Mass Alert System News:  In order to receive news from this communication network, guests must have Inisfreean citizen approval.
Mass Alert System

A Full Spectrum of Forms:
Backwards compatible high-tech paired with fail-safe low-tech means that the alert and warning system of Inisfree includes the options to transmit traffic to the Inisfreean citizens directly into their signature brains (via the I.N.N.; the Inisfreean Neural Network), or via the loud-speaker and LCD-glass nodes throughout their city, along with the channels more familiar and common to Outlanders; to their mobile devices, such as cellular phones, smart-phones, iPads, e-tablets, and iScrolls, among many other things.

Frequency of Use:
Due to the fact that Inisfree is a single, immortal, undamageable being appearing in the form of a city and that city's population of Inisfreean-borne citizens, the name 'Mass Alert System' (M.A.S.) may be misleading to Outlanders, for this system is almost never utilized to dispatch hasty warning messages.  Instead, Inisfree's M.A.S. is almost always used to eloquently notify in the most heavenly of sweet female voices the upcoming parties, festivals, and other noteworthy events of the Inisfreean omni-calender.  For example, if a rave in the canyon is scheduled for later that same day, and if it is the will of Inisfree's Governor for its advent to be announced in this way, an audible comment via this city-wide array of speakers (like the electronic megaphones used for tornado warnings in the Outlands of Oklahoma and Texas) will be read by one of his Inisfreean children (his daughters; the clone variants of select Outlander models) from her post in the Command & Control facility beneath his Mansion (or from anywhere, as techno-pathy allows all of his children to interface with the rest of their city in many different ways).

Weather Alerts:
This M.A.S. is often used to alert guests considering Antarctic adventures to potential storms and other inclement weather that will threaten their plans or themselves.  When Inisfree is in Outer Space, those alerts are instead for issues such as asteroid belt swell, gravity anomalies, nebular interference, and solar flares.