The Trial:

This account details the mass-trial the humans of Nuuk were summoned to.

* This entry is not yet dated.​​

The litigation and philosophy in the following text is not necessarily that of the author(s), and is intended only to tell part of the story of how a new race of humans (Inisfreeans, the neo-nymphs), attempt to restore a global balance of sexual freedom and harmony while also attempting to right some of the wrongs of the Age before their time which drew to a close with the advent of their creation.  Harsh sentencing, including a few cases of disfigurement, exist in the text below.  There are also instances of social services intervention in the Gorean fashion (the culture and philosophy based on that of the 33 books about the counter-Earth planet named Gor).
The Trial

In the aftermath of the global terraforming and pollution removal event called The Rapture Campaign (due to how so many humans seemed to vanish into thin air, while a few survivors were left behind, just as was prophesied); the years immediately following the last few million of humanity being relocated to Nuuk, the Inisfreeans began to give humanity still more 'tastes of their own medicine'; Inisfreeans hunted humanity into near extinction, and now put them on trial, again, as with The Rapture Campaign, without any rights or chances to defend themselves, but this time in a setting more familiar to the sorry little species; a court house instead of what seemed like their Apocalypse. A number of the surviving humans were made examples of, reduced to lives of poverty and judgment, with all chances of their happiness being greatly reduced. It was more than fair, as humanity was classified as an illegal biological weapon; not at all a sentient race. The Inisfreeans, as they had for decades building up and leading into the pre-Rapture years, and as so many guardian races who'd come before them, for untold millennia, were being quiet understanding and lenient; a second chance was not something a species such as humanity would typically ever deserve or be afforded.


Now that the survivors of The Rapture Campaign, ferried within their armored survival vessels, each the size of a cargo ship dwarfing an aircraft carrier, had reached Nuuk and begun to expand that town from its icy past to a sprawling, temperate future, it was time to give them one last 'up close and personal' look at the new humanoid species which had just that past year swept aside their best defenses and reduced their entire species' population down to less than .075% of what it had been in 2012. The Inisfreeans, for the first time, would not be flying around in blurs too quick to make out any of the details of. Instead, they would be standing like embassy guards outside one of the most major downtown buildings of Nuuk, showing the surviving (spared) humans just how mighty, fearless, and uncompromising their kind all were, without exception.

Inisfreeans don't use trials --ever. Trials are actually illegal in the Inisfreean realm because their very nature is flawed; they only sound good on paper, and even then... only to fools. However, we put some of the surviving humans on trial and siezed their daughters; counter-ops for what the humans had done and tried to do for our kind, in its infancy, for so long. This was payback; subjecting them to the same flawed system they had always subjected us and themselves to. The women, we'd whip and indoctrinate into permanent slavery, and the men, we'd execute in a hundred different ways. All offending humans kept alive only to be made further, more up-close-and-personal examples of, would soon have their standing at Nuuk, new capital of the human's stunningly reshaped realm, greatly reduced.

The Trial News:  This is one of the only two times Inisfreeans put humans on trial.
Chapter 2:  Executing the Sentencing

As stated before, hundreds of these criminals were executed by beatings or crucifixions immediately following their mass trials. All other sentencing involved various forfeitures of property and family members; their property going to the humans they had wronged the most, and their family members becoming slaves to the Inisfreeans; also property forfeiture, as it were. Sentencing also involved scheduled forced departures to Outlands labor camps around the still-cooling, recently fully-terraformed world, often for durations of 50 years to life, without the possibility of release, early or otherwise. And because all of the humans being tried in this day of proceedings were classified as war criminals against the Inisfreean people, and traitors against nature, there would be no parole or probation at all. They didn't even have access to their moneys which might afford them such luxuries, and the Inisfreeans wouldn't accept such things in trade in the first place. These criminals were doomed, plain and simple.

Crimes Against Humanity? War Crimes? Inisfreeans find humans guilty of Crimes NOT Against Humanity, and Peace Crimes; the crime of forcing a false and shaky peace, when war is clearly needed and desired, like the breaking of a fever. Humans seemed to always fuck that up. Being humanOID is fine, it turned out, but the vast majority of the way humans look and do things, especially how they speak and sound in general, is evil, and unquestionably so, so anyone who did NOT resist that; humanity, is a criminal. Clear-cut case, and case closed. The only reason 'crimes against humanity' was one of the charges and convictions listed in these proceedings was because it was a term the lowly humans on trial could understand; it meant they had committed the worst level of crimes of all.

"Because every society on your planet had chosen to fail to police their own; failed to stop the countless evil beings and acts which led to the necessity of this mass trial, we knew your species was incapable of accepting reality and doing the right things. Thus, in order to prevent further annoyances and crimes, such as the nonstop and condescending genocide your kind committed against itself and all other species, we deleted it. Every one of your civilizations was erased. No archaeologists of the future will ever find a single trace of any of them; not one bone, not one foundation, not one fragment of a single broken piece of pottery. It is as if they never existed. Those of you who were spared were, for the most part, chosen because you wanted to do the right thing, but couldn't, and wisely, though torturously, lived like Anne Frank; a helpless person holed up in a secret attic, wondering if the Hell on Earth would ever end. Well, we have ended it; drawn this line in the sand, and kept alive just enough of the offenders to make one final point for the rest of you; you chosen ones, to carry on for generations to come. Don't let this happen again. Do not force the Inisfreean hand."

Those were the final words of the Inisfreean judge who presided over this day of the largest mass trial in history. Having said them, the judge casually left the podium, and the thousands of tried and convicted criminals were herded by the Inisfreean Storm Troopers into the White Rhinos still parked at the corners of their cordons around the court house. The White Rhinos drove in convoy through Nuuk's largest streets, parading the convicts around, though caged within them, and then parked alongside the MPHA airships hovering over Nuuk's airport runway, which they then herded those convicts up into; the final vessels which would race them out from Nuuk in all directions to the labor camps, impact ranges, and other places of sentencing where all of them, eventually, would die.


There would be more trials from time to time, as humanity spread back out across much of the reshaped Earth's continents (with the exception, of course, being Antarctica); there would need to be routine examples made of such a reckless, heartless, accidental species of psychotic, self-destructive, primitive, paranoid, superstitious, murderous monsters. The Inisfreeans didn't care if or when humanity started forgetting or covering up their past again, as they did that often throughout their history, and as it wouldn't affect the criticality or enjoyment by the Inisfreeans of their world-preserving purpose. Humanity would, more rapidly than ever before, spread around this latest world it was being allowed to occupy; it would soon become the world of Judge Dredd, then the Earth-that-was which the people of Firefly had fled from, and then a global wildlife preserve which next to no one in all of Creation would be allowed to even fly within an Astronomical Unit (92,955,807.4594 miles) of.

The men who raided the Vatican, the men who probed into the Syrian subterranean network, and the men who manned the pre-Rapture kajira-screening vehicles, were all awarded medals unique to their operations, and were appointed as the Generals of the Kings of the new world order; the new Earth realms. Because these operations, and their work in general, had been not only secret, but wholly clandestine, their awards ceremonies were in private; in closed quarters only, amongst none save their peers, that the ever-foolish humans, judgmental and self-damning to the end, never learn of these men's heroism, preventing them (the humans) from ever twisting it to mistreat these top men, as humans had almost always done in their (humanity's) sorry, sorry past. These black ops, and the well-earned awards which followed them, were kept pure and sacrosanct in this way, and there would be many more of these quiet, secret awards ceremonies for the elite of humanity to come...

Chapter 1:  The Trial and Decisions

Of the some six million humans spared from extermination, several thousand were found guilty of many of the new legal system's crimes. Brought to Nuuk's main municipal complex, their trial began with an air that all of the humans there could easily identify; a foreboding one which would resonate through them all for generations to come. Inisfreean military vehicles and personnel had established concentric cordons around the court house there, and their presence sent an equally powerful message to all the onlookers gathering round; your kind (the humans) will be met with a zero-tolerance policy; anything any one of you does which might even remotely concern one of us (the Inisfreeans) will result in immediate termination --without so much as even a 'Roman burial'; being left crucified alongside one of the town's rural streets. With the robotic-looking, white-exoskeleton-clad Storm Troopers; Inisfree's infantry, standing in riot-control lines and formations between and in front of their vehicles; White Rhinos and Desolator Tanks at each of the corners and major intervals of their cordons, the trial of thousands of the surviving humans plucked from the newly growing Nuuk community began.

Brought into the courtroom in groups of nearly 100, the humans, summoned to court at the barrel of Inisfreean guns, and all of whom had already been found guilty in accordance with the law of the new world order (the Inisfreean Way), were tried altogether; mass trials in the interests of efficient time management. Many in those groups numbering nearly 100 were brought in multiple times for multiple offenses, ensuring that they stood before the judge for each group sentencing. Permitted only simple, light, one-piece, toga-like garment, all of these humans (males, in this case) were denied sophisticated clothing, while still being covered up so as to be prevented from disgusting their Inisfreean masters. Locked together in rows like chain-gangs, these thousands of men, over the course of an entire day, were introduced to the Inisfreean legal system to correct the human one.

The sub-trials; each for a group of nearly 100 human men, began with the burning of one of their Bibles, as well as the burning of one of their Qur'ans. No one would be placing their hand on such a ridiculous collection of fairytales, death threats, and bold-faced lies. No one would be asked to swear to tell the truth, for all had been informed that even if they tried to repeat lies in their heads, the Inisfreean jury (consisting of one Inisfreean, as any Inisfreean can represent them all, and can think countless complex computer processes every billionth of a second, making human juries of multiple beings obsolete) would immediately detect both their lies and the truths they were attempting to cover up or deny. All of this was televised, too, ensuring that every one of the spared humans had a chance to see these proceedings live, with anyone becoming offended by them gunned down by laser-fire.

--Sentences for the Lightest Crimes--
The groups who had committed slander against the Inisfreeans, most notably of their founder, were found guilty of character assassination. All of these humans were sentenced to be forever banned from speaking, writing, typing, hand-signing, or otherwise communicating. They might still be cared for by the humans of Nuuk, provided they spent the rest of their lives in silent, hard work, but if they ever slipped up and spoke again, even if it was to say something accurate and good, they could have their tongues cut out. If they ever used sign language, or even so much as 'talked with their hands'; gesturing while speaking, they could also have their hands broken or severed, depending on the duration and purpose of that form of communication. Joking was one thing. Joking was fine, but these criminal scum had been serious when they had lied about one of the greatest heroes of the Earth, and so it was that they would never be permitted to communicate again, much less richly enough to form a joke.

Those who claimed some angels were demons, 'fallen from grace', were found guilty of slander and character assassination. All of these humans were sentenced to be labeled just as damningly; forever would they have that which they committed slander with tattooed on their foreheads; forever would these criminals have written across their brows 'FALLEN FROM GRACE', for in accusing innocent beings of something that insulting, their accusation would forever mark them, because they said that, as being the ones who actually, literally fell from grace. Humans, it was clear to see, (at least the vast majority of them) were always far and grossly short of being graceful in any way, most notably with their words. Now, they were practically branded for this heinous and willful crime.

The groups who had pressed charges against military personnel for sodomy were found guilty of demonizing sodomy, and it was many in these groups who were also found guilty of falsifying records to both give unearned awards to members of cliques and oligarchies, as well as deny heroes the rights to wear their hard-earned awards. Inisfreean law classifies these heinous acts as 'stolen valor'; stealing the valorous indicators, and the rights to display them, of the bravest and most important people any nation or other organization will ever have. In the eyes of the Inisfreeans, ever wise, it is not just those who wear awards they did not actually earn, who are guilty of 'stolen valor', but anyone who tried to stop people who had earned awards from wearing them, especially when it came down to just a matter of unfiled paperwork to officiate any awards. The Inisfreeans corrected all of these clerical errors and wrongdoings in the Service Record Books and databases of the affected military personnel, mass-flash-cloning all of the awards they had earned and should have been allowed to wear all along, singing into existence tens of thousands of military ribbons, medals, citations, and other special forms of recognition, and not just for the survivors of what had once been the U.S.A., but for every surviving member of every nation of the Earth which had been correctively swept away. It was from this elite group of heroes which the new kings of the Earth were chosen, while all those who had wronged them by stealing their valor (the corrupt members of their military branches), though all killed in The Rapture Campaign, were forever shamed, doomed to be forgotten. As all of those criminal offenders were deleted out of existence, no sentencing was necessary.

