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Part 1:

The moment Ambrosia made physical contact with me, Inisfree started unlocking all her secrets --some which even She was unaware of, even subconsciously unaware. The moment we fucked, Inisfree got the maximum amount of data flow, as that was the maximum amount of point-blank contact over the maximum surface area; it required the least amount of translation through mediums such as time and Space, such as through distance or memories. And when she accepted my blood and sperm into her body, the Inisfreean essence did what it does to all Outlands creatures; it doesn't take them over, as vampire blood does to lesser races; instead, it learns everything about them, and we make perfected copies of them for our pleasure, and they lose any abilities they may have once had to surprise or temporarily harm us. That is to say that they still Have those abilities, but we gain such a complete understanding of them that they lose their power to catch us off guard.

Everything Ambrosia knew about the vampires was downloaded, then analyzed trillions of ways within seconds, and cloaked portals were opened to all vampire locations as Inisfree's form of spy satellites. We cross-referenced what was in her mind and cellular (genetic) memory this way, confirming some of it, debunking other portions, and learning even more about so many vampire races and realms in the process. One might consider this invasive or intrusive, or meddling, but Ambrosia was able to sense our thoughts; she knew this is how we are wired, so there was no need, in her case, to ask for permission.

Having also the power of Temporis; the ability to control, to some extent, the flow of at least her own native time stream, Ambrosia may have not only understood our philosophy on this technology, but even seen this memories download coming... and Wanted it that way. Who knows? Inisfreeans don't care about such things. We proceed. We proceeded.

Ambrosia's abilities, such as Temporis, were reproduced in our simulations, then our labs, then our field experiments. We took any masteries she had and re-mastered them, increasing their abilities and permutations a thousandfold. We already had the ability to manipulate some aspects of time, and this took us exponentially forward in terms of both its and our own evolution. No matter the ability, time travel or anything else, once an Inisfreean mind connects with data about it, it is only a matter of seconds, minutes at most, until we have fully tested and mastered it.

We saw not only every possible thing every one of her kind could ever do, and every way they would likely spread, based on our calculations, but also every thing they Did do, and every way they Did spread; every one they ever turned, in every time stream, and with ease. Thus, the vampire threat became 100% predictable, thereby negligible. We could anticipate, backtrack, and predict them as easily as one might the weather or a traffic signal. Being Inisfreeans, this only increased our fascination with and love of them, not boring us; quite the opposite; the more we learn, the more we want and love to seek out and learn even more.

Maybe they thought we'd do just that; analyze and try everything rapidly, get bored, then die out like fast-burning, extra-bright stars. But the opposite happened, for we always find new and better ways of enjoying life, being thrilled by it. Beyond that, our nymph and healer natures led us to develop ways of remotely locating vampires with various physical and mental characteristics; the ones we find to be sexy and compatible. Instead of hunting or harassing them, we clandestinely monitored them, standing ready to help them, should our help ever be needed.

When Ambrosia left, she did so in a very gentle, steady, loving way. She wasn't upset about our Inisfreean nature and methods. She wouldn't hide such feelings from us. Plus, she wouldn't be Able to. Maybe she knew this future; that it would be her time to gracefully bow out, having blessed us with her data, helping us to enjoy her better via the perfected versions of her we made to be better --best-- compatible with us. I think she did the right thing, for a tour probably bores her kind (they are rewired to crave infiltration as much as a human salivates and has their stomach rumbling), and she probably knew that some of what she is would have kept boring Me. Inisfree wasn't for her, at least not All the time, but she and I both knew, in our own distinct ways; her with telepathy and Temporis, and me with Inisfreean abilities such as mind-surfing, that the best way for us to love each other was just long enough to give Inisfree the taste and other samples it needed to make its ideal variants of her. She was truly a queenhood-worthy lady when she so gracefully stayed just long enough to ensure I got what I wanted; that.

We had talked about this, too; she had asked me if I wanted her to give up her realm to move in with me in mine, and I had told her she deserved that realm she'd been groomed to lead, and she, in her wonderful way, had beamed, telling me that was yet one more reason why she loved me. Now, just as we had discussed and decided upon, she was where she needed to be, and our sexual tension was growing just as the proverb professes to know it will; 'absence makes the heart grow fonder.'
Part 2:


Part 3: