Outside the Orb News:  The invisible, ethereal border and veil that separates the rest of Antarctica from the defensive ring of Sentry Towers remains in 'white-out'.
Outside the Orb
Outside the Orb

Defining this Zone:
'Outside the Orb' refers to that which is immediately outside the final, outer shell (or layer or orb) surrounding Inisfree, the Perimeter Orb, and includes everything extending out to that which is considered the Extreme Exterior; everything beyond the reaches of Antarktis and its Antarctic Circle.  'Outside the Orb' = all of Antarktis except the area that contains the Sentry Towers right outside the defensive moat- and trench-rings right outside Inisfree's Perimeter Wall.

The following charts will help explain the changes in these 3 distinct zones:




Zone Ancient-2013 2013-2313 2313-Present
Perimeter Orb Frozen, dry, and white. Cold, light snow, and the onset of meadows. Boreal forest under the Aurora Australis.
Outside the Orb Frozen, dry, and white. Cool, light rain, and the onset of forests. Rainforest under the Aurora Australis.
Extreme Exterior Earth, as you know it. Dim light from sporadic sky holes, cooling volcanoes, and lightning, no mountains or grass, and no human cities. Global triple-canopy glowing rainforests.
Zone Constructs Inhabitants Banned
Perimeter Orb Sentry Towers Inisfreean military personnel on rotation Non-Inisfreeans
Outside the Orb Base 211 NAZIs of the 3rd Reich (all who are not either of Inisfree or of Base 211)
Extreme Exterior (various) (all other species) (99% of the human species)
Rare and Honored Explorers of The White Continent

Throughout the millenia that Earth (nowEarth-That-Was) has existed and orbitedAmen-Ra, a rare and select breed of bold, well read, confident explorers have been the only ones to venture to this polar-oriented, giant land.  Like much of Africa, the coastline of Antarctica is steep and mountainous, making landfall difficult to impossible along more than 90% of it, as well as during 10 months out of each year.  Until the advent of large aircraft, exploring inland was often met with brutal, frigid death.  Even once small research facilities were established, disasters continued.  The sudden onset of each cold season (Antarctica's 10-month-long winters) brought hurricane-force winds, temperature drops to minus-120 degrees Fahrenheit, and rapidly changing terrain due to the ever-shifting snow and ice-dunes.

Once temperate and even tropical in many areas, tectonic drift has slowly eased this land mass, 1.5 times the size of North America, to where it now sits around the state-sized indention and hole into the moon-sized cavity that is the hollow interior of planet Earth.

When Antarctica was temperate, many millenia ago during Earth's last Silver Age, it was colonized and populated by people such as the Atlanteans and Lemurians.  King Solomon's air ships, along with the Vimanas of ancient India (flying, conical castle-ships that sang to fly through the skies), both frequented this great and mighty land of the most advanced minds and sciences the world of Earth had ever known.

The mass-ascensions of the peoples of this land, like the mass-ascensions of the Anasazi and Easter Islanders, have led Outlander historians and scientists to erroneously consider that mass-extinctions and global nuclear wars took place in these now-ancient times.  The truth is that the people of these lands simply felt like moving; sight-seeing elsewhere in our Universe.

A Handful of Habitats

Antarctica once housed several dozen outposts and bases, three of which remained open year-round despite the severely challenging and often damning Antarctic winters.

After the events of 2012 and 2013, however, only two bases remained, and only due to Inisfree's encouragement and assistance.

Now serving as the only two embassies on the foreign (and now sovereign) soil of Antarctica, these two lone, remaining bases provide the most intelligent and tolerable of the Outlanders one of their only chances to meet with the people of Inisfree, and continue to steer the course of major events and affairs upon their world, Earth-That-Was.
Earth's Aura:  The Aurora