The Secret Army News:  In this chapter, a new major military force emerges in the United States.
The Secret Army

This chapter goes into greater detail about the history, composition, teamwork, relief, endured accusations, and eventual overt advance of the wronged people of the once-respectable superpower.
The Secret Army

​It should be noted that there was already a former-active-duty, secret military force in the U.S. called The Secret Army, and that Inisfree's Outlander military force was more accurately called the Second Secret Army.

This account takes places after the nuclear detonations in the fireworks of Independence Day, and before the bulk and obvious movements of the American Exodus take place. This 2nd Secret Army's operations, along with the aftermath of the nuclear strikes, made it possible for persecuted Americans to begin their exodus migration north and south across borders that had almost entirely been forgotten, no longer able to be manned or even monitored (everyone was worried about themselves now; securing the borders of their cities or, at most, their counties). After those attacks across the U.S. softened the world's last superpower up, this black-ops force increased its tempo, taking its founder's 2nd Underground Railroad (the first Underground Railroad being that of the mid 1800s) and increased it a thousand-fold.

Part 1:  Composition

The entirety of this organization was made up of felons, ex-patriots, betrayed veterans, atheists and those excommunicated, those accused of violent or sex crimes, runaway teens, and anyone whose relatives had stolen and mismanaged fortunes. These people who society grossly wronged had the best fuel for this line of critical, long overdue, and demanding work; they had the motivation that could only come from blood boiling at both abandonment and slander, as well as the growing and very real possibility of retribution. They knew that the only real karma comes when people make it happen, and that tolerance and acceptance are for slaves, while revenge and killing are for the just. They knew, from countless lessons learnt the hard way, that waiting, hoping, praying, wishing, thinking, debating, filing paperwork, and trying to work within a blatantly grossly corrupted, backward system never work. Broken systems cannot right themselves; they must be replaced, just as moldy food must be thrown out, no exceptions. They soon learned of the plans of the man named Auz to payback to government and its authorities, and their evil families and other supporters, more than tenfold for what had been done to the peoples they'd decimated and enslaved. Ambushes would be met with counter-ambushes, witch hunts and kangaroo courts with hunts of the religious and no trials at all. When shelter had been denied good people due to false credit scores accepted by extortionists from still Other extortionists, it was decided that no Quarter would be given to Them; no mercy, no asylum, no exceptions. Those who had been brutal, making no exceptions for the worthy, hearing no logic, would likewise be summarily ignored and rightly crushed. Anyone who was casually gross, such as by being out of shape or disregarding trash, whether it be pollution or hording or just general laziness and negligence, would be justly viciously destroyed for indecent exposure, emotional abuse, and vandalism of national treasures. And who better to enact these wise laws, enforcing these punishments put off by the shameful masses for so long, than those already labeled as and demonized for violence and fighting the evil laws? The founders of the United States were all felons, traitors, and fugitives; they had all chosen to conspire, unite, riot, use illegal weapons, and kill hundreds of thousands of people. At last, enough of the people of the world understood the importance of this in establishing a long-lasting freedom and true peace. Once again, it would be the criminals, underdogs, abused, and weak, ragtag militias and random peasants; slaves, as in Spartacus's time, who would wage a war worth waging, and, thereby, secure actual justice. Yes, some might be captured, wounded, killed, or worse, but ALL of them would be tortured for their entire lifetimes if they didn't do and risk all that here and now. And so it was that the true heroes were summoned, mustered, rallied, trained, retrained, crosstrained, and armed. Anyone with a clean record could not be trusted. Anyone with the modern religions' warped view on what was sexually permissible could not be trusted. Anyone who had not had the guts and foresight to run away from the 'homes' of abusive, clearly psychotic, criminally insane family members could not be counted upon to hold the line. Only the outcasts, who had had to work as hard as slaves because of how they'd been outcast, were accepted.