--Sentences for the Lesser Crimes--
The groups who allowed people to practice democracy, allowing uneducated and demented peasant scum to influence government and laws which affected intelligent worthy people, were found guilty of governmental negligence, malpractice, and general incompetence. All of these humans were forever banned from having any authority in Nuuk at all, even to the point that any passing slave could, if they noticed these criminals and felt so inclined, give them orders for so long as the slave had time available from his or her master to do so, and regardless of how intelligent or bafflingly stupid the slave was. Furthermore, whenever multiple slaves had the chance to do this to these criminals, they would have to patiently wait, however the slaves bid them wait, while the group of slaves debated, voted, re-voted, and otherwise stalled and wasted their time in the democratic process put before the officiating and issuing of any orders. It didn't matter if these criminals desperately had to 'go to the bathroom', as humans put it; they would have to do as they were told by anyone of Nuuk, putting up with the worst bureaucratic nonsense of all.

The groups found guilty of knowing of the whereabouts of sexy human females, especially if those had been members of their families, were guilty of multiple crimes, as well; possession of concealed kajira candidates without concealed kajirae permits, obstruction of justice, and unreported and untreated anti-sexual psychosis. All of these humans were banned from any contact with any females for the rest of their lives.

The groups who did not immediately arrest and hand over all the attractive human females they knew about to the Inisfreean King the moment they discovered those girls, or became aware of the Inisfreeans and their King, were found guilty of emotional torture of both parties, as well as the obstruction of sexual justice. All of these humans were sentenced to have their sexual preference (preferred partner types) tattooed on their foreheads, that all of the people of Nuuk, for the rest of these criminals' lives, always deny them that which their natures helplessly sought and craved most.

The groups who had attractive female children who were still virgins, which other Inisfreean personnel in the courtroom confirmed in front of everyone, were found guilty of child abuse; specifically torture; the repression of the strongest natural human urge. All attractive girls of this group, so long as they were confirmed to be in puberty or even just a bit curious, were tested to ensure they were no longer virgins. All of these humans found guilty of allowing or pressuring their attractive female children to still be virgins were sentenced to never be allowed the custody or guardianship of any human of any age ever again, and were forever banned from having any sort of sexual relations --even with themselves; no masturbation. These criminals were to remain 'remade virgins' for the rest of their lives, the punishment for breaking this lifelong probationary period being the destruction of their genitals.

The groups who had not put their attractive daughters through Inisfreean sexual education programs were guilty of the crimes of failing to pay their children's ways through state-mandated school systems (the Inisfreean realm being the state now). All of these humans were sentenced to the same steep fines their kind had imposed on people before The Rapture Campaign who had not chosen, or been able, to put their own children through the human school systems (and this amounted to quite a lot in a newly begun era when most people had salvaged little more than the clothing on their backs when they had been hurriedly herded up into the humans' armored survival ships).

The groups found guilty of raising human children, even if those children were already grown up, were also guilty of multiple criminal offenses; harboring biological weapons, misappropriation of resources, and showing loving attraction to human beings in the age bracket of 0 to 8 Earth-years, which Inisfreean law classified as pedophilia. All of these humans were sentenced to never again be allowed to take any part in creating human life, nor raising any of it. If they were even caught glancing in the general direction of a young human; any less than 18 Earth-years of age, they could be shot on sight by anyone noticing this offense.

The groups found guilty of drug possession included anyone who had alcohol, tobacco, or any of the 'hard drugs', such as cocaine and heroin. All of these humans were sentenced to either commit suicide by overdosing on the drugs they had sold the most of, or to be exiled beyond the borders of Nuuk to die alone in the wilderness. One dared to protest, crying out "Surely others here, not on trial today, have done drugs, too!" The Inisfreean judge chuckled at the man, smiling "Yes, and like all periods in human history, this one is met with yet another double standard."

The groups who had ever charged or attempted to charge any of the Inisfreeans for anything at all were found guilty of 'highway robbery'; extortion, for any attempt to force an Inisfreean into a contractual relationship, or acquire monetary currency from them at all, was classified under Inisfreean law as an immoral and unethical choice to fail to provide whatever a good being needed or was seeking simply out of the goodness of one's heart. All of these humans were sentenced to slavery under any of the spared humans who were now installed as slave owners, and it was left up to those owners to decide how unfairly to overwork and otherwise extort them here to forth, provided that, at the very least, their working conditions were unfair, and the few rewards for honest, hard work they performed were next to nothing, always far lower than what a normal, good person would deserve.

--Sentences for the Moderate Crimes--
The groups who knew ugly females who danced in public, especially if those females were not fully covered in thick, opaque clothing, were found guilty of tolerating indecent exposure to the highest degree. All of these humans were sentenced to be smothered to death under bags of liquid fat from liposuctions.

