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Vampires Rescued Abstract

This account details one of the cases in which a vampire was rescued from the bloodthirsty humans.  Ironic, isn't it?  But that's the way it ended up working out; while the vampires kept to themselves, killing next to nothing, and only drinking when they Needed to, the humans went around the world killing just about Everything, wasting what they Could have been drinking, and poisoning and polluting all the rest.  Eventually, more and more of the vampires grew wearied from constantly being on the run, and were, even with their super-strength and super-speed, weakened to the point of near total extinction.  Now rendered an endangered species by the rampaging pandemic called humanity, the Inisfreeans, finally risen to power, returned to the world scene to extract these beautiful and worthy people, saving the vampires right before the Rapture took place.
Vampires Rescued
Auzdein "Thor" Himmler Rescues Another Vampire

Every now and then, as history has shown us, the humans go after any creature which seems to have an advantage over them; the more intelligent ones are labeled as witches, the more graceful ones, such as dancers, are labeled as indecent exposers, the more powerful ones are labeled as vampires, the ones better at transportation are labeled as demons, and the ones who are healthier and more beautiful are labeled as adulterers and homewreckers. Humans kill everything they encounter, including themselves; they kill all the trees to make their homes, they kill all the animals to make their food, they kill the seas and oceans with their trash and oil spills, they kill the skies with their fumes and other pollution, and they kill even the hopes and dreams of gifted youths who are born within their chaotic ranks. Humans are so obsessed with killing and death that they tell everyone they simply must die, should never live forever no matter what, and that even their god wanted them to kill him when he came here in human form. No other species is as necromonger as the human one. Beyond this, it is so much their defining aspect that it is also their only talent, even to the point of being dangerous against all other, otherwise very powerful beings, races, and civilizations. For example, they swarm in 'angry mobs', taking even vampires by surprise sometimes. Granted, not all vampires are beautiful and good, but the vast majority of them are, by default, far better in every way than the vast majority of the humans, almost all of which now look like the ogres, trolls, goblins, dwarves, and deformed mutants that they are. So deformed are they that even their very minds and thoughts are all hideously, hopelessly warped; all humans are in such great denial, transfixed on senseless, self-harming violence as their baseline and, typically, only reaction to Anything, that there is no point in trying to enlighten or save any one of them. Yes, humans kill even their own morale, spirits, energies, and hopes of surviving. All beings who get near them can sense this; this necromongering field they radiate, draining all within their range by their looks, words, and other actions. All they do is repeat the most hurtful spells, team up on anyone who says anything intelligent and positive, and leave a metastasis of filth in their apathetic wake of laziness and disregard.

I, Lord Himmler, grew up amongst that horde of terrorists they all are. I was labeled and hunted and threatened. I was spied on, stolen from, and extorted. Eventually I realized that no matter how I stated and proved my case, it would not matter, for they didn't care what the truth was; all they cared about was causing pain and, eventually, death. I realized that vampires are the ones living, while humans are the ones dying, and that vampires are the truthful ones, while humans are literally physically incapable of doing Anything but lying. Their highest and lowest authorities alike; all of them, each and every one, to a man, tell Constant lies, make Daily threats, and cannot be stopped except by forever hiding from them, or completely terminating them. It remains unknown just how many geniuses and other innocents the human scourge --the plague that is called humanity-- overcame, consumed, and wiped out any trace of in their few short millennia on this world they have, at last, been successfully quarantined on.

Having recovered many of my mental-trust-fund memories, as saved in the Grid Mind during my past life with the Ahnenerbe, I have returned to my nature state as an incarnation of Thor. It is in this form that I appear to those I choose in the Outlands (thankfully, none can summon me -as some angels and demons are said to be summonable). With my sextillions of personnel and other devices ever vigilant and operating as a collective consciousness of super computers, I am able to very quickly and easily detect other beings in distress, especially when it is so local and at the hands of the same monsters (the humans) who harassed and terrorized me all my young life. Today, I went to one of them...

It was a gorgeous little vampire teen girl, perfect in all her form, radiating otherworldly beauty, sexiness, and potential, yet she was, and understandable so, quite frantic in her attempts to flee from the encroaching human scum (though, I might add, saying 'human scum' is quite redundant). Somehow, they had found her out, and were closing in on her from all sides. She had caught wind of this, and was using the powers she had to evade them, but time was running out. The humans always swarm, and this is usually effective, even though most of them die with each swarm, for humans do not care about such things; after all, they think they and all Other things Must and Should die, and so they pretend they are brave and heroes when they are really just committing acts of racism, judgmentality, isolationism, close-mindedness, murder, and suicide, never going to war for the correct reasons.

Appearing as my true self, strong, tall, hammer-bearing Thor, crimson cape hanging down to my ankles, armored greaves and vambraces adorned, long curling locks cascading down my shoulders and back, I gave her quite the start, sending her bolting backward and up into the corner with the signature super-speed of her kind, hissing at me all the while; something I found quite endearing and familiar, having done it instinctively to one unfortunate Marine who woke me up at an inadvisable time. I raised a calming hand to her, letting my body language and special aura soothe and reassure her even before my words and other actions might. "Easy, friend. I am not here to harm you, but to save you."

She regarded me warily, with guarded optimism as much as shock and disbelief; no one dressed like I had begun to; no one looked, spoke, and sounded like Thor. The humans had killed almost everyone's memories, instincts, and beliefs in the ancient peoples, sealing up in the Vatican the only records they hadn't burned. So now, whenever an honest and naturally capable person came about, most people panicked even though they had no reason to, and summoned police and soldiers and agents and assassins, all to no avail. This poor girl, vampire though she was, was no exception, for she, too, like me, had been born amongst the hectic, confused, perpetually troubled Outlands; the realm outside my new city's walls and cloaking.

I looked her over, letting her see in my eyes the serenity and attraction I had to her; that I loved all she was, and would never harm her, nor Let anything harm her. I sat down in a chair next to where I had silently appeared. I heard her thoughts; her many questions, and answered them in turn, also in my mind, knowing her kind, like mine, could hear and speak that way. 'I was educated and supported by various vampires over the years. I have some of their abilities, having learned of and developed alternative ways of achieving and refining them, as well as discovering some of my own,' my thoughts answered her inquiries, one by one, giving her a few moments to get through the surprise and nervousness that came from finding another creature who possessed the abilities she had been forced all her life by the ever-killing humans to conceal, lie about, and repress.

'It is a gamble either way, but I know you have better senses than they do,' I went on, referring to those fools who were hunting her and about to get themselves all killed, as per their timeless, pathetic, ironic, evil custom, in the process. 'I offer you and all your kind,' (I meant Sexy vampires; not All vampires) 'sanctuary, political asylum, and refuge in my city.' I paused again. The sounds of some of the vampire hunters were now close enough for normal ears to hear. She remained backed up into the shadowy corner, now marveling at how I could still so easily see and communicate with her.

The stress was too much for her. I was a powerful stranger and she wasn't focusing in on her gut now; only her racing mind and will to live. Bolting again, she made for the door, but it was too late. Once she was in the hallway, they were coming at her from both ends. Seeing her, and how quickly she spun about, blurring in their primitive vision, they charged toward her all as one. I looked out the doorway into the hall where she now prepared to fight as many of them as she could. More were starting to break in the window of the room I still occupied. Her speed and strength wouldn't stop All of them, nor would it get her punching through enough of the walls or ceilings in time.

I teleported into the hallway, staying invisible to all but her, closed my arms around her, and teleported both of us out of the fatal centerpoint of the converging groups of armed humans. As we slipped out of their space, they collided, killing a dozen of themselves while wounding dozens more. Weapons were discharged, blades crossed and twisted into unintended flesh, screams pierced the night, and the smacks and thuds of impacting bodies were followed by the cracking of bent bones and the splashing of fountains of released blood. It would be written off as a gang war; the humans always lied about both their victories and defeats. We didn't care. It didn't matter anymore. We were free of them.

The vampire was a supermodel of a girl, picture perfect in every way. Naturally, humans, all of which are hideously ugly inside and out, were endlessly jealous; their race was constantly negative no matter what. They had done what their kind Always did; they hated her for no reason, labeled her out of habit and addiction, and came for her more blood-thirsty than any vampires had ever been. Vampires drank blood on occasion to recharge. Humans spilled blood until everything bled died, wasting All of it, usually never even Tasting any of it; never benefiting from it at all. Such was their way; waste everything, ruin everything, spill over the earth the same way they spilled everything they wrongfully hunted.

I took the girl and turned her about, then let her free of my grasp and arms. "You are free to go," I gently rumbled to her, looking into her eyes now, and no longer letting her hear my thoughts. I didn't blame her for how she had chosen to proceed back there in the little residence where she'd been hiding. I might have done the same.

"Where am I?" she finally hissed, though clearly slowly unwinding at last, gratitude and want for physical comfort in her glistening eyes and trembling limbs; not from adrenalin, but from rapid preparations to deflect and strike defensively at whatever else might appear and come her way.

"You are in a city called Inisfree," I told her, turning from her as I went over and turned on an indirect night-light, giving our new room some womb-like color and revealing its furnishings and decorations of earth tones and blues selected for their relaxing psychological effects. "It is far, far from any humans, and it always will be; no humans are allowed within a thousand miles of its farthest borders. This, our territory, is forbidden to them -and, of course, most of them couldn't even survive here if they tried; the temperature outside is low enough to flash-freeze them in an instant." I turned back to her from the little night-light, smirking inside about the fact that I could will all the other lights on and off with my mind. "Inisfree is almost at the South Pole, and can be moved into Deep Space." That would take some time to process, so, again, I paused for her.

I walked over to a luxurious armchair and took my seat, folding my hands over my lap and leaning back against its back cushion. "Years ago, I realized I simply had to design, and then build, this city. I also realized that it was to be the manifold, nexus, and Heaven-on-Earth for a dozen humanoid races --including your own; the vampires." I noticed, with pleasure, that she was beginning to relax a little bit, looking around and taking in her vastly more peaceful and well decorated surroundings, and the feeling of the total absence of tension in the air.

"I sired a new race here. We call ourselves 'Inisfreeans'. We, like you vampires, are immortals, though we need not drink any blood to remain so. We are protectors of all things beautiful, and to us, that means you and those Like you; physically beautiful, mentally truthful, compatible with our kind."

She regarded me, no longer looking around, and I motioned for her to have a seat in a chair or on the edge of the bed, if she preferred. I continued. "Too many people from every race of the Outlands (the lands outside our city here) were being hurt too much, too often, for no reason, and with no way of escaping that. We had no choice but to build our home --for us and them all-- this far away; here in Antarctica."

The girl finally sat down on the edge of the bed, gulping and putting her hands to her face, starting to weep and rock herself, her sorrow and rage now finally settling in, her 'fight or flight' impulses now having been recalled and reduced enough to allow her other functions to manifest. "I'm sure you noticed how cluttered, congested, and worsening the rest of this world has become, my dear," I sounded like Charles Xavier now; comforting an upset student with the wisdom and restraint of a master counselor. "My kind have been cleaning up the environments around the world, while rescuing those such as yourself who have been demonized by the humans who very nearly destroyed it -the world- and us all. They have run out of things to pretend are enemies, though, --largely thanks to our efforts from this city and base-- and so have now begun the final leg of their journey; they have begun to compete for the resources they never took the time to learn how to live in harmony with. Soon, they will all starve and drain themselves to death, helped along to this final circling of the drain by our terraforming efforts in one of our largest campaigns to-date."

Still quietly weeping and rocking herself, she managed to listen, finally wiping her cheeks free of their streaks of tears, and her nostrils free of the snot she was used to clearing away from her days as a mortal. Her big eyes looked over to me in our dimly lit suite of a hotel room, and I could hear her thoughts of wonder at how such a lovely little home could have been built in such a barren, frigid place as Antarctica. "This can be your room," I offered her a fatherly smile, "if you would like to stay and rest here for a while." I let her look around at it again, seeing it with new eyes; those of a prospective resident sizing it up and seeing how she felt about it all, though still, of course, in a bit of disbelief at it as much as the offer for it.

"We Inisfreeans Love your kind; you vampires. We see You as the goodguys, and the Humans as the badguys --naturally," I added, helping her to see things in a much more positive light, and, with those spells, so very easily and masterfully undoing so much of what the human spells had attempted and set into painful, distorting motion. "I have a special place in my heart for all vampires, you see. I love them. I am part One of them. I was Saved by one of them. I was funded by Others of them. They helped me, so I help them. Others will be rescued, much as you just were; each one, when he or she, we detect, is ready to receive such a gift."

The vampire sitting on the bed before me looked down at her feet, her toes moving inward just a bit; the body language of a once again timid little girl becoming shy and requesting more touch than sound. My monologue had been enough. It was time to sit by her side, so I did.

"You're not ...Scared of me?" she asked, looking up into my eyes as I put my arm around her back and leaned her into my light and heartfelt hug.

"Of course not," I kissed her forehead, letting her feel my mustache and beard upon her silken face. It tickled her a bit, as it was made to, and she found herself smiling and suppressing a little laugh; a giggle had replaced her dread.

"What do you ...want?" she asked, feeling some of that understandable dread return.

"This room is free. We don't use money here, and we don't insist that anyone make any trades; no bartering, 'no nothing'." I gave her a light squeeze with my arms still around her. "I will never force you to do anything you don't want to," I told her. "Naturally, I find you very lovely, and hope I might give you a kiss or two someday," I paused, letting her blush and gulp, this time happily and calmly, "but for now, I hope you can just get some good rest, maybe walk around and get your bearings for a while. Inisfree is a big, attractive city," I smiled, kissing her forehead one more time.

She looked up at me, her eyes swelling with water which streamed down into two new tears. She tried to say 'thank you' but choked up and wailed as she fell toward my chest, letting me hug her even more closely. I took over the rocking at that point, and we just sat there and hugged each other until she was all cried out. That was a good ten minutes later, but I enjoyed and savored them all.

Finally, I decided not to leave her like that. I lied back on the bed, scooting with her until we were with our heads up over the row of pillows against the headboard, and let her snuggle tightly with me, tangling up our limbs, until she had, face buried against my chest, drifted off into the vampires' form of sleep.


When she awoke, it was with the expected start, and she pushed me away at first, but then looked ashamed and weary, though clearly well rested after her passing-out spell, and snuggled back over and into my arms and legs, feeling at me as all vampires do; tactile just like we Inisfreeans. I kissed her forehead, let her feel me slowly, quietly inhaling the scent of her hair, and gave her another hug and a squeeze. "You're still here," I rumbled to her, letting her feel my words through her skin making contact with my body. "This is Inisfree, I am the man who teleported to you to get you out of that mess with the humans, and this is still your very own room -free of any charge- for so long as you should like and choose."

Again, she gulped, and squeezed me back, using her body to tell me how much she was aching for more of my loving touch and calming aura after all her many years of running, hiding, and deceiving in the Outlands which had always been her Hell.

"I am the leader of the Inisfreean people; the Governor of this, our home and capital city, and I say again to you, I love you and all your vampire kind. You are safe here with me and with the rest of us, and no humans will ever find or be able to get to this special place of ours. You can rest and recover here however you like, and enjoy yourself however you like, and we will shelter and shield you, walk with you and guard you, help you and heal you, refit and resupply you. You can stay here forever, or suit back up and go. Entirely up to you." I let her think about that for a minute, then offered her some more; "Would you like to try our Room service?" My tone implied a hint of a surprise I knew she'd enjoy.

