Parkour Playground News:  This is now the playground of Inisfree's only school building.
Parkour Playground
The P-K P-G

This is the Inisfreean version of a school playground, and it is here that Inisfreean girls in middle and high school enjoy the outdoor portions of the P.E. classes, learning the many techniques of Le Parkour (commonly called 'P-K') and Free-running.

Dimensions & Layout:
This playground is the largest in Inisfree, measuring one quarter of a mile along each of its foundation's sides, which gives it a ground-level floor-space of 1,742,400 square feet; 40 acres of endless jungle-gym constructs, scaffolding, and other structures ideal for practicing and perfecting P-K.  This facility is a gymnast's dream, and even the Olympic gymnasts of the Outlands have no facilities that can even compare, for some of its obstacles are as tall as office buildings and more.

Special Features:
This is the primary construct in which Inisfreeans master all the P-K moves as prerequisites for the more advanced Inisfreean facilities where they simultaneously perform those moves while playing paintball and other contact sports, which, in turn, gets them ready to be the most graceful war-fighters in the Universe, even when they are operating in low-G or zero-G environments, such as moons, planetoids, asteroids, and fleets in orbit and Deep Space.

  • 45° gravel/sand slopes with yellow construction cranes and ropes to climb and rappel down these slopes for
  • telephone poles used as a spiral staircase; each “step” is the metal pole that comes out from the bolted-in brace to hold it to the telephone pole; the user climbs the “spiral staircase” (spiral pole-case, in this case) by swinging up (CrossFit triple pull-up bar pull-up swing/kipping motion style) each pole all the way until they reach the top​​

Upon mastering the techniques of Le Parkour at this playground, practitioners become eligible for the paintball-parkour sports games first at the Paintball-parkour Wedge building, and later at the Paintball-parkour Aircraft-carrier.