The groups found guilty of reproducing were informed that breeding, gestating, and spawning in the Modern Era's human way was numerous crimes all at once; the illegal production of biological weapons, illegal genetic experimentation due to how chaotic human genetic sequence pairing always turned out to be, a crime against nature (nature, being immortality and beauty), disturbing the peace (the sounds all humans below sexual maturity make), conspiracy to commit emotional abuse and torture (subjecting other humans and other lifeforms to the hideousness that are human spawns), and the unauthorized production of obsolete and visually inappropriate lifeforms. All of the men guilty of this had their genitals revoked; scheduled for removal by Inisfreean medical procedures to ensure they not only 'had their tubes tied', but no longer had any reproductive organs at all. "Your kind took back drivers licenses and firearms when you deemed them being improperly used. This is the same thing. Your kind also denied everyone the right to natural feelings, and the right to use their genitals in the natural way, thus we have denied you the use of yours."

The groups who allowed deformed or mentally impaired people to exist were found guilty of disturbing the peace, failure to euthanize monstrosities, misappropriation of resources, tolerating indecent exposure, and being functioning autistics. All of these humans were sentenced to be given all of the deformities of the monstrosities they had allowed to plague their communities before The Rapture Campaign, and to be given no aid, always beaten away or shot on sight the moment they annoyed anyone even in the slightest.

The groups who had chosen to believe in any religion, and especially those who had tried to recruit, and doubly especially those who had tried to force their religious beliefs on others, were classified as the equivalents of Al Qaeda, the Klu Klux Klan, and the Taliban, and were crucified to the crosses and crescents of their religions' most famous churches and mosques, which were cemented into the sidewalks and shoulders of every road leading out past the suburbs of Nuuk, that all would have daily reminders, whenever they looked or traveled that far, of what would befall anyone choosing to believe in and attempt to spread such outrageous, nightmarish, abusive, counterproductive, illogical, insane, downright evil works.

Those who wrote religious texts, from the Torah and Bible, Qur'an and Book of Mormon, to the modern-era Christian stories, were found guilty of falsifying evidence, extortion; tithings, and pyramid schemes. All of these humans were sentenced to be beaten with copies of those books while endless loops of recordings of those books being read were played backwards to remind these criminals of the repercussions of trying to pass off gibberish as facts.

The groups who had permitted females to have rights and property were all guilty of a number of crimes, too. All of these humans were sentenced to never be allowed possessions of any kind ever again; such utter impoverishment that they might not even be seen as worthwhile slave investments, for a master who cannot even legally put a slave's work tunic or other simple garment on his working property can scarcely keep it alive and in working order long enough to warrant the trouble it is to have such an awkward and ill-fated burden on a useful plot of land.

The groups who knew about female judges, or any female authority figures, and did not kill them, were found guilty of sexual harassment, sexual imbalance, and criminal insanity. Many crimes against the Inisfreean people also fell into those categories; being sexually imbalanced and criminally insane, as well as negligent, emotionally abusive, and even torturous. Also, because The Rapture Campaign was also considered World War III, every criminal offense was also counted as a war crime. All of these humans were sentenced to have their genitals destroyed, and their scalp seared with lasers to prevent any hair growth, at which point they would be put in yokes on display in Nuuk's town square for all locals, regardless of gender, to publicly sexually abuse and otherwise degrade and beat them until they died there.

The groups who aided the Christians, during their Inquisitions and other periods, in confiscating, destroying, or hiding knowledge in the Vatican or other such vaults, were found guilty of withholding evidence of scientific breakthroughs, obstruction of justice, conspiracy to cause the Dark Ages to fool humanity into thinking they were the protection from it, and general crimes against all humanity. All of these humans were sentenced to have their thieving hands severed, their ability to hear terminated, and their eyes put out such that they, in the few months or years they had remaining, could never confiscate, hide, nor read or even hear any bit of knowledge ever again. All of humanity was forbidden even to signal to them through Morse code taps on their skin, or communicate with them in any other way; these criminal monsters were to be left alone to eventually die of starvation or over-exposure to the elements, at which point they would be bulldozed into the unmarked pits or trenches nearest wherever they ended up falling.