And thusly, the 2nd Secret Army was formed. It would counteract, undermine, and defeat the first. The first had been full of Christians; self-glorifying slaves; overgrown idiot children with far too much power. They had to be stopped, and now... enough numbers had massed against them that they Would be, once and for all. Thousands joined the ranks within months. Tens of thousands within a year. America had nearly 1.5 million on active duty, with another nearly 900,000 in its seven reserve components, but 80% of them were not in good shape mentally or physically; just the bare minimum to meet quotas. 90% were not combatants. Half of the combatants had not Seen combat. Half of those who Had seen combat were not very Good at it. And half of Those were foolish assholes who did not command the respect or obedience, much less loyalty, of their personnel. 10% of American military personnel were also turncoats and moles, with another 20% often considering becoming the same, often hoping for that Chance; for anyone at all to make them a better offer than the short-change approach they'd be scammed with by the military and nation and people they'd tried to help and defend and live for. Thus, out of about 222,000 American combatants, about 111,000 were seasoned combatants, about 55,000 were decent at combat, about 28,000 had the loyalty of their men, and nearly all of those 28,000 were deployed around the world, eating substandard food, held back by low pay or lapses in pay, locked down by family problems, some being court martialed, and only a tiny fraction of them had their own weapons off base, which were weapons they could not get too very quickly. So within the first year of the 2nd Secret Army, when it reached tens of thousands in membership, it was already able to go toe-to-toe with the only potential and real threats in the U.S. military; roughly 30 battalions vs. 30 more. And all the while the U.S. numbers were dwindling with budget cuts, disbandings, desertions, defections, scandals, desperation, and more, ...while the 2nd Secret Army numbers were, naturally, always rising. When you have better weapons, smarter people, real food, sane laws, and no target indicators such as uniforms, anyone with a shred of common sense is going to want to switch over to such a wonderful family and force. Even a few thousand Native Americans did, not to mention even greater numbers of Wiccans; nature lovers gifted at science, medicine, farming, camouflage, navigation, hunting, stalking, and survival. They didn't teach those things in the U.S. military; U.S. personnel were weak and dependent, brainwashed and institutionalized, kept weak and clingy and uncultured while their great adversaries were all the reverse.
Part 2:  Teamwork

Once these brave and hard working people unified, things almost immediately got better. Houses were shared. Grocery bills and gasoline costs were cut by carpooling, coupon sharing, and food stamp trading. Shelters became homes, then compounds full to the brim with complementary skill sets. Those who'd been automobile mechanics fixed their housemates' vehicles for free, stealing parts from known rich scum. Those who had extra weapons distributed them, arming everyone. Those who had witnessed police brutality were trusted to lead assassination missions. Never again would cops get away with writing tickets, lying in court, or so much as laying a hand on a civilian, much less a veteran, much less in any attempt to subdue them, much less to arrest them, much less to murder them in broad daylight, as had been happening more and more until this underdog unification. Gangs had been formed throughout history to protect neighborhoods from corrupt authorities. It was now time for this to happen again, and more than ever before.

Further sharing their resources, these gangs and eclectic households and compounds taught each other the truth about the quotas and excessive labeling, modern Scarlet Letter approaches, of their nations' authorities; 30% of America’s adult population had a criminal record. Among people of working age, about 40% had criminal records. For some demographic groups, the rate is even higher. More than 50% of Black males had a criminal record. 50% of employed people would eventually be accused of committing a crime, and would be charged and convicted of that, even if they didn't, and even if no evidence, fabricated or otherwise, was presented against them. Having learned this, these people no longer felt so hopeless and alone. They realized they made up a majority of the country; the minorities were now the corrupt elites. And even those who Had committed crimes, violent or otherwise, were not actually bad people, for what they had done was almost always understandable; their actions should not have been thought of as criminal at all. This included justified vigilantes, mutual lovers, gifted people of all ages, innocent competitors, people who couldn't afford copyrights, patents, or trademarks and who were then accused of illegally profiting from their own ideas which richer people had stolen, plagiarized, and mass produced, and so much more. Thankfully, though, some of the new teamwork movement of this time included that of rich people; there were a number of donations to this 2nd Secret Army which totaled in the hundreds of millions. (And though their form of currency would soon be useless, eventually nearly forgotten, it was, for the time being, still very helpful, even pivotal in these final seasons before the dreaded and ominous, unforgiving Rapture Campaign.)