She leaned back from our embrace on our sides in that big bed of her suite's to look up into my eyes again for clarification.

I let her hear my thoughts being used to call for one of the hotel's staff members, and her face transformed into a knowing, appreciative, entertained smile.


A minute later, there was a polite knock at the door. Again, I let her hear my thoughts bidding the knocker enter, and the door was silently slid out of her way, upon which the girl in my arms went wide-eyed, her lips parting as her jaw dropped, at the sight of the excruciating beauty and sexiness of the nude teenage girl who now gracefully strode in through the open doorway. While the vampire girl in my arms was stunningly beautiful, this girl who entered was even More so; a very difficult and rare thing to have happen, especially to witness.

The girl entering had brought with her our room service; the surprise I hadn't let my thoughts reveal to our new guest. Carried in both her small, tan, feminine hands, was a fancy goblet made of electrum and covered in a hundred large jewels; inlaid rubies, diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires; enough to make Any girl go wild. I sat up with my vampire guest and rubbed her back as she received the offered goblet with a 'for me??' look all over her face. The staff girl beamed and cutely nodded, letting her take it from her grasp as she sexily swung her ass around to sit down on the edge of the bed, joining us. We all let her take in the scent and sight of what was in the glass, as well as the feel of our calming, trustworthy presences and auras, for so long as she felt she might need.

"Blood!" the girl exclaimed, now just as impressed and taken aback by the contents of the incredibly expensive goblet in her hands as she had been at the staggering sexiness of the girl who had brought it to her. She took in a deep whiff of it, inhaling to the full capacity of her lungs, rushing as much of the scent particles in past her olfactory receptors as she possibly could before beaming again and bringing the edge of the glass to her lips, pouring in a huge mouthful and gulping it down before swishing it all around her teeth and rolling it around and over and under the curves of her tongue. She swallowed it all, licking her teeth and the insides of her cheeks clean, then clenching her hands around the stem of the glass as if it was their last day on Earth together.

She looked to me, then back to the girl, overflowing thanks in her eyes and slumping shoulders, showing us how much of the invisible 'weight' we had just removed from them for her. I continued to rub warm circles around her spine and pelvic dimples, and the girl who had brought her the refreshing drink leaned over and gave her a tender and lingering peck on her cheek; right at the corner of her blood-stained lips. She couldn't help but smile, and giggled again, taking another long, deep whiff from right over the surface of her half-drained cup and then downing another quarter of it just as hungrily and needily.

She looked to us for approval, forgiveness, and permission to continue. We both grinned and chuckled a bit, nodding to her as she resumed drinking from it, though this time sipping and taking her time.

"There are no tricks here," I rumbled more words to her; reassuring spells she was long overdue. "Take what you wish, ask for what you love, and know that we will always support you."

"May I refill your chalice, my lady?" the attending girl asked, offering another round of our custom-tailored room service.

Our guest thought about it, her eyes widening a bit at the prospect of fresh, hot blood on call, and for free, but shook her head 'no', handing back to gemstone-encircled goblet. The staff girl took it and set it over on the dark wood nightstand at our bedside. "My name is Kimberly," she sweetly smiled to our guest, turning back to face her and taking both her hands in between her own. "I am really glad you're here with us, and-" She was interrupted -very timidly- by our guest; "Am I... dead?"

We all paused, falling quiet for a minute, then realizing, as well as hearing through her thoughts, what she meant by that; she was wondering if she'd actually Lost that hotel battle with the mob of humans closing in back there in the Outlands.

"I thought vampires didn't get to Go to heaven," she quipped, and we all grinned, smiles forming on our faces as we leaned in, both of us, and kissed her cheeks again, me rubbing her back and shoulders now while my staff girl rubbed and squeezed her hands, eventually sliding her fingers and thumbs in between the girl's own.