The groups who had confiscated money and other property from Gorean-minded (wise) men, regardless of the crimes those men were accused of by the humans before The Rapture Campaign, had everything they owned and might ever inherit counter-confiscated and permanently awarded to the men they had wronged in that way, thus making the wealthiest legislators, judges, attorneys, police officers, detectives, and federal agents now the poorest and dependent beggars of the whole human race, completely at the mercy and discretion of those they had taken from, who now could decide whether to enjoy all their riches for themselves, or take pity, from time to time, on their former persecutors and prosecutors, all of whom were now desperate for their charity, compassion, and handouts; they would now have to do honest work, contribute to their communities, and stop imposing barbaric, backwards laws and penalties on the natural, good people, earning their ways back into their hearts and good standing.

The groups who campaigned to pass laws disarming all the people in their jurisdiction just because one or two people had used firearms violently against others, were found guilty of fascism, reckless endangerment of the public, and willful heinous violations of the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution. It was pointed out to them that they hadn't tried to ban baseball bats after those had been used in violent crimes, and that they hadn't tried to take away matches from everyone after arsonists had done their work, and that they hadn't tried to ban everyone from driving automobiles after some had been used to run people over, and that they hadn't tried to ban string after people were strangled with it, and that they hadn't tried to ban airplanes from existing after some were crashed into buildings, and that they hadn't tried to ban all religious books after they had been used for thousands of years to incite millions of people to commit billions of grizzly murders. All of these humans who tried to disarm others were forever banned from defending themselves against any attacks, no matter what, and those who actually did coerce innocent people into surrendering their firearms were sentenced to be shot by those people with their returned firearms. Those who tried to say that assault rifles are only for assaults against innocent people had their tongues cut out --and were then shot, as well, and with assault rifles, no less, while the Inisfreean executioners laughed at them in the process, pointing out the fact that they were using assault rifles not to assault, but as 'execution rifles'.

The groups who had banned people from practicing medicine, even when they were successfully treating many people and improving many lives, just because they did not have medical doctors licences to practice, or could not afford those licenses, were found guilty of malpractice, and were forever stripped of any authorities, properties, and rights to practice any trade at all. All of these humans were sentenced to be given all of the ailments suffered by the people they had denied treatments to, and to be left alone in the wastelands to wander around, hopeless and alone, to eventually succumb to them.

--Sentences for the Most Severe Crimes--
The groups which included police officers and bounty hunters who had made any sort of physical contact with anyone they were trying to shame for natural interaction with minors were found guilty of domestic violence and aggravated assault. All of these humans were sentenced to be beaten as much as the summation of everyone they had beaten, thus resulting in most of their deaths, as well as the crippling of many of their final remaining few.

The groups who had threatened or imprisoned anyone for beating or raping human females were sentenced to life in remote prison camps to help build up acceptable human infrastructure as part of the cost-free effort to jumpstart the species and its civilization again. Those who had hurt or killed anyone for beating or raping females were taken out into the streets outside the court house and beaten to death by Inisfreean Storm Troopers in the streets, also live on camera for all to see and understand.

The groups who had been members of the Child Protective Services organization (C.P.S.), or any of its equivalents around the world, had all their children confiscated without the possibility of return or visitation rights, and were forever banned from holding any position of authority for any reason, even if it was a temporary line cook supervisor position in a low-end restaurant. All children their relatives might later be approved and given licenses for were also automatically forfeit to the Inisfreean people; if they ever had families, their families would be completely controlled by the state, almost always separated as early as birth. All C.P.S. agents, support personnel, and their families and friends were found guilty of child abandonment, child abuse, computer crime (cyber warfare against innocent people having natural relations with minors), conspiracy, criminal contempt of court, cyber bullying, disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, domestic violence, emotional terrorism, extortion, forgery, fraud, harassment, hate crimes, kidnapping, perjury, racketeering, robbery, and stalking. All of these humans were sentenced to first be neutered and spayed, and then to be further neutralized and humiliated by having their vocal chords and the nerve clusters to their hands removed so that they could never speak, write, or hand-sign such shameless slanders again, and finally to be left in individual prison cells with nothing to watch but the live television feed of their youngest children being sexually indoctrinated into the Inisfreean Way by the appointed Outlander kings. In these prison cells, all they would have available to eat is a single suicide capsule; a pill which causes a quick, though painful death. Thus, they would not be able to breed, spread the mental filth that was their philosophy, or even live through their final week of life without both starvation and taking their own lives, all after watching their youngest children enjoy the sexual majesty that they had worked their whole lives to deny, oppress, and criminalize.

