Military Aerospaceport News: Originally based on Sir Richard Branson's design, this advanced airport now also incorporates the circular, red, indirect lighting style from the Rapture.
Military Aerospaceport
Military Aerospaceport

This facility is reserved for Inisfreean military air-and-Space traffic not utilizing the Pearly Gates. Inisfree's military equivalent of pilots'-ed' (Inisfree's equivalent of the United States Navy Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor program, also known as Top Gun) is based out of this facility. Although extremely rare, it is possible for Outlander military pilots (namely aces) to obtain clearance to attend classes at this facility, flying with the best pilots on Earth and in Space.

All Outlands military aircraft can be sung into existence in the materialization and cloning chambers beneath this facility's landing-discs (circular landing pads are the primarily utilized landing surfaces, while the old-fashioned runways along this facility's perimeter's four sides remain an option for standard Outlands aircraft requiring lift and much longer take-off/landing distances).

Being a full square mile on the surface, and housing many stories of subterranean hangars and other chambers below its topside (surface) landing-discs and runways, this is the largest airport on Earth by far.  Thousands of aircraft and spacecraft are housed here at all times.  A combination of Repulsine-based hovering and aircraft-carrier-style lifts (industrial elevators designed to move aircraft and construction vehicles vertically) allow for simple transportation of any or all of these many stored aircraft to and from this facility's topside take-off and landing areas.​​

Aerial Acrobatics:
In all things, Inisfreeans love to prove their grace, daring, and creativity.  Flying is no exception. Inisfreean pilots in the pilots'-ed' programs here for civilian and military flight enjoy such clever maneuvers as flying up into the jet-stream altitude bracket and aiming their aircraft directly into the oncoming jet-stream wind currents, decreasing their airspeed to the minimum required to sustain lift, and then pointing out to their passengers that they appear to be flying backwards. Another version of this fun, favored, and frequented aerial trick is to fly inverted while enjoying this optical illusion.

All airplane-clearing CQB/CQC drills are conducted at this aerospaceport.

MPHA lands here:  (story here)​​
FJ training exercise:  (story coming)​

[Terminals] Directory

*All terminals are subterranean.​

4 Runways Terminals (1M-long; for non-VTOL)
​5 Largest-landing-pads Terminals (1/4-M diameter)
8 Larger-landing-pads Terminals (1/10-M diameter)
12 Large-landing-pads Terminals (200' diameter)
56 Medium-landing-pads Terminals​​ (130' diameter)
6 Small-landing-pads Terminals​​ (60' diameter)
164 Tiny-landing-pads Terminals (45' diameter)
16 Luxury Air-traffic-control Towers
     ​doubling as Guard-Turrets​
軍事 航天站

Outland Realms Where Each Terminal and Gate Connect, and Usage Constraints:

* The only beings who may pass through these portals are those whose holistic-signatures have been recorded and approved by Inisfree, via its Grid Mind, upon the completion of their 20th Grade in the Inisfreean school system (meaning only Inisfreean-borne girls who have graduated from Inisfree's Boot Camp, and from Inisfree's Master Female training program, and who are ready for deployment to the Outlands, and ready to represent Inisfree as foreign dignitaries). Inisfreeans at this Master Females level can, of course, teleport from anywhere to anywhere, but it is preferred that they move en-masse with their assigned units, taking either an Inisfreean Warship during a standard Inisfreean fleet deployment, or, when only a platoon or fewer Inisfreeans are traveling out to relieve another small Inisfreean group, one of the portals in the underground airport-like terminals of the Military Aerospaceport.

Some connect to the air/Spaceports of the biggest secret military bases of the homeworlds of the species and empires my Inisfree (which is me, and my Inisfreeans, which are me) are allied with; 
        * This allows Inisfreeans to travel directly to specific Spaceships in Star-system Auzdein, such as the PSBS anchored inside one of this solar system's stars, rather than just from the Magics Chambers facility portal to the outer edge of this star system.
          * Specifically, this portal connects to a hidden room in the Admirals' Wing.

* Military aerospacecraft, commonly called 'repulsines', are used to fly at warp-surfing speeds (relative FTL) out from Inisfree, via Pearly Gate 6 (hidden underground near the base of Devil's Tower II and the Subterranean Quarantine Facility, a.k.a. The Receiving Facility), through the South Polar Vortex, and on to any place in the Universe which the Military Aerospaceport terminal portals do not directly connect to.

* This only applies to Inisfreean military repulsines the size of MPHAs, though, as all larger military repulsines typically deploy inside Inisfreean Warships via the larger, subterranean Pearly Gates 1 through 16.