Mountain Slope Clearing News:  This area is the largest lawn-like part of Inisfree's central and largest mountain.
Mountain Slope Clearing
Mountain Slope Clearing

Most mountains in the Outlands do not have naturally-occurring clearings which look like well-groomed lawns.  Such rarities make for phenomenal observation areas, though, and so it is that Inisfree has made sure to include them in its terrain and landscaping design.  The largest of these is located between the Neighborhoods (Apartments) Slope and Statue Park, and it is on this clearing that the largest Inisfreean picnics and orgies underneath the starry skies, auroras, Inisfreean moon, pink midnights, and airshows launched from the Civilian Aerospaceport by their groups of outdoor love-makers occur.

Dimensions & Layout:
This clearing is roughly half a mile by half a mile; 6,969,600 square feet; 160 acres with nothing taller than little blades of soft green grass.  The clearing's highest side is 1.5 miles above the base of the mountain it is on, and half a mile below the Avalanche Wall and Snowdunes region. Its lowest side is half a mile lower than its highest; one mile above the base of its mountain. The overall slope is about 60 degrees; just right for sitting down on or lying at an incline.  In the middle corner of the treeline bordering its highest side, one of Inisfree's signature gyms is perched with a sweeping view overlooking it all.

Special Features:
The treeline which almost completely encloses this clearing blocks nearly 100% of the views of the structures within the first few miles, along with any ambient light they might be generating. Looking down and out from this clearing, one can see some of the Flower Towers and Welcoming Square, as well as a one-mile section of the Perimeter Wall; where its main guest gate is.

This is one of the most popular places in all of Inisfree to picnic under fireworks, auroras, two moons, and the soft, warm breath of an Inisfreean lover, along with the soft, warm wind of the Inisfreean atmosphere.