The groups who had harmed innocent humans in medical malpractice were found guilty of negligent assault and reckless endangerment of the public; namely, of potential kajirae. All of these humans were sentenced to death by forced overdosing on the prescriptions they had over-medicated their populations with, and always with the ones which had the longest lists of harmful side effects.

The groups who had attempted to stop The Rapture Campaign, or any of its pre-Rapture forces, were found guilty of resisting arrest, assaulting allied armed forces, and conspiring to commit treason. All of these humans were sentenced to death by being used as living targets in remote, barren wastelands utilized by the Inisfreeans for weapons R&D. At this point, the Inisfreean judge reminded the accused and convicted groups of the fact that their kind had not been humane even to their own, and so it was that being humane, and especially adhering to such things as the Geneva Convention, were casually disregarded by their new masters, the Inisfreeans.

Those who burned or otherwise tortured or killed scientists, labeling them as witches and sorcerers, were found guilty of character assassination, falsifying evidence, kidnapping, perjury, torture, terrorism, and murder in the first degree. All of these humans were sentenced to the same tortures they had inflicted (which were substantial and sequential; 'back to back'; one after the other, in very many cases), always ending in the grizzliest of deaths. They would also be torturing each other, for it was generally considered beneath an Inisfreean to be grossed out by an Outlander, even when their long-overdue punishment was warranted and, in the eyes of the Inisfreeans, enjoyable in that it was a combination of delayed gratification and justice, relatively comparable to an intensified orgasm made so by hours of teasing and edging. In this case, the delayed justice had taken lifetimes, centuries, and millennia, and so its orgasm equivalent was much greater; just enough to ensure it was carried out, but still not so 'in your face' that the criminals being corrected would have one more chance to offend the senses of their correctors.

--Final Sentences--
All of the female children of these guilty criminals were brought into the courtroom before their fathers still standing on trial, and were permitted no clothing, that everyone, including those watching by television, see for themselves just how sexy these girls were; just how much natural art and beauty their greedy parents, leaders of their families, had wrongfully kept locked away from the deserving population. All of these girls were then given a battery of sexual education questions, as well as physical examinations ranging from pat-downs and cavity-searches to fingerbanging, cum swapping, and triple penetration. Anytime any one of them did not know the answer to a sexual question, or was not instantly comfortable and familiar with what was being done to her, which was the vast majority of the time, the fines and other punishments already heaped upon their fathers and other male relatives were exponentially increased.

Finally, anyone who had ever been friendly to any of the aforementioned criminal offenders were found guilty of being accomplices, as well as guilty of harboring known fugitives. That meant that any family these convicts had lived with, or friends who had hung out with them, or strangers who had been nice to them, were all guilty under Inisfreean law, as well. All of these humans were sentenced to either the same punishments assigned to the respective criminals, or, depending on the extent to which these people had been friendly to those criminals, half of their assigned punishments, such as being beaten half to death, rather than all the way, or just shackled to a cross, rather than crucified with nails through the wrists and ankles. The Inisfreean judge said "You are the company you keep. Their crimes are your own. Be exceedingly glad and relieved that your sentences were not double Theirs." This was the end of the trial; its final verdict.

Chapter 3:  Quieting the Outrage

Thousands of the six million surviving humans, of course, rose up in mindless protests and the starts of riots across the vastly expanded Nuuk cityscape. Inisfreeans only believed in one way of calming down the species that had nearly murdered every lifeform on the entire planet; they gunned them down, sometimes even parking their tanks on top of their corpses, and using their homes as mass-graves, mass-toilets, and landfills thereafter. Burial rights were always denied, and tombstones were forbidden for the entire sub-continent of Greenland. If anyone was caught attempting to find bodyparts and identify them, especially if they had the intent to formally bury them, as all religion was banned now, they, too, would be rapidly found out, gunned down, and added to the mass-graves --or to the crucified criminals whose crosses along the rural roads were now numbering in the hundreds. As in all wars in history, once you kill enough of your enemy, they stop fighting. They might still hate you, but they won't be trying to hurt you; they'll be too worn out and desperate to continue that sort of thing. The Inisfreeans swiftly achieved this with the, now slightly less than six million, remaining humans, and the rest were sternly told to stop worrying that they might be next; to just get on with their new lives in Nuuk.

