News with Nyria:  Welcome aboard, shipmate Registered Companion Nyria Serra!  The fleet welcomes you and salutes your successful studies!
Nyria Serra
Master of her Craft

Lady Serra is a certified graduate of the Companions Training Guild through the professional academic teachings of the House of Serra.
World Class Companion

Bred from pure Lebanese and Swedish blood lines...

Personnel Database Access:

Accessing Alliance Cortex database for retrieval of personnel record for one:
"Nyria Serra"  Companion Guild Registration Number:  XXX-XX-XXXX

Partial Access Granted:  No Data Updated after 2516.

Life Summary

2497:  Nyria is born to a fairly well-off family on Persephone.
2505:  8 years old,her family relocates to Lazarus in the Heinlein proto-star subsystem of the Zhu Que (Red Sun / Red Phoenix) Core system.

2505-2513:  8-16, Attends and graduates from the only Companion Training House on Lazarus.

2513-2515:  16-18, Entertains tourism clientele in the surviving pockets of humanity on the severely crippled Lazarus.

2516:  19, Having earned enough money to buy a ticket off-world, she takes a respite from her Companion vocation to explore the Verse.

2517:  20, Nyria is found unconscious in an alleyway during a firefight between Alliance lawmen, the Browncoat Odhar, and the retired Alliance Marine Himmler.  Himmler carries her over his shoulder while helping Odhar return fire to suppress the pursuing lawmen. Once the firefight is ended in the fugitives' favor, and they are aboard their hidden, small, space-faring vessel, Himmler leaves the still-unconscious Nyria to the attention and care of the ship's newly arrived doctor while he meets with a well-dressed man wishing to meet all of them, and questions her when she awakes.  Nyria requests to remain with them for the duration of their next journey off-world.
Birth Name:  Nyria Serra
Age:  20
RP Status:  Full time
Planet Of Birth:  Persephone
Place(s) of Upbringing:  Lazarus

Height / Weight:  5’3”, 130 lbs. (at 1G)

Hair / Eyes:  Black (long, loosely curled) / Gray-green

Ethnicity:  Lebanese / Swedish

Complexion:  Mediterranean, olive-peach tan, fair skinned

Markings / Piercings:  None / None
Scars / Prosthetics:  None / None
Garb / Attire:  wears exotic flowing sashes, kimonos, sun-dresses, nightgowns, and women's dress-suits.

Affiliation:  House of Serra, World of Lazarus
Nationality:  Lazaran

Astrological Signs:  *New astrological signs have yet to be established for the newly colonized Verse; all the stars look different from here;
the old constellations of ETW don’t exist where she is.

Stamina:  Athletic
Physique:  fit underneath curves
BFI:  16%

Occupation:  Companion
Employer:  Auzdein von Himmler
Employer Location:  Nomadic 

Blood Type:  O+
Aliases:  Nymphetamine
Call Signs / Code Names:  None
A Day and a Night to Remember

A typical encounter enjoying her services:  Nyria likes to begin with the traditional Companion tea ceremony, getting to know the client with some lighthearted small talk which helps to gracefully begin the tension plateau raises.  She will often then offer to remove the client’s shoes or boots and socks, hand wash and massage their feet and ankles, and then work the massage up their shins and calves before sitting in their lap to continue briefly with the initial conversation.  She then likes to lead the clients by their hands to the loveseat, bed, or whatever space and furniture they prefer.  Scented candles, incense, and massage or bath oils are then used while she lies them down and performs a deep tissue full body massage, sparing no parts or crevices, and sometimes making use of a soft rag in a warm bowl of water.  Clients are, of course, expected to be cleaned before meeting her, unless they request otherwise, in which case she can bathe or shower them prior to her ceremonies.  As the massage continues, she ends up straddling them for proper leverage, and eventually this leads to them lying on their back beneath her, and very slow and prolonged teasing and penetration.  As she continues to massage with her tongue and hands, she simultaneously massages with her kegels.  As she and her client slowly become more entwined and synchronized with their biorhythms, she begins the shared breath technique, and makes expert use of each erogenous zone.