Part 5:  Advance

After regrouping in the many rural hideouts, safe houses, and overrun FEMA camps, as well as industrial ruins, sewer hubs, large caves, and other such last-resort places, the 2nd Secret Army was finally able to build up enough supplies and momentum to start launching scouting convoys, supply runs, raids, and other missions back out. Driving in lines of vehicles of every make and model, often patched up like old pairs of holey blue jeans, they passed the hundreds of thousands of police and other authorities whose remains were still nailed to the telephone poles across their nations, decomposing to skeletons drooping from large iron spikes deeply embedded into the splintered wood of their display posts. It was the Münster steeple a thousand-fold; Rome's country roads spread out by many multiples.

General Tiberius's 'land train'; that behemoth of a custom vehicle he had been building up over the past few years, now helped this 2nd Secret Army, joining forces with them from his bases of operations out in the new Bear Republic, well on its way to becoming his Kingdom of California. Transferring personnel and supplies across the treacherous region of southwestern America from Mt. Shasta down past the sides of the Sierra Nevada Range, across the Mojave Desert and Death Valley, under the Wasatch Range and around the Grand Canyon, and over the Colorado Plateau to the western start of the Rio Grande --and back again. With most of the trains across the U.S. shut down or unable to run on the many rail lines severely damaged by the nuclear attacks, General Tiberius's 'land train' restored a helpful measure of that previous age's secure mass transport capabilities.

One by one, then, major military facilities, including the underground ones, began to fall. Battles were fought. Communication lines were cut. And those who had been wronged, labeled, impoverished, and outcast by their nations were the ones already used to 'going crude'; they were the ones better able to do war and win at it, even when going against the active-duty personnel. Interestingly, most veterans had joined the 2nd Secret Army. So had most private contractors. So had most of the families of those still enlisted. Like the American Civil War, this destroyed morale and unit cohesion for the remaining military units, cutting most of them in half or worse, leaving some of them with no choice but to be disbanded, unable to fill their billets. Largely abandoned for these reasons and others, these facilities joined the growing, diversified assets portfolio of the 2nd Secret Army and the factions and seceded states that were replacing America with new kingdoms.

Naval ships and strike groups eventually had to return to naval stations now controlled by the 2nd Secret Army, at which point their vessels were also conquered whenever they failed to promptly and peacefully surrender without condition. The largest ships which could no longer be fueled or properly technically manned and maintained were stripped for scraps, then sunk. Smaller ships joined the commandeered Coast Guard ones, most being repurposed for pirate operations, as no national borders were recognized anymore; there were no coasts for these repurposed vessels to patrol and defend. Finally, these vessels were massed into fleets, strike groups, and small armadas, sometimes to blockade, and sometimes to hunt down the last few Naval vessels, such as submarines, lingering out in the oceans.

The 2nd Secret Army hadn't gotten ALL the enemies of the good people around the world, but it HAD made a GIANT dent in them, making the upcoming exodus possible, and leaving just a token resistance for the Inisfreeans with their upcoming Rapture Campaign to mop up --as if, with their now godlike technology and tactics, they needed any help! The 2nd Secret Army was no longer forced to be so secret; now, it was advancing.

Part 3:  Relief

Realizing that it was time to ignore nearly all laws, this secret army of underdogs began growing their own food, collecting and purifying their own water, generating their own power, and helping each other evade tax collectors who had always robbed them blind and given their hard-earned money to those who kept extorting and otherwise wronging them. As the stress levels of these underdogs steadily dropped more and more, they noticed they had more energy, then better health, then more resilience, then no need for medical care at All. Their food was fresher and tasted better. Their water was cleaner and not laced with mind-altering chemicals to keep them artificially docile. Their senses and minds sharpened, their thoughts taking on a clarity previously undreamed of. They even learned how to live and love freely, no longer clinging to anyone, as in monogamy, all this primary taught by their now deified leader, Auz. And when his original band of commandos and freedom-fighters joined in, the relief was near total and profound.

