Unlocking My Crew
Unlocking My Crew News:  The crew of Persephone discovers much more about themselves.
Unlocking My Crew Abstract

This account details the mental breakthroughs of self-discovery and deep, instinctive realization that the crew members of the Spaceship 'Persephone' experienced during their cultural submersion alongside a couple of the Inisfreeans.
Unlocking My Crew:

Nyria, being an extension of myself, and I were and are born Vikings; raiders, looters, pillagers, rapists, kidnappers, and warriors, proud of it all, to the core. The three men of our crew aboard Persephone had been raised in the human Outlands, all too often realms and civilizations which cripple the natural man, and infuriate the natural woman by giving her rights her instincts make her never want. Thus, our three crewmen were hesitant, guardedly optimistic, about trying our ways, even after several successful missions where Nyria and I casually, gracefully, serenely demonstrated them. Brahan, a special warfare operator, was, naturally, the first to come around, for he was already used to about 75% of this sort of lifestyle and work. Augustine, of course, came next, for he was a born and bred shrewd businessman of the highest tier; c-level executives --of an interstellar corporation with roots as a major Earth secret society, no less. Sasha was last to warm up to this way of ours, for he had been one of the most submissive Outlander men of all; a doctor, a healer, a comforter, and one always following orders, and always kept in the mindset and pressures of the ever-growing potential to be sued, stripped of his practicing license, and reduced to the latest minimum wage. He had not the exceptional warfare skills of Brahan, nor the investing-shark instincts and sensational command experience, not to mention the polymath genius aspect, of Augustine. Were he to be attacked in such a common legal way, he would be ended --without the help of such friends as us. But he Did have the help of such friends, and it had afforded him the luxury of the space, time, experiences, and support to finally, truly, fully blossom as a natural man. Having had this, he realized his true nature and potential, bonding as well with the rest of us as we already had begun to with each other. One by one, each of these men, now finally Actually manly, came to me and thanked me for what I had shown and proven to them; that it was, in fact, still possible to become a man who feels true pride, not the false positive feelings of delusion; of Outlander societies' brainwashing.

Sailing Persephone, I gave the helm to Nyria while I and my three men enjoyed forcefully boarding other Space-faring vessels, pirates --and proud-- that we all now were. Once my men had gotten the hang of things; succeeded in finding their paces in the grand scheme and flow of our pirating and slaving black operations, I began to, when we had re-boarded our own ship, sit down with them over a drink, snack, or meal, and relate to them some of my personal anecdotes, such as the reassuring story that I, too, had once been as them; brainwashed, helpless, then, for many years, having realized what they recently had about being real men, struggling to play dumb and fit in while I covertly and clandestinely fought to gain enough power to finally achieve what my mind so long ago had. They were fortunate, for they would not have to wait in that inhuman, anti-man agony as I had. Seeing how far I had come; figuratively, in terms of my development, and literally, in terms of the interstellar distances I was now crossing as part of my long-awaited ideal lifestyle, they felt further reassured, reinforced, and convinced. We counted up our dozens, sometimes hundreds, of kidnapped preteen beauties as they thought about these things, and sailed on to richer and richer targets.

I watched with pride, and a knowing smile, as my three crewmen grew into the real men they were always destined, like me, to be. They began to whoop out war cries with Brahan. They began to sing manly songs of triumph as we serviced our weapons and made ready to disembark Persephone to fill her womb with our latest catch of loot. All of us now sported large, proud beards, really looking the part. And when Cyd Bishop proved too incompatible with our natures, we, together, moving as one, stormed her berthing in the neck of our ship, pinned her down, and raped her all night long, leaving her utterly submitted to all of us, slapped, reddened, whipped, bruised, beaten in so many ways, full to the brim with all of our many loads of cum, and lashed, bound, to her own bedposts. I permitted her enough time to catch her breath after 12 hours of mandatory fucking --triple penetration, no less. I informed her that she, being incompatible with us, was, naturally, our latest captive and prize, and that, as she was too old for any real man's taste, she would have been slain --by being forced to do the modern equivalent of 'walking the plank'; cast out into Space via one of the airlocks-- if it had not been for her decent behavior since the stars/Fates/Norns had crossed our paths upon that world my carrier had anchored above.

