Meeris Area News:  Another of the materialized constructs once envisioned in the Governor's Astral Plane adventures, this desert village is now inhabited.
Meeris Area
Wadi al-Meeris

Meeris is the name of one of the three residential complexes in Inisfree's civilian-access desert, the other two residential areas here being the White Conex 'Hood and the Ridge-line Building Chain.  Meeris is fashioned after a luxurious Bedouin tent town, and looks a bit like an extra large gypsy caravan or field circus.

Dimensions & Layout:
This Inisfreean neighborhood measures 1,122' x 858'; 962,676 square feet.  Floor-space is based on each tent and other structure in this neighborhood, some having multiple stories of the same floor-space, and some having greatly varied floor-space per story, such as observation balconies near conical tops.

There are hundreds of tents in Meeris, several large enough for hundreds of people to gather in and around, and a number of Arabian-style mansions, a few of which include both lofts and basements.  There is also covered (shaded) parking for the dune buggies and other off-roading, desert-worthy vehicles which are often used for pleasure cruises around this Inisfreean desert, as well as for jamborees.
我虹膜 地區的