It no longer mattered what was on a criminal record or credit report. Veterans were no longer accused of Stolen Valor for wearing the awards their corrupt commands and the POGs had knowingly refused to approve and officiate for them. No one desperately job searched and prostituted themselves to sick and twisted employers paying them the least they could get away with. People started doing what they loved again, uplifting each other and sharing all loads. Worthy community and understanding was restored to mankind. Anarchy was just as idyllic and utopian as everyone had always suspected. People even realized that economic collapses, such as the ongoing 2nd Great Depression, downplayed as an on-and-off recession, didn't matter in the least; these self-liberating people didn't need any of that economy's products anymore, and weren't interested in the 'jobs' (slavery) it offered, and the governments and national borders no longer mattered, either; they were just diseases and imaginary lines that millions of people crossed all the time, anyway. All these backward and corrupt systems no longer had to be righted; they were simply dismissed, left to starve and turn inward on themselves. It was a brilliant tactical move Auz and his 2nd Secret Army had made.

The Wolves became the Generals and Admirals; the Chiefs of Staff of the man named Auz, and Auz reminded his growing army of slaves, this 2nd Secret Army as it was now being proudly called, not to idolize nor worship him; just to listen to his words and work with him and each other until this latest storm and evolution had passed. They did. The relief continued. (Auz had been deified in his Own private realm, anyway; there would be no need for people to over-glorify a person into a god, good or not. Those illogical times of lame hyperbole were, at last, over.)

Part 4:  The Usual Accusations

Government agents were always aggressively looking for signs of the cells of this 2nd Secret Army; these people daring to live on their own out away from the ruins of their once intimidating cities and bases, so many of which were now in ruins, having been nuked during the last Independence Day. The governments tried to spread panic and regain the support of their populations by using propaganda, like that of the NAZIs against all Jews back during World War II, claiming that these groups of people were all radical Muslim infiltrators, but too many people already knew this was not at all the case, and those who tried to attack their rural locations were quickly dispatched.

With leaders such as General Bowden, the fortifications of all these remote outposts and hideaways grew and grew, and more and more people left what was left of their suburbs, avoiding their irradiated downtown areas as much as possible, and giving up on the crops left barely growing in their irradiated farm soils downwind of each blast site. Lawsuits were filed. Good people were summoned and subpoenaed, the corrupt always assuming this would scare and cow them into submitting to obviously corrupt courts and rigged trials used just for show and distraction. Those who helped fortify the compounds and communities which Were working well were, of course, accused of a laundry list of ridiculous crimes which should Never be crimes, General Bowden, once captaining a militia, was, of course, high among those on such lists of 'offenders'.

There were still many millions of evildoers around the world, many in each nation, but they had been so thoroughly surprise attacked and reduced that they would never be able, even with their worst media attack attempts, to stop the growing avalanche of those they had for so many lifetimes wronged in every possible way. Though they pressed on with their excuses and accusations, more and more people were learning the wisdom in ignoring them --along with the news and everything Else those corrupt authorities cranked out no differently than NAZI propaganda.

Counter-accusations started up, of course, as well, and it became as apparent as anything else that most of the conspiracy theories had actually been true. Yes, there had been assassinations, cover-ups, secret bases, illegal wars, inter-agency rivalries, smear campaigns, squandered resources, pigeon-holed cures, manufactured crises and diseases, fake charities, mistreated Space aliens, and much worse and more. This came as no surprise to the educated, though; to the students of history, for all nations suffered such things from time to time, and one of the biggest nations on Earth could never be a lucky exception. The evidence kept coming forth; hundreds more conspiracies were proven and re-confirmed. And it was no coincidence that many of those conspiracies had not at all been necessary; just the wasting of time, money, and other resources by the corrupt fools in charge at the time. The people, so long scolded like unruly children, were the ones, it turned out, with all the proof of their theories and other claims. Those who had been accusing, fining, and imprisoning them all the time hadn't had any real evidence or logic against them at all.