Cyd, a skinny, fit, blue-eyed blonde woman with a fetish for cheating on her partners, had left her home with her parents, and her world, to see if she could be my pilot. She had left her suitors behind, too, including one she had been 'going steady with', as Outlanders put it and so laughably tend and try to do. She had, as Outlanders also laughably put it, 'cheated' on him with me. I had enjoyed this development much, but she hadn't been young, therefore sexy, enough for me to fully dominate, and, as is the nature of all human females, she had literally gone a bit mad; angry, and, though she had voluntarily gone through some of the harshest and most grueling screening treatment I could put her through, had, ultimately, proven too distracted by her nature to continue being our pilot. I prefer to work with 'bombshells'; the sexiest of women. I prefer to have such women do everything for me. Though they are not as reliable or trustworthy as men, I know how to work them well; how to manipulate them, putting them through their paces, which they love, and, therefore, which they respond best to. Cyd, in her younger years, had probably been a solid 7 or 8 on the well-known 'hotness scale' of 1 to 10. She was entering her 40s now, though, and that considerably reduced her rating. It also meant my nature would never allow me to be fully attracted to her, which meant I would never be able to stomach spending enough time with her to fully screen and train her, much less satisfactorily bond with her as a crew member and shipmate, which meant she and I both would naturally quickly start to seek that level of bonding elsewhere. Furthermore, it meant she would never have enough exposure to me to be reprogrammed; to have her monogamy brainwashing corrected, that she be more compatible with me and the rest of my crew. Poor Cyd, my almost-Barbie-doll, had witnessed and learned too much during our time with us. She had signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement. She had participated in Black Operations with us. Letting her go would now be more complicated... and far more strenuous for Her.

There is only one way to let such a woman free; she must be taught her natural bondage; her sex's sex slavery. My crewmen and I did this. Even Nyria came in, she doing so happily, upon my command, and helped us rape Cyd. She helped Cyd understand the gravity of this 'severance package'; that if Cyd failed to be as pleasing to us all as her aging form was capable of, taking into her body all my crewmen's packages and my own, it was well within our cultural code to kill her for being unsexy. If she so much as accidentally dragged some of her teeth along the skin of one of our cocks, we would simply execute her and continue to fuck her still-warm corpse until it pleased us to stop. Tears in her eyes, as she was still a brainwashed Outlander female, she went numb and limp, accepting all we did to her, and quickly learning how to pay attention to us and come alive in our arms again as we raped her for hours and hours, never pausing as we took our turns with her three most useful holes.

I nodded to my crewmen. We left her, Cyd, still tied up spread-eagle to her bedposts there. We had positioned her just as purposefully as I had when first I'd gotten her to snap and reveal her horniness for me that steamy night so many months ago; her first upon Persephone, having graduated from my 'gauntlet' of hazing and initiation, as she'd called it. I had kicked her heels apart, spreading her legs, and pinned her back against the metal wall of the neck hallway of my ship, fucking her there while she was still clothed, standing up, in the most public space of our vessel. I had squirted my warm sperm all the way up into her smooth, slippery, moist, eager pussy. She had clung to me. She had learned that my kind fuck for fun, never to pair, and certainly not to breed. I had not seen fit to make her mine; my property; my latest slave girl, and so it was that she had still felt herself in a reality of options, such as to regress back to her homeworld and previous lovers, whom she had so easily, they being Outlander males, cowed to her childish, monogamous tendencies. She had not made it that far, though; I had kept our crew busy enough, and my carrier sailing far out enough, that an immediate return to that now-distant world of hers, would not be possible for quite some time. She had remained my trophy pilot, much like a 'trophy wife' of an Outlander male, and had fallen back on the discipline and skills drilled into her during her years in the military aircrews of her earlier years. Again, in this way, I had kicked her heels apart, destabilizing her stance, dominating her; making her mine, just how I wanted her. Again, in this way, I had not completely owned her, crushing her spirit and making her weak in the knees for me. This was torture to any woman, especially such a newcomer as her. She had trembled, trying to come to terms with this new, loveless Hell. When she had seen how much more I was turned on and attentive to the females I captured, rather than recruited, it was all she could do not to cry out in her womanly need. I now took pity on her, giving her the relief she was wired to require, kicking her heels apart, opening her legs widely for me and my men and Nyria, positioning her just as I wanted her... one last time. No man would ever dominate her as I had, therefore she would never feel this level of emotion, rush, and womanly belonging as she was here today, being raped. It was a double-edged sword, this way, the only one now possible, of letting her go, but it was, I decided, better than pushing her out an airlock; after a time, perhaps, if she didn't kill herself, feeling the newfound and profound numbness that all elite operators suddenly find themselves submerged in after their final scheduled mission, she might be able to, in her womanly fury, indirectly help other Outlander men to snap out of their brainwashing and become Actual men, taking her by force, raping her into mutual bliss, and restoring her long-lost spirit. Perhaps. ...I hoped so. I did... still... at least in part... love the pretty little, skinny, sexual novice of a blue-eyed blonde.

