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News and Patches
Pending Changes and Augments:

1.  Hypertext Wiki-links are being applied to almost all 1,000+ pages, helping to answer your TNH questions.
2.  Final pl
anetary and lunar astrophysical and historical data packets are uploading.  Please be patient, as
     ​we are still using the same example-template for the World Data Sheet (chart) on all planet pages.  
World Data Sheets will not be available until next year, pending RP frequency.
3.  Based upon your donations and requests, we will be apportioning our staff to add new planet pages.

1.  The ME2 Verse has now been applied.  See the Milky Way Galaxy map.
Current World Data Sheets are examples only, at present, and are open to player suggestions at all times.

New Horizon Website News:

1. The Personnel Dossierswebpage has been updated, still under construction.
2. The Himinbjorg System webpage song has been removed, pending adjustment.
3. The Job Openings and Assignments chart graphic has been updated to present time.
4. IRL rates (costs) for our offered goods and services (including courses and training packages) are
    ​available upon request.  Our latest service addition is Website Consultation.
IRP Verse News: 

For the majority of our IRP (In Role-Play) news in this roleplaying universe, see the individual webpages for each character (located in the Personnel Dossiers) and cosmic body (clusters, nebulae, star systems, planets, and moons, located in the Milky Way Galaxy Map).  Also, new-join characters will be updating their character profiles and IRP/IC (In Role-Play / In-Character) journals in our newly created RP Forum.

New Horizon Role-Playing (RP) Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) News: 

Until you no longer suck, enjoy the public room.  You cannot volunteer or ask for the main room.  It is by invitation only, and that invitation will not come if you ask.  Save your breath.  If the public room is spammed, trolled, or under siege by bots and fools, take the initiative, open another TNH room, or open an MSN Messenger group chat and carry on.  Be prepared to provide detailed, complete, impressive logs at any moment if asked to reinforce our decision to offer you a probationary admittance to the main room.


TNH Newsflash:  Every airlock mysteriously opened at the same time.  Oh, boy!  Hold on to your bedpans!
"Fox" Galactic News Network
Non-Planet-Specific News from Across the Verse
Ongoing Contemporary Galactic Community-of-Worlds Issues:

Philosophical and religious debates continue at the Ivy League universities on all of the worlds spread out across our colonized Verse.  The current 'hot topic' of debate?: why virtually every habitable and terraformable world we come across often has ruins and pyramids, plants and animals, but no comparable sentient life, no indications as to why or how such life might have vanished, and why there is no record or recollection of any previous human activity there, raising the follow-up questions:  Who built what is now in ruins?  Why are pyramids such a common architectural occurrence?  Were these worlds terraformed over a much greater period of time to ensure their stable 'face-lifts'? ...and the wilder questions:  Are we somehow creating these ruins merely by expecting them?  And now that they are in such excellent condition as paradisaical 'Garden Worlds' (Class M planets, for all you astrophysics buffs out there), ...should we be expecting the imminent return of whoever shaped them that way?

Terraformed Stars:

The beautiful and stunning discoveries of several until-now unexplored and unnoticed solar systems in our arms of the Milky Way have led scientists and artists into a state of mass-euphoria and hurried expeditions.  The 'new Suns' that have been found have had their photos and videos 'going viral' across The Cortex.  Why?  Because these special and rare stars have much dimmer glows allowing for indefinite direct viewing, a full rainbow of assorted and mixed color patches instead of a singular, monochromatic scheme to them, and because many of them even have clearly defined and stable 'continents' resting about their surface areas. Witnesses have described them as being "like bioluminescent, translucent, radiant versions of the fabled planet Earth", and words and images like these have sparked a growing curiosity and burning desire across all of colonized Space to set out in a tireless quest for more of these cosmic entities; logic now telling us all that surely... somewhere out there... there are many more just like them, and others still that are more amazing and breathtaking than them... and even some that are planet-sized, colonizable, and lucrative as resort world investments.

2516 Anno Domini
2517 Anno Domini


January, week 4:

31st - 24th Fighter Group Honored for Role in Battle of the Citadel
"The 24th Fighter Group of the 34 Tauri Fleet received the Galactic Unit Citation today for their role in the Battle of the Citadel over two years ago. It is the highest honor awarded to a military unit and recognizes gallantry above and beyond those of the Palladium Star, awarded to all Citadel and Fifth Fleet units who fought in the battle. The 24th were the first unit to engage the geth flagship Sovereign. Unable to pierce Sovereign's kinetic barriers, the unit nevertheless gave their lives distracting the warship and the geth fleet during the Destiny Ascension's docking attempts to evacuate the Citadel examination personnel. Only one-sixth of the fighter group survived the battle and the offices of the UAP decided the most fitting honor would be one awarded to the entire unit."

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News Historical Records by Time Period
2516 AD:
​    1. 1st Quarter (January-March)
    2. 2nd Quarter (April-June)
    3. 3rd Quarter (July-September)
    ​​​4. ​4th Quarter (October-December)

2517 AD:
​    1. 1st Quarter (January-March)
    2. 2nd Quarter (April-June)
    3. 3rd Quarter ​​(July-September)
​    4. ​4th Quarter (October-December)
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