Police APCs; MRAP hand-me-downs from the military, were attacked and repossessed, commandeered by the 2nd Secret Army across the United States and all other nations which had them. These MRAPs were then used to block highways and protect farms and small businesses instead of hurting innocent and warranted protesters demanding their rights and safety and health back. Some of these armored vehicles weren't even repainted; they were kept marked as official police and SWAT vehicles to confuse and throw off the lingering authorities still on the lookout for them; when they didn't have the obvious signs of being taken by militias and other locals, they weren't very successfully tracked, targeted, or re-stolen.

Corrupt police were hunted with growing skill and energy, too, the KKK and other corrupt police who tried to hide, move, and protect them crucified right alongside them; yes, actual crucifixions. Corrupt cops, judges, attorneys, bounty hunters, wardens, and more were all nailed to the telephone poles on all streets and roads going out of all towns which had any of them. Petitions hadn't worked, nor had court pleas, submitting evidence, appeals, demonstrations, or even rioting. It was time to do the only thing that worked; the only thing left available; the final solution --'final' in so many senses of the term.

People were finally free to drive at reasonable speeds, no longer worrying about nitpicking tickets, wrongful arrests, or unwarranted searches and seizures, because the few police left alive went into indefinite hiding --if they hadn't joined the forces of the 2nd Secret Army and helped to sniff out the whereabouts of their corrupt 'brothers in blue'. People were now free to decide for themselves what was 'reasonable and prudent'; finally allowed to live and think as mature adults. It was a very pleasing, stimulating, and rewarding time of great progress. People didn't abuse this new freedom. They used it as it had always been Meant to be used.

"Brutality!" some police cried. "Assaulting an officer!" These lame hypocrisies were ignored just as the police had ignored the Honest cries of those They had oppressed. It was They who had assaulted innocent people, They who had committed acts of brutality, and They who needed to be yelled at and feel afraid of those now coming for Them. It had once been unthinkable to attack a cop, or even to deFend one's self against any cop actions, corrupt or not. Cops used to swarm anyone who did that, often murdering them or their children for it, then getting away with it all. Now it was the People who swarmed the Cops, killing them all for their lifetimes of evil deeds.

Then the remaining religious people in each nation tried to protest with their usual cowardice dribble and regurgitated quotes, accusing people of sinning by murdering. It was pointed out that murder is defined as 'unjust killing', thus no one was murdering now; only killing. It was also pointed out that religions were made by rich men with poor writing skills to trick stupid slaves into working even harder and for even less; the gods of the religions were glorified slaves, the stories in religious books were always fairytales about impossible slave escapes and slaves assisted by magic, and those same books even attempted to convince people that it was impossible to enter into heavenly places if one was rich, yet the leaders of all the religions collected tithings from the stupid peasant followers until They were rich, and filthily so. It was the most obvious trickery. Their books were jam-packed with contradictions, and they had for centuries forbade their followers from even hearing them read in the languages they could understand, much less getting copies and translating them, much less distributing those translations, and even banning editing them upon threat of eternal torture, lest the people start to notice all those errors and contradictions. Then, when computers and the Internet made these revelations as easy as could be, people had been cowed for so long, taught not to think or question or even read their own 'holy' books, that no one bothered to start! That deception and slavery limped on, barely scathed by the biggest of movements, ...until now.

"Your God never answered my prayers!" people pointed out. "I followed all the rules, I believed with all my heart, I should have had the best of karma! Yet I did not! Your god is a lie! Your god never was! You made ALL this up! Liar! Deceiver! Loki!" Finally; some Good accusations. Finally, the Good accusations were becoming the usual ones.