After ten minutes, Cyd, alone, still bound, had broken down crying. She struggled in her bonds, trying to bring her knees up into her arms to rock herself indefinitely, still feeling all our sperm leaking out of her stuffed and overflowing holes. The taste of it still filled her mouth, coating her entire tongue. The aromas of our rape orgy still filled her nostrils and the rest of her room. She had gotten what she'd always wanted, more or less; she had been found so desirable that lovemaking had come at her like the flood of a breaking dam. She was being discarded, though; replaced. The mix of emotions for her, a woman, was as eclectic and amplified as it was for first-time combatant men. Still helpless, still at my mercy, she gave up, sobbing and lying with her arms and legs wide open and far apart, naked and wet with sweat, sperm, and tears, lying on her bedsheets still soaking in the same. She was in a pool of her and all our juices, and would be made to sleep in it, though she had not yet been told that.

I sent Nyria back down the ladder into Cyd's room to comfort her. She went, and sat by Cyd's side, right on the edge of her bed, and petted Cyd's head, feeling her sweat-slicked blonde hair. Cyd's cheeks were stained with many tears. She had been crying for most of those ten minutes we'd left her there to cool and reflect. Nyria began to touch Cyd's accupressure points, applying just the right amount and sequence of touch to balance the energies surging back and forth through Cyd's system, knowing exactly how to calm the well used woman back down. She began to suckle on Cyd's breasts, French kissing her nipples. She lied down between Cyd's widely-bound legs and slowly, deeply, passionately ate Cyd's pussy and asshole out with total focus and maximum love. Cyd was brought, in this way, to several more orgasms before Nyria let her catch her breath. Cyd again struggled, futily, against her bonds.

"Hold me! Please!!" she cried out, unable even to raise her head all the way to look down between her legs at Nyria, whose eyes were now aglow with the changing colors of their arousal at having brought a pretty partner to climax.

Nyria slid her silky, perfect body up over Cyd's and wrapped her up tightly in a hug with both her arms and legs, snuggling as closely as possible, warming all but Cyd's outermost bodyparts, and nuzzled her face up along the side of the bound woman's neck, letting Cyd be further comforted by her warm breath flowing rhythmically out against it between her sweet, gentle peppering of kisses. "I love you so much, Cyd," Nyria genuinely spoke her stabilizing spells to her. "Why did you not make love to me when first I'd offered myself to you?" She knew Cyd would know immediately what Nyria was referring to; that night she'd sat with Cyd, Nyria in her sports bra matching her boyshorts, on her bed's edge, letting Cyd know she was a bi girl, too, and that she was attracted to their crew's new pilot; that she not only had an inviting, lovely, sexy home aboard their special ship, but that all the harsh screening treatment she and the rest of the crew had put Cyd through... was now, and completely, in the past; all behind them, and for good.

Cyd began to sob and shiver again, and again fought her restraints, this time in an involuntary effort to return Nyria's tender and tight embrace. "Oh, Nyria! I love you, too! I'm so sorry I didn't make love to you when you offered!"
Nyria kept hugging Cyd tightly, using all of her body to do so, kissing up and down her neck the whole time she spoke and cried out to her.

"I was scared!" More tears streamed down from the corners of her eyes, further wetting her bedsheets. Nyria kissed them away. "I told Auz I wasn't used to the idea of sex for fun. I told him!"
"And he backed off," Nyria gently reminded to crying woman, still sliding her silky thighs, belly, breasts, and arms up against Cyd's equally bare flesh, all around her, still hugging, still snuggling, still nuzzling, still breathing her warm breath out on and for her, comforting Cyd with all her parts and being.
"And I Hated that!" Cyd admitted, again crying out her frustration.
"I know," Nyria whispered, still kissing her, this time moving her kisses up to Cyd's mouth, keeping her head where Cyd could turn hers to reach it. "I know, baby. And I love you. And I understand. I do. I completely understand. I am a woman, too, you know." She showered Cyd's mouth with endless more kisses, and Cyd hungrily received and reciprocated them, now a ball of raw emotion, nerves, almost a puddle in her arms and legs.