The humans took it upon themselves to prevent future bloodshed in this way; they quelled even the potential for successive periods of outrage and even general, normal doubt, wonder, and worry... by not teaching their generations born after the migration to Nuuk about this mass trial and its sobering aftermath. They never mentioned the Inisfreeans, and the Inisfreeans were no longer ever around. Humanity, as it has with great threats and woes in its distant past, just sort of glossed over them all, trying to recover some measure of its sanity and pride via repression and denial; humanity's crude form of 'forgive and forget'. Thereby, people did not feel instinctual outrage that would offend the Inisfreeans. They didn't have the negative reinforcement that was the witnessing, surviving, or knowledge of The Rapture Campaign and the mass trial which followed it, but they also were not using it like a crutch --much like how the Biblical threats of genocidal angels and eternal damnation had been used to guide the humans of the previous era; of the time before The Rapture.

Chapter 4:  Transporting the Convicts

Those who had not been executed immediately following their trials, were prepared for shipment to the various labor camps the Inisfreeans were setting up around the world. Inisfreean airships (MPHAs) would be transporting these criminals out to them, then handing them over to humans approved for leadership in the rebooting of the entire human civilization. Each labor camp would be managed by a human king installed by the Inisfreeans, and those kings would oversee the transition of their labor camps into the new cities which would spread out to explore and colonize the reshaped Earth --hopefully, for their human sakes, in great and unprecedented harmony with nature, lest the Inisfreeans once again reduce humanity on Earth to next to nothing, which they certainly would always be ready and willing to do. (And, of course, this eventually ended up happening by 2313; after the era of Judge Dredd, when humanity once again metastasized and polluted every realm it touched to the brink of collapse, insanity, and no return, the Inisfreeans showed up again, driving another wave of humbled human survivors forever away from the planet, resulting in the colonization of star-system 34 Tauri.)

At their new and final sites; the labor camps run by Outlander kings, and the impact ranges fired upon by Inisfreean military personnel, these sentenced thousands would have to transport themselves for the rest of their days; never again would they have the luxury of vehicles, always having to go by foot, even if wounded. They were now living just as the many innocent people they had reduced, for generations, to this point, and the Inisfreeans would not soon (or ever) let them forget it. And even when they finally died, the only transportation not denied them would be the natural movements of the surface of the Earth, along with the movements of erosion caused by exposure to the elements, such as harsh winds and the maggots and other critters which would decompose them.

Chapter 5:  Incarceration for Some, Impoverishment for Others

Males convicted in this day of mass trials were reduced to abject poverty, often for life, unless, somehow, they managed to work their ways back into the good graces of those they had wronged in the decades before The Rapture Campaign; the people who now possessed and controlled 100% of their property and other assets, such as the newly installed Outlander kings. Unattractive females were considered property again, and so could not be considered impoverished for life, but they certainly would never know personal wealth or lives of comfort again. Unattractive females were also formally made illegal, and could only hope to be allowed to live if they worked as the non-pleasure slaves of the Outlanders installed as kings. Attractive females were all packed up into other MPHAs and flown to Inisfree for incarceration in that distant, hidden city's underground Receiving Facility which doubled as its Quarantine Facility and Kajirae Candidate Boot Camp; its militarized training program for potential female pleasure slaves.

In truth, though, everyone (all of the humans, at least) were now incarcerated, and, compared to their wealth before The Rapture Campaign, both individually and collectively, they were all now impoverished, too. The flip-side of this situation was that they no longer had to work within an existing and well established system, left able only to merely make minor changes, almost unpredictably, and only then after lifetimes of arguing and hate mail from a confused and hopeless population boom. Instead, everyone was now rich in the sense that they had a clean slate; a fresh start; they could build up whatever they wanted without having to debate or seek permission at all, provided it wouldn't pollute as the creations of their ancestors had been so notorious for. So, though all of humanity was now under the watchful eye and merciless hand of the Inisfreeans, thus, technically, imprisoning and reducing them all, they were allowed to grow and try yet again, this time with more 'parental supervision'. Knowing from how the Inisfreeans had just tried and sentenced them; not only the thousands of grievous offenders during this day of the mass trial, but also all of their billions who had been destroyed from everywhere on the face of the Earth, they would have a much better chance at avoiding that for a long time to come, for they would know just what was expected of them, and just how severe and steep the penalties would be for failing to live in accordance with those expectations.