Mountain Tunnel Pass News:  Renovations are being considered to upgrade this tunnel into a horizontal-corkscrew accelerator-cylinder.
Mountain Tunnel Pass
The Mountain Tunnel Pass

Orientation and Purpose:
This generically-named tunnel allows the GAH from the Civilian Aerospaceport (namely its section passing by that facility's main exit route, the Uber UFO (also called the Saucer Aerospaceport Ramp)) to continue straight and unhindered into the Civilian Desert Area and onward toward Inisfree's Swamp Area and the rest of its N.W.O. Military Training Area.

On its side nearest the Civilian Aerospaceport, this highway pass opens up to the Water Rise; one of Inisfree's waterworks in which the water does not flow and fall down as with a waterfall, but flows up and over its higher and curving 'lip' without the need of pumps or jets to direct it thusly.

On its side nearest the Civilian Desert Area, it opens up to the start of the Rainbow Dunes;​​ the piano-keys-like sequence of rectangular strip-shaped areas of sand dunes made of all the colors of the rainbow and beyond (each of which subtly glows its given color in the dark of the Antarctic nights, as well as when Inisfree is flying though Deep Space -away from the light of the stars and nebulae).

Width for Perspective:
Compared to Outlander highways which are almost always between 50 and 100 feet wide (12 feet per lane, plus the median and shoulders), the GAH is gigantic and otherworldly.  This section of the GAH is no exception, so imagine driving not under an underpass spanning a length of 12 to 30 feet (as would be the case in the Outlands), or through an Outlander tunnel of the same width, but instead into and straight through the foot of a mountain range... inside a tunnel spanning a width of more than 460 feet -and a height to match; the ceiling of this highway tunnel is nearly 47 stories above the ground!

If the proposed upgrade goes through, this 1/4-mile-long section of the GAH will be modified such that traffic traveling in either direction will be driving on not a straight and flat highway level with the ground and horizon, but one altered into a literal twist such that all vehicles are driving along the inside surface of a horizontal corkscrew; the highway here will be warped more into a 'pig's tail' form, and all traffic in this section will be moving almost as if in a spiraling orbit of its long-axis.  With acceleration triggers at its entry-points, and deceleration triggers at its exit-points, this section will prove most entertaining and surprising for all occupants in Inisfree's repulsine-assisted land-vehicles.

山區 隧道 通