Slant-top Mountain News:  B.A.S.E.-jumping is now authorized from the top of this landmark.
Pedestal Slant-top Mountain
Pedestal Slant-top Mountain

This mini-mountain is exactly what it sounds like; in the form of a tall, narrow pedestal, with a summit which is a slanted plateau.  It stands two thirds of a mile tall over the higher of the two military desert plateaus, and is 1.33 miles tall from its base down near the sheer cliff-face that is the edge of that same desert plateau.  This gives its summit plateau a view right over the top of the gigantic Auzdome, allowing it to see all the way out to the far corners of Inisfree; all the way out to Sotu (and half of the Sotu skyscrapers inside this downtown area's half-mile-tall perimeter wall) in