Cyd rested her forehead against Nyria's, and Nyria gave Cyd an 'Eskimo kiss'; a light back-and-forth rubbing of the bridge of her nose across Cyd's own. Then she just as lightly touched the tip of her nose to Cyd's, offering her a knowing smile. "Hey..." Nyria spoke softly to get Cyd to open her eyes, now directly in front of Nyria's. "Hey, lovely, beautiful, sexy little lady, girlfriend of mine. Open your pretty, big blue eyes so I can see into them. I enjoy you so much."

More tears, happy ones now, flowing out, Cyd did, and looked deeply into Nyria's eyes which, still slowly changing colors, and subtly glowing, acted like tiny, circular, lava lamps; as hypnotically and soothing as star-gazing or staring down into a campfire would have.

Nyria gave Cyd's whole body another loving squeeze. "Auz loves you," Nyria reassuringly, confidently stated.
Cyd looked away, her lips closing, she gulping, not believing it, somehow knowing it still wasn't enough.
Nyria kissed Cyd's lips and used her smooth, small fingertips on the side of Cyd's chin to gently bring her eyes back up to look into her own. "He does. He loves you. He loves you Deeply. He Wants you."
Cyd's eyes now studied Nyria's intently, wanting to believe her words, but still not yet fully understanding the ways of their kind; Auz and Nyria's.

"But you are wired to desire something else. You were not destined to be one of his slaves. You are a free woman, independent, seeking just one man. It is not in your heart to submit as a servant, surrendering all your inhibitions and heart to whomever a master might direct you to. And that is fine. That is perfectly fine." Nyria continued to peck at Cyd's whimpering lips with her sweet, loving kisses. "He still loves you. He still understand you. He still wants you."
Cyd looked again into Nyria's eyes for more answers, and Nyria, dutifully, happily, gave them.

"Auz is an Inisfreean man, Cyd." Nyria kept kissing Cyd's lips between her sentences, as women need to feel loving touch to stay focused, knowing themselves welcome and wanted. "That means he will end an outsider's life without thinking anything of it. He prefers to, even. But that should tell you how much, how proFoundly, he is attracted to you. You make his Heart leap, Cyd. You are So Beautiful. So Sexy. He wants you So bad. But there would always be a growing, terrible tension between you two, no matter how often or well you fucked, because your wiring simply destines you for other realms. He couldn't resist you, Cyd. He had to have you so completely, This completely," she indicated Cyd's bondage by glancing at the restraints still keeping her right wrist so tightly held feet away from her head, "before he let you go on to your greater purpose. It is not his way to let such a beauty and lover as you just slip out of his grasp. He lets you go only when it is his will, never before."

Cyd gulped, closed her eyes, and nodded. More tears trickled down from the corners of her eyes, slowly wetting new, shining trails down her blushing cheeks. Her breathing had finally slowed. Her body was now warm again, safe and loved and treasured in Nyria's enveloping, full-body hug.

"And I love you that much, too," Nyria slid her tongue tip laterally along Cyd's parting lips, opening them into a helpless smile and brief giggle, tickling the properly used and fully restored woman. "I would have pinned you down and raped you to my heart's and pussy's content, had He not."

Cyd laughed, her cheeks swelling with her beautiful smile, as Nyria smiled, too. Cyd turned her head to perfectly pair with Nyria's, passionately kissing her as Nyria had always kissed Her. They continued that kissing, keeping their lips sealed in love like that, for several minutes, sharing their breath, back and forth, until they were light-headed and giggling again. Again, Cyd rested her forehead on Nyria's. Again, Nyria welcomed this with more Eskimo kisses.

"Baby," Nyria cooed to the blue-eyed blonde, "you have been our absolute favorite pilot, and Auz will Always love you --Deeply. So will I. I love you Deeply, Cyd. I truly do. I will Always think fondly of you. And I will visit you if you ever ask me to. I know Auz will, too. And we will make Love to you like you've Never been made love to. All you need do is ask. I know you know now that it isn't shameful or weird or cheating; that it is just touch, sensation, feeling, nature, natural and mutual attraction, comfort, massage, therapy, and healing. I know you know better now than you did when we first found you. I know you know that it is just pure, beautiful, sexy love. And it is yours to command, even if you are with someone when next our paths align. We are not abandoning you. We are not kicking you out. We are just making sure we have bonded enough, understood each other enough, to trust you when we let you go again; when we set you free."
Cyd nodded, blinking away more tears as she gazed again deeply into Nyria's color-changing eyes.
"Baby, you are so beautiful when you cry," Nyria smiled, briefly giggling.
Cyd's cheeks again raised, swelling and blushing as she giggled, too, glancing away for a second or two before Nyria's touch upon that spot on Cyd's chin again returned those bright blue eyes to her own.

