PP Wedge News:  This facility is now open for paintball games!
Paintball-parkour Wedge
Paintball-parkour Wedge

This building is an ochre-colored (painted) triangular wedge fashioned after one of the buildings the Governor saw in Texas while roaming around during one of his expeditions.  It is the size of a large office building, but its form is designed to be initially a bit confusing and disorienting; not the usual geometric, boxy, overly simplistic architectural style common to the Outlands.

The Game:
The two separate sports of Paintball and Le Parkour were combined one day by the Governor when he was exploring some of the Outlands back in 2008. The concept was in keeping with one of the foundational and key Inisfreean principles; maintain peak physical fitness, including agility, dexterity, sensory perception, pain tolerance, graceful fluidity of motion, and rugged doggedness when carrying the weight of Outlander armor (such as a combat-loaded flak-jacket).

Players must move as Free-runners do; not walking or jogging along flat pathways, but using the Le Parkour techniques to flip, roll, dive, swing, and scale vertical surfaces whether they have ladders and stairs or not. Leaping up to kick off walls, executing the Kong move, and other such methods must be employed throughout gameplay while wearing the armored jacket and carrying one paintball gun.

As players become struck by paintballs, judges determine the severity of their pretend wounds; were they grazed, winded, crippled, mutilated, or killed?​​​​ Depending on where the paintballs from enemy players strike them, and how many times, players will have successive restrictions of movement placed upon them as rules for ongoing interaction; they may have to start limping, only climb with one hand and arm, and so on.

The Basics:
Because this is a highly strenuous and demanding sport, Inisfreeans spend years practicing and ramping up in this on-land building before advancing to play this game on the aircraft carrier anchored by the pier nearby.

Le Parkour is first taught and practiced as part of Inisfree's High School's physical education classes, nude, and throughout its massive outdoor playground.