Overhang Base News:  The topside access to this base is now hidden from view.
Overhang Base
Overhang Base

This is the military facility that serves as the gatekeeper for all newcomers to the ColonyPod Hangar beneath Inisfree's central mountain.  Its name comes from the fact that its exterior doors are beneath a large awning of snow and ice-covered rock, and because its innermost doors overlook the entire ColonyPod Hangar.

Dimensions & Layout:
The main section of this facility is 660'x660'; 435,600 square feet per floor.  There is also an annex which houses the actual floor hatch down into the ColonyPod Hangar, and this annex measures 330'x330'; 108,900 square feet (only one floor in this annex).

Special Features:
Active camouflage paired with energy shield technology allows a constant polarization and optical illusion capability which keeps the surface entrance to this facility appearing like a continuation of the rest of the snow-covered slope on its side of Tornado Crater.  This feature also allows military personnel and their guests to observe the tornado manipulation training sessions and competitions of said adjacent crater.