"We will miss you. I know I will. I Know Auz will. He won't ever say it out loud, but he'll be thinking it, and it will be all over that poor man's face. I will really, really miss you, baby. He really does love you so very, very much."

Cyd choked another sob down, putting her chin to her shoulder, and Nyria squeezed her in another warm hug with her whole body.

"Now try to get some rest. I'll help you pack after you've had a full night's rest. We'll fly you back home and say our goodbyes there." Nyria paused, and Cyd sensed this, looking back up into her eyes one more time. "You'll be okay, my sexy little pilot Barbie," Nyria smiled, offering the same pet name to her that I had given her those many months before.

Cyd blushed, grinning at the huge and accurate compliment, quietly chuckling, and closed her eyes to fall asleep.

"I'm gonna go now, baby," Nyria kissed Cyd in several places across her face. "You be a good girl and let your womanly need grow and grow. It will serve you very well when you wake up. You'll see."

Cyd thought about this, keeping her eyes closed, and nodded, now quieted, no longer shaking in tears. The tears which had wetted her cheeks had now begun to dry. The shine on them was now slowly fading. Her breasts now rose and fell very slowly, at peace with her slowed breathing. She was exhausted, comforted, reassured, reinforced, given the forms of touch and conversation every woman needs, and would very easily fall into a deep and contented sleep very soon.

Nyria waited for this to happen, then very, very slowly, and with perfect grace, left Cyd's side, giving one of her boobies one last, lingering, longing, passing, parting caress farewell for the remainder of the day.

It was now dark in Cyd's room in the neck of their Spaceship. It was also quiet. She would would sleep well, undisturbed. She was also smiling now, though just a hint of it would be visible, and would be smiling even more so when she woke, eight hours into the future.

Nyria returned to her maker's side, enjoying some more casual sex with me until I creamed in her pussy and then laid her down on top of me, enjoying her silky body pressed up against my own. She remained lying down on top of me as I had positioned her, and kissed a little trail along my chest as she gazed at it in Inisfreean wonder, lust, love, and awe, spellbound and fascinated by me, her pussy still tingling and dripping from my usage.

A third of a day later, when the afternoon was drawing into the evening, Cyd awoke, again futily moving against her restraints, then realized where she was, why she couldn't move much, and laughed at it, finally loving what had been done to her. Her pitiful, pleading, involuntary, loud moan called out to me and Nyria, and we casually made our way from Persephone's neck hallway down the ladder into her room.

Upon seeing us making our way down to her chamber, Cyd spoke more as a woman and submissive than ever before, "Auz! Nyria! Lovers! Thank you for using me that much. I needed that. I didn't know it, and I didn't understand it at the time, but you were right. You were So right." She struggled to sit up to embrace them, looking at us with those 'come to bed' eyes of hers which only blue-eyed blondes do so well.

Nyria and I sat on her bed, on either side of her, and pet her head and breasts, tracing our fingertips along her armpits and underarms to tickle and supercharge her with even more need. She squirmed and giggled, blushing and closing her eyes, desperate for more usage. She had had all the time she'd needed to adjust to what had happened to her, and now she was ready for more.

"Though you are now more compatible with us and our crew and kind than ever before, my lovely little pilot Barbie," I smiled, rumbling my voice down to her, "your heart, wiring, and destiny are still elsewhere."
"Please!" she politely begged me further, "make use of me at Least one more time! ...Please?"
I mulled this over, and she panted our her exasperation, looking at me with sad, needy eyes.

I nodded my consent, and mounted her, quickly slipping my stiffening member all the way up inside her already dripping slit, stuffing and filling it completely as it finished growing in her, and she gasped and moaned and arched her breasts and belly up against mine as much as she could raise and push and slide them, relaxing her legs completely, limp again as she had let them collapse before, but this time not at all numb; she wanted to feel EVERYTHING.