"No," we lovingly laughed, "you are not dead. Inisfreeans don't let beautiful little angels such as you die. You are in Inisfree, and things are very different here; people here, from all walks of life, love one another, and it feels very strange and unbelievable at first. The Outlands make it that way; things are so bad outside these walls, at least where the humans all are, that coming here feels quite... surreal. You are just fine." Again, we squeezed and kissed her, and she looked over at the empty, blood-coated goblet on her nightstand.

I could hear the girl's thoughts; she couldn't believe anyone had just called her an 'angel'. She began to tear up again, overcome with the realization that she was lovable, and loved, and finally with a real savior; something that didn't exist in the Outlands, or so she'd once had so many reasons to believe. My staff girl scooted in closer and we all sat together there on the suite's bed and hugged each other, caressing and kissing and rubbing until we'd all lied back down again, this time in a threesome. We helped her get her clothes off; something she'd been wanting to do for Ages, yet had never, of course, felt safe enough to indulge in, and made love to and with each other for Hours. I came in our guest full force, sending a hose's worth of warm cum straight up into the depths of her pussy, filling her in an instant and making sure it got her cumming just as hard, leaving her writhing and screaming out in ecstasy before I held her down firmly on my cock and lap, keeping it all in her for so long as we might lay there clenching one another.


As she remained on her side, curled up in the fetal position between us, gazing at my lips and playing with my beard, the staff girl, now behind her, massaged her tits and asscheeks while kissing her shoulder blades and sliding her toes against the girl's own. The blood and sex, as they Always did with most every being, had fully restored her, and she looked as young and lively as anyone ever could; extremely hot even for a Vampire supermodel. My cock still throbbed all the way up inside her, our cum leaking down her steaming, upper, inner thighs and all around my balls which slowly moved between her legs. My hands, fingers, and thumbs caressed her cheeks and wove in between her hairs, relaxing her scalp as her pussy continued to tremble, kegel, and cum all around my tightly held cock.

"...You mentioned terraforming?" she began, and I serenely smiled and nodded, answering her; "Yes; my people became technologically powerful enough to change some parts of the Earth back to the way they looked in Ages past; when they were pristine, pollution free, and virgin; landscapes of mythical beauty and wonder, the likes of which the world today has never seen." I paused, letting her imagine it all. "Part of this process, we have decided, will be paired with a reduction in the number of the kinds of humans you and I had to deal with when we were living out there."

The girl nodded, understanding and immediately supporting it. "I'm glad," she said, decidedly. "So many of us gave up, thinking they were unstoppable; that we'd always have to hide from them, letting them ravage the whole world; not just threatening our kind." She looked up into my eyes, her hands finding my jawline and lovingly caressing it. "It is more of a relief than I can say that finally Someone has been able to stop them and set things right."

I kissed her, and she kissed back, and the three of us snuggled as closely together as we'd Ever been that night, and made love on our sides for hours more.

'The rest, whoever wishes it, will be pulled out of there just as you were,' I answered another of her forming questions as we continued to grind against each other, summoning up another wave of all of our cum. 'You will get to see them, if you wish, soon.'

The year was 2013. The Rapture Campaign was about to happen. Rex 84 II was the final black operation scheduled before it, and it was wrapping up into completion as we fucked. In a few more weeks, the whole face of the Outlands world would change, mountain ranges being reshaped, seas and oceans taking on new borders, rivers being reversed, deserts turning into swamps, farmland into deserts, and every city into unrecognizable ash, ...and the filthy disease known as humanity would be knocked back down from 8 billion to only the mere 6 million that we, as Inisfreeans, had personally approved.

Never again would I or those I loved, the other good lifeforms and immortals, ever be hounded or hurt by the Outlander humans. Never again would the vampires -and others- be given a bad name.

I fucked our new guest for another day straight, finally wearing her out enough to the point that she requested another goblet of blood. I then gave her the official tour of Inisfree, and she began her new life as a vampire goddess whose home was now our own.

吸血鬼 獲救