Mountain on Corinthians News:  Another first, this entire mountain is seated upon a formation of Corinthian-capped pillars of Titan proportions.
Mountain on Corinthians
The Mountain on Corinthian Pillars

One of many architectural demonstrations of Inisfreean technological strength, the 'Mountain upon Corinthians' showcases just how much weight the materials and supports forged by Inisfreeans can hold up -indefinitely and with ease.  Like the advent of steel beams (c.2,000 B.C., then 1877 for mass-production), and then micron-thick superconductor wafers capable of levitating entire cars (2012), the discovery and refinement of the new materials and devices of the Inisfreean empire continues the exponential technological capabilities curve.  Like the ratio of strength from wood and mud to concrete and steel, so, too, is the remarkable difference and increase in capabilities and applications from Outlander materials of the 21st century to Inisfreean materials there-after.

Standing at 1/4 of a mile in height, few skyscrapers save the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, rival this prime example of Inisfreean luxury-terraforming (everything Inisfreeans do is luxurious, including how they forge and shape worlds).  The base of this mountain, which is many stories above the ground (due to being held up by many dozens of titan-sized, grooved, Corinthian-capped columns) is even larger; 1/3 of a mile in diameter.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants:
Like the legendary Atlas (in function), who held up the entire world upon his shoulders, and like the three 1/2 mile tall, female 'mechs' at the end of the Welcoming Square (in form), many of the supports deeper within this mountain-construct are not like those of its base's outermost border; rather than being massive Corinthian pillars, the supports that hold up other parts of the base of this tall mountain are like those which hold up the many sections and sides of the Glowing Art Highway; as one travels farther inward from the perimeter to the center of this mountain's elevated base, they will see flawless female statues in various sexy, erotic, and orgy poses (like on many of the temples of India), each of these female statues doubling as a load-bearing structure, and each of them being as gigantic in size as many of their like-fashioned statues and supports in the Auz Dome.  This 'Mountain upon Corinthians' is literally standing on the shoulders of these female giants.  Though far, far shorter and smaller than their three 'sisters' standing into the clouds at the end of the Welcoming Square, these female giants are still an awe-inspiring sight to behold.

This demonstration of Inisfreean materials strength only scratches the surface of what this new empire is capable of.  Inisfreeans have forged entire star systems, and cannot only hold up mere mountains, but entire star clusters and dimensions now.

山區 在 科林蒂安