Mt. Auzmore News:  Once just with one bust in the likeness of the Governor, this mountain is now three-sided, and houses a new club.
Auzmore Mountain
Mount Auzmore

Auzmore Mountain is a stand-alone peak near the base of the slope of Inisfree's central and largest mountain, whose foundation is half a mile from the sheer, gray, perimeter wall encircling Sotu, and whose three main sides each sport the chiseled likeness of the face of Inisfree's Governor.  One of these quarter-mile-tall faces faces the Holistic Hospital and Sotu.  The second of them faces F.A.U. Crater.  The third faces the neighborhoods of tipis and apartments.

Private Hangouts:
The top of this mini-mountain is a flat, circular plateau with a diameter of one quarter of a mile, and it is undeveloped and generally unused.  The Governor enjoys using this as one of the most reclusive and unexpected getaways for meditation or meetings with a view, for only Inisfreeans are capable of teleporting up here (or even sensing that he is Up there), and because this flat summit stands three quarters of a mile above the rim of Sotu's perimeter wall, and half a mile higher than the tip of the Governor's corporate headquarters skyscraper, WGI HQ Tower, affording him a most commanding and beautiful of all views here in Inisfree.

Fun Hidden Inside:
Deep within the core of this half-mile-tall mini-mountain is the night-and-dance club themed in honor of the temples and lodges of the Masonic Order of Freemasons.  This club is called 'God and the G-spot', a play on the Masonic slogan and motto of 'God and geometry'.