As the King drifted off into another of his happy, quiet, deep slumbers, so much so because of Sarah's presence in his life after so many decades of war, searching, and prototyping, he continuously, unconsciously readjusted his body against hers, shifting his grips and leglocks around her by an inch at a time, working to feel more and more of her, and hold her closer and closer, more and more warmly, until they were practically one flesh, his cock still pulsing between her wet, hot, silky, slippery thighs to the beat of their hearts, now almost always beating as one.

In the morning, they would wake to slowly stirring, sexy, smooth little hands of his many dozens of Inisfreean girls all still snuggled up around them, and bring each other back to consciousness, and long waves of more and equally impressive orgasms, until their loving orgy had eventually migrated into the wide bowl of a jacuzzi at the foot of their vast bed. Their, they would repeat this great orgy and 'cuddle puddle' around Sarah; 24 of them at a time, until she had shivered out her cum all around his ever pumping dick, that time to the rush of both his sperm into her depths, and the warm, effervescent jacuzzi nozzle jets. Just as before, and all other times, he would hold her so closely and tightly, warmly and lovingly, yet roughly and dominatingly to him, commanding and owning and loving for her completely, his passion, lust, and desire for and because of her never fading, only growing with each day and each fuck. It would take them many long hours to finally get out of that great tub, all because of how wonderful Sarah had become... and been.

She would know now when the King had a lot --too much-- on his mind, and that the moment she hurried to his side in that great, vast, pillared canopy bed of theirs, that her silky touch, sliding, caresses, and snuggling would make him take in his deepest breath... and go right to sleep. She was his lullaby now, even more so than his angelic, infinitely sexy daughters, the Inisfreeans. Sarah was what calmed the King down; that one girl from the outlands who, while untold billions only set him off, could soothe his powerful heart and make his eyes see only hers.