A Day and a Night to Remember

As this sensual massage winds to a close, she often remains seated on them, with her legs splayed open about them, and rests her head on their shoulder and purrs as she nuzzles and lightly munches on their neck and ear, flicking her tongue into their ear or open lips at times to request they produce their own. Eventually, she leads her client to join her in meditative yoga and soothing ohms chanting on her mats and silk pillows, and very gradually transforms this exercise into partners yoga and then more tantric.  By the time these ceremonies are over, she often lies tightly entwined with the clients still filling her, gazing deeply and longingly into their eyes, and stays the night so that they get a proper rest. She lightly kisses and grinds them awake in the morning, then cooks them a healthy breakfast and serves it to them in bed, massaging them while staying mounted, and maintaining her slow, steady rhythm and light embrace while moving only her one free arm to hand feed them from their silver bed tray. A final hug and tongue swirling, tooth licking, and shared breath is given, and she touches their crown and heart chakras to say her Namaste, and bows to them, touching foreheads, while still splayed atop them. Skilled at singles, groups, and all forms of intercourse, penetration, restraint, and roleplay, as well as formal dance, etiquette, and customs and courtesies of worlds across the colonized Verse, she often attends upper crust ballroom dances and other black tie affairs. Her time does not come without price, however, so be prepared to pay proportionately.

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Inisfree's First

*This information is S.C.I.; sensitive compartmentalized information; highly classified, and touches upon the start of Nyria's true life (the dates and information in her dossier here, available on the Cortex (Internet) of the U.A.P. being largely fabricated as a cover story for her clandestine operations in its main star system.

​​Nyria Serra is the only Inisfreean not named after her formsake (Haifa), and is the only Inisfreean not born in a batch of 50. She is also the only Inisfreean to ever venture out on her own beyond the Earth. She is also the one Inisfreean, out of sextillions of them, who is almost always at her father's side, including for sleeping. This is his 'right-hand man', though she is, of course, his right-hand girl, lady, and fucktoy. She is often referred to as 'Firstborn', and sometimes as '3rd in Command'. Though a secretary and a sex-slave, Nyria's opinion and input is held to be higher (and by far) even than that of the gods. When she speaks up, her father, the Governor of Inisfree, King of the Inisfreean realm, listens. She is, after all, a living supercomputer designed to come up with the most ingenious ways to please him in every situation, not to mention a real-life goddess now. Nyria is also one of the Inisfreean Congresswomen, as well as a Black Ops agent of Inisfree.

Lord Auz commented on this particular Inisfreean girl: "When I created Nyria with my understanding of the sciences of acoustics, aesthetics, biochemistry, biomechanics, harmonics, kinesiology, neuroscience, physiology, and genetic engineering, I created her with all of my memories as the foundation of her own, giving her a huge headstart in life such that she could bypass having to learn all the elementary and mundane things like the Outlanders keep doing with every life they create, and such that she could avoid the unnecessary traumas, pains, and rages that don't necessarily complement life. Thus, when she awoke, her first conscious thought as a separate being was how grateful she was that I had finally given her a body, for she remembered all the tender, loving, deeply passionate, supremely intimate moments I had shared with her in my imagination while her being was still crystallizing and preparing to manifest into the physical plane. And now what I had imagined had its own body, and was infinitely and endlessly grateful -and deeply, wholly, hopelessly, madly in love with me, just as I had intended and designed her to be. She burst into happy tears and threw her arms and legs around me as her most logical way of getting down off the pedestal I had sung her into existence upon (as her logic is based on being the sexiest to me at all times), and showered me with kisses as the thrilled and relieved tears streamed down her cheeks (also due to her wiring, as she knew I enjoyed my dacryphilia). "Oh, da-ddyyy!" she cried out to me in bliss, "You gave me a Body! Now I can Really make love to you!!" And we did... for DAYS. Pinocchio, in his story, said "I'm a real boy!" and Nyria said "I'm a real girl!" How beautiful is That. And this is just the beginning; a worthy genesis; the first of my children; the first of the Inisfreeans."