I spent another hour making thorough use of her, cumming deep inside her many times, while Nyria gently sat over her face, allowing her an easy licking, kissing, and suckling of Nyria's pussy. I then came inside Nyria's pussy, straddling Cyd's chest the whole time, allowing Cyd to enjoy all of my cum being pumped back out of Nyria so that it dripped and trickled and fell down directly onto Cyd's extended tongue. I then pulled out of Nyria and let Cyd suck the last droplets of my cum from my cock's tip's hole, as well as Nyria's pussy juices which had coated its entire head and shaft. Then Nyria eased back down to gently sit on Cyd's face, half smothering her, but just the way we knew Cyd would love, and let Cyd lick up into Nyria's hot, wet pussy, parting its soaked, slippery, glistening lips so that all of my cum inside Nyria would start to flow out and down into Cyd's mouth, filling her throat until she was ready, happily, to swallow.

Nyria and I then snuggled at both of Cyd's sides, leaving her still bound spread-eagle across her bed. Her sheets were still a bit wet from where her bodyheat had kept them from drying over the hours she had deeply slept. Her back, ass, and the backs of her arms, legs, and neck had absorbed a good amount of the sweat, tears, and sperm during that slumber, resulting in the most amazingly wonderful, sexual dreams. She glowed as she told us about them, and Nyria and I, while we looked into her eyes with pleasure, interest, and excitement, kept casually pushing our fingers and thumbs up into her pussy, collecting some of its delicious juices, and tasting them, then holding them out for each other to taste, as well.

I told Cyd I could tell she had had at least one wet dream; a dream which made her cum on her bedsheets. She blushed and beamed, and Nyria and I hugged her tightly, from both sides, at the same time.

"You are So God Damned Beautiful," I rumbled to her, looking as deeply into her eyes as she now was into mine. "I really, really love you, you know. I love you, Cyd Bishop."

She melted and cried again, though this time still very happy, and nodded. "I really, really love you, too, Auz. I will Always love you." We had our moment there, and then she turned to Nyria, "And I love you, too, Nyria," she laughed, beaming, blushing, receiving Nyria's eager lips and glowing eyes.

"...Are you ready to pack up and go home now?" I gently rumbled.
Cyd gulped, paused, then turned her head back to face mine, and nodded.
"This is how Inisfreeans part ways with those they love. I'm sure Nyria has told you that we will see you again whenever you call out to us."
Cyd nodded one more time, and deeply kissed me.

I nodded to Nyria, who began to unfasten Cyd's right wrist restraint, freeing her from that corresponding bedpost. I did the same for Cyd's left, and then we took to freeing her ankles. We helped her slowly sit up, and massaged her while she started to stretch out and regain her full ranges of motion. It was only a matter of minutes before she was turning to embrace and kiss us, and we were all laying one another back down, scooting back up close and tight to each other, making a 'Cyd sandwich'; pressing her snugly between us as we had another threesome, filling her heart and pussy once again.

Cyd took her time facing both of us, turning to keep her silky, hot ass pressed back into my lap and right up against my groin, my cock still throbbing between her legs when she wasn't guiding it back into her pussy or asshole, while she gazed deeply into Nyria's eyes as they, breasts squished together, made out as only the deepest of lovers do.

"Alright," I'd finally said, "let's get this sexy little lady all packed up and ready."

We stood, Cyd hugging each of us one more time, and tightly, longingly, lingering, and then we began to help her pack the bags she had brought with her from that cab back on her world which I still remembered so well. How I had loved watching her sexy, lithe body approach it, and me, and then walk away from it, right in front of me, in perfect view, as I had pre-screened her for her role here. How I would love looking upon that same body, now even better exercised and trained than when I'd first met her, as she walked away... on down the ramp of Persephone to that same, familiar world, and on into some other very lucky cab.

Cyd had been made to understand just how completely I could, whenever I wished, control her completely, making rough usage of her however it pleased me to do so, reminding her of her station and class as an Outlander female. She had been made to understand that this was the way in which I loved, and that she, having been subjected to such treatment, was, in that way, shown how much I loved her; that I would stand up to all the forces of the Outlands, so diametrically opposed to such forms of love, at any moment. Cyd was beginning, in her final days aboard Persephone, to grasp some of the Inisfreean Way; our loving defiance against the backward Outlanders. Ironically, by letting her go after a thorough rape, she had finally been accepted as part, though a temporary and now concluded part, of our crew. She had had her true womanhood unlocked in this way. She had learned great and powerful truths about her long-repressed, inner self and most undeniable nature in this way, as well as the truth about the laws of Karma and the rest of the Universe; they weren't what she had been taught by her primitive Outlander kin.

