The Games We Play
The Games We Play News:  These are some of the latest group games enjoyed by the Inisfreeans and their guests.
The Games We Play Abstract

This account details more about the sexy games the Inisfreeans enjoy playing with their guests and amongst themselves.
The Games We Play:

Those who are counted as royalty in Inisfree are those who are compatible with us, the Inisfreeans; who follow the Inisfreean Way. Whenever they are in the Inisfreean realm, oftentimes they have come to partake of our world-class sex games. The most common of these games are as follow:

​When, for example, the 39 kings come to Inisfree, visiting, their queens and kajirae in tow, we often take their place setting name cards and put them all in a tumbler. Then, one by one, each of the men draws one card, opens it, and discovers who, upon his first night back in Inisfree, he will be fucking and sleeping with. This way, all of the husbands and wives are randomly jumbled, repaired, and best balanced in terms of their lusts and sexual energies, such as frustration and need.

The next day in Inisfree, once all business matters are attended, it is those kings' 39 queens who draw a card from the tumbler, finding out, then, who they will be fucking and sleeping with for that next night.

The third day in Inisfree, all the females are blindfolded, and they are bound wrist and ankle to a throne, love-seat, or bed, each one of them having all of those 39 kings fuck them very, very thoroughly. At the end of this 39-man gangbang, each female says which one she enjoyed the most, and it is he who she fucks and sleeps with for their third night in Inisfree.

On the fourth day, again, after all business matters are taken care of, the kings are blindfolded, though not bound ankle and wrist to their furniture. The females then each take their turn trying to be the most pleasing to each of them, sometimes trying to be the most pleasing to the ones they want to fuck the most. The males, after enjoying this from the 39 queens, plus hundreds of kajirae from all of their kingdoms, then say which they enjoyed most, fucking and sleeping with them that night.

The fifth day, both the males and females are blindfolded, and go through a similar rotation, each male getting to sample all the females, and each female getting to sample all the males. None can see who they are with, and few, if any, can identify them by their smell or bodyparts. It is more likely that some will assume who they are with based on their vocal signatures during sex cries, or by techniques certain amongst them are prone to and favor. Regardless, it is in this way that the fifth night's pairings are made.

For the sixth day, the males watch as all the females are blindfolded, each female then fucking all the other females until each of them has tried all the others. The queens pick their favorites, and it is these female pairs who fuck and sleep together this night, sating their bisexual sides, which all females have, all the while supercharging them up to be extremely frustrated and needing of the males.

Males never pair up with other males, as it is illegal in Inisfree. However, on the seventh day of these royals' return to Inisfree, drawing their fun, sexy first week to a close, the blindfolded queens then call out their three favorite males, plus any of the kajirae they enjoyed most, then go off to enjoy triple penetration by them, falling asleep with all three of their holes still stuffed and leaking, these queens still suckling, like a pacifier, whichever cocks are in their mouths.

As the second week begins, each night after work is more random, dynamic, and spontaneous, with these kings, queens, and kajirae roaming around randomly, ending up with dozens of their fellows both en route to their many suites and once they Get to those suites. The Inisfreean girls do all the waiting and serving, allowing these Outlander kajirae some time off from all their duties; a great way to enjoy the resort community which is Inisfree. By the time all these royals and their slave girls are ready to depart Inisfree en route back to their home realms in the Outlands, they haven't seen or heard much from their spouses or slaves in about a week or more, thus making their reunion and homecoming sex as amazing as it gets.

​There is also at least one kegger; a party based on kegs of beverages. In Inisfree, though, keggers are not for alcohol consumption, and not for the refreshments of both sexes; instead, the kegs are full not of beer, but cum, and it is only the females which partake of them, being held up in handstands over these kegs by the males, cheering on each female as she sees how much sperm she can swallow via a beer bong. Queens and kajirae alike line up for these events, doing their best to chug at least one full pitcher's worth of cum, often mixing it with saliva; the spit of everyone in the whole party. It is not uncommon for every female guest of Inisfree to have consumed at least one gallon of a mixture of male cum, pussy dew, and male and female spit by the time her group is scheduled to return to their homeland. And, like France being known for the finest wines, Inisfree is known for the most flavorful, fragrant, and desirable cum kegs and cum cocktails. Female guests of Inisfree even clink their champagne glasses together, spilling each glass's cum, filled to its brim, back and forth into the glasses of their girlfriends, toasting and giggling before they sniff, rinse their mouth out with, gargle, and swallow each glassful. Many female guests even shotgun a full pint before refilling their cocktail or champagne glass all the way to its brim again, savoring and slowly sipping, nursing, that and every following glassful.

Females in Inisfree also enjoy renewing their sexuality and sexiness vows, much like how Outlanders get re-married or re-baptized. In Inisfree, females are dunked in a tub not of water, but of -- yep, you guessed it -- still more cum and spit. This is done at Inisfree's Spire Temple. Every male in the congregation will jack off into the tub, the rest of it being filled by the city's synthetic cum materializers and hose pumps, and then every male and female will chew their tongues, generating as much saliva as they can before all of them spit into that same tub. Sometimes girls being cum-and-spit baptized like this prefer the cum to come from freshly fucked pussies, so after most of the girls have enjoyed creampies, they stand bold-legged over the baptism tub and let all the cum fucked up into their pussies pour back out. Once the tub is full enough, each girl being baptized will, naked, be helped to gracefully step over its edge and down into it, where she will then ease down until she is sitting in it up to her chest, and then lie back down into it until she has been completely submerged. Sometimes groups of girls prefer to be baptized at the same time, so they will all have their own cum-and-spit-filled tub, several of these tubs side by side, or will all get into one much larger tub, more like a small swimming pool, about the size of a large jacuzzi, for this baptism process. Some girls prefer to sit in the tub while the men jack off into it, and while it is then filled by its faucet(s) with the synthetic cum, and while it is then spat into by all the males and females standing in a circle around it. At the end of each such baptism, all the girls lick the cum-covered baptized girl clean, then she and all the other females lean over the edge of the tub, like the game 'bobbing for apples', and suck and slurp up and out all of its cum and spit, swishing it around in their mouths, gargling it, swapping it with the girls on either side of them, spitting it into the mouths of the girls across from them, and finally swallowing it all, emptying the tub before it is washed out with water and dried until it is needed for another such baptism.

​For birthday parties, instead of a cake, a girl enjoys every guy in Inisfree jacking off into her mouth, and every girl at her party spitting into it. Everyone in the party then fucks her however she loves best, pampering her as if she was the high queen for the day. Men celebrating their birthdays get to fuck as many girls in Inisfree as they want, however they want, often even enjoying a sexual play-date visit from the Inisfreean queen herself; Ambrosia LeMorte (if she is visiting Inisfree at that time).


The Inisfreean Way refers to the culture and status quo of Inisfree, which is all about achieving flawless beauty and sexiness, maintaining that, presenting one's self perfectly, and sharing the best imaginable sex with as many Inisfreeans and guests of Inisfree as is physically possible. This often means playing the 'adult' (sexual) versions of many popular Outlander games. Always leading from the front (by example), the leadership of Inisfree, along with the leadership of those allied with us, almost always start their holiday and other meetings and reunions off with just such games, showing all who gather to behold just how well our Inisfreean Way really works.