It is very important for a female to be shown this; that she is beautiful enough to be dominated and controlled, but that her beauty does not overpower the males around her, which would make them feminine and mere puppets, not truly dominating her, and, thus, undesirable, incapable of bringing her to true, full, spine-tingling, energy-gasm climax. If females are not controlled, they know themselves not desirable enough; not beautiful; ugly, and in the presence of weak, unacceptable males. If females are at any moment able to bend the will of any male around them, they know that male to be even further unacceptable, weaker, utterly useless in bed and in the regular, necessary wars which are required to protect such assets as true female beauty. Since I had shown Cyd I was such a man as would always control her beauty, allowing it freedom only when it pleased me, and that such beauty would never have more control over me than that, her loins would BURN for me, and this would Never be controlled, never controllable. It was a fitting way to make such a Barbie doll of a woman my slave; so utterly that she would never need any bindings or lashes, and, of course, all beautiful women should be slaves. It was also a fitting way to show our appreciation for her great and concerted efforts to earn her place among our talented crew, even though it was now the destined time for her to leave.

We got Cyd back to her home planet and dropped her off. She hugged and thanked each of us, still amazed at how much she'd discovered she enjoyed being raped by such sexually gifted men and women, and held me tightly as she cried into my shoulder, her whole body and mind screaming at her to never let me go.

"This is the right thing," I rumbled to her, she feeling my words coming out from my chest into the breasts of her own, my beard resting atop the golden wheat strands of her head, tucked perfectly under my chin. "I still love you, and I know you still love me, and you are still our best pilot, and we all love you very, very much."

She shook in my arms, clinging to me, still coming to terms with this final part of our first farewell.

"I know you have at least one man here waiting for you, and you two will be fine. It will be different, but it will work for as long as you wish it to. And no matter what happens, we will, of course, come to you when you invite us. You know how we are about relationships, sexy secrets, and the like."

She listened, nodding internally, still clinging to me, tears still streaming down her cheek onto the shoulder of my leather jacket, her arms around my warm waist inside its cover.

"You know how to contact and find me," I continued, kissing the top of her head, hugging her just as tightly and longingly as she was hugging me, reveling in what an innocent, complete, little girl she had become again, having been blessed with an Inisfreean rape.

Finally, she turned her tear-soaked face up, her eyes still closed, to kiss me.

I moved my lips back away from hers just a half inch, making her open her eyes with a confused, sad frown asking why. My expression then softened, and I gazed down into her opened eyes. "I just wanted to look deeply into those perfectly beautiful, bright blue, sexy eyes of yours one more time before I tasted your perfectly delicious lips."

She melted up against me, and our lips finally met and sealed, remaining so for many minutes. She made sure I got to taste her delicious tongue, too, and she mine.

Her cab pulled up at the edge of the pier-like dock which our Spaceship was resting upon the landing disc of.

"I love you, Cyd," I told her, both of us now looking into each other's eyes again. "Go live your life," I gently encouraged her, my words and aura still, as always, full of that special type of Inisfreean love.

Her eyes, still wet and shining with loving tears, kept looking up into mine. She blinked, gulping, and nodded, then slipped away from me, visibly shaken by losing physical contact with me, and looked down as she walked toward her cab. I, holding one of her bags, then followed her. Nyria, holding another of her bags, did, too.

Once her bags were neatly stowed in the cab's trunk, the driver politely waiting inside for his passenger, Nyria and I gave Cyd individual, tight hugs, and then a tight three-way hug, each of us kissing on the lips one last time, and then Nyria kissing the back of Cyd's hand while I pressed my lips to Cyd's forehead. "Goodbye --for now, my love. See you soon," I rumbled, letting my warm breath flow out across her kiss wetted brow.

We opened the cab door and eased her down onto its back passenger seat, closed the door after her, and stood there, waving and smiling to her, as she was driven away.

As the cab worked its way into traffic on the street running along the outside edge of the landing area in front of us, we saw her look back at us over her shoulder and through the cab's rear windshield, waving one last time. I held up my hand in farewell to her, and Nyria blew her a big kiss. She blew Nyria one from inside the cab, and that was the last, for this chapter of life, we saw of the lovely Cyd, our blue-eyed blonde pilot Barbie, as we had come to loving call and think of her.

She had been helped to be a full woman, and her true self, and was now on to her next big adventure of life. And the same was true of the rest of my crew; they had been helped to be full men, their true selves, and were now on to the next big adventures of their Own lives. Cyd, now helplessly bound to me for life, as all females are who are exposed to the Inisfreean and Gorean ways, would never be able to gossip, even by accident, of what we; our crew, had done together. Her heart was now mine, and that is the only way to truly control and predict a woman. I didn't know if she really would be reuniting with us later on down the road, but I knew if she did, it would be in good faith, and that she would find a very proud and merry crew of Space Vikings, ever ready to receive and --lovingly-- rape her some more.

With all of us now unlocked; our true, inner selves, I strode back up the tail ramp of my ship, re-entering Persephone, and made ready to depart. We had much more unlocking of many, many others to do, and were now, more than ever before, prepared to, with great grace and skill, do just that. Too, along this epic journey of ours, we would be adding to the crew of the much more massive starship, Inisfree; that distant, hidden, floating, flying super-city. And all of those beauties; those ever-growing additions to that special, magical realm of the gods and goddesses; New Asgard, as some had taken to calling it, would need unlocking. As had we, they would need and greatly benefit from the help of Ascended Masters freeing them of the locks and chains which their various, backward, typical Outlands societies had placed upon them. My Ascended Masters had come to me in Arabia of Earth-That-Was, first in the form of an Asteronian. I had then become an Ascended Master and passed on their proverbial torch to my children, the Inisfreeans, who had then helped me pass it on to the chosen ones in during the Rapture. Centuries later, we had again ventured out to further spread that torch's wisdom, power, and light to still More Outlanders, this time a few star-crossed residents of the 34 Tauri system; my and Persephone's crew. They had then, as detailed in this account, helped me and one of my Inisfreeans pass it on to Cyd. And now we, minus Cyd for the time being, were off to pass it on to more and more beautiful souls, creating a wake of unlocked spirits, peoples, and powers the world and Cosmos over.

"Sarah," I called out to my best slave girl who had earned the privilege of having her name restored to her.
She dutifully hurried sexily into view, casting her eyes down as she stood, so short and feminine before me.
I rested my hands warmly around her upper arms.
She beautifully waited for my instruction to look up at me.
"You may look upon my face," I softly rumbled down to her.
She did, her eyes bright, knowing herself deeply loved by her Master, me.
"Yes, Master," she whispered, clearly in love with me, too, eager for my Any command; that she be found a useful servant, pleasing to me enough that I keep selecting tasks for her and cause for her to be in my presence.

"While we were helping upgrade Cyd to depart our crew without risk of revealing our secrets, I had not the time to enjoy my First Girl," I smiled down to her, still holding her upper arms.

Sarah, my First Girl; favorite kajira, beamed a winning smile up to me, having loved that compliment even more than when I used her real name, honoring her profoundly with both.

"Go prepare my room for your usage," I told her, slightly grinning as I continued to return her loving gaze.

"Yes, Master!" she almost hopped up in the air, quickly turning from me and running up the catwalk stairs to the ship's neck hallway hatch, through which she disappeared, fast on her way toward the ladder which would take her down into my berthing there. I knew in a matter of minutes she would have it decked out with cleverly and tastefully arranged silks, scented candles, flower petals, and love furs, and would be waiting for me there, eternally patient and eager, deliciously spread out across the floor at the foot of my bed, waiting for me to invite her forward to suck my dick, and then for me to invite her up into that bed of mine, where we would fuck each other wildly for hours, maybe even days, pausing only long enough for her to kiss the side of each refreshing goblet of drink she offered to me, still straddling me as my cock pulsed against the full depth of her pussy, matching my heartbeat, and hers matching mine via it.

As Sarah, now down in my room, unlocked my cabinet with all she would need to deck out that chamber for our impending, artistic, fiery lovemaking, Persephone's rear hatch finished raising up behind me and locked, sealing itself, and all of my crew and I insider her, for the journey back up into the Ocean of Black.


My little Spaceship, Persephone, had found the talented individuals who had now bonded to make up its eclectic crew. Our first missions had been to get to know each other, to help Nyria recover from whatever had drained her into a near-coma, and to make sure our 'pilot Barbie' had what it took to go toe-to-toe with aerial aces of the storied Night Stalkers of generations past. Now, however, I was focusing more on the social experiment of our parent vessel, the Spacecraft-carrier named The New Horizon; I was seeing if the humans who had ended up aboard these vessels of mine had it in them to be stable as I revealed to them the long-hidden and deeply repressed, true natures of their species. I began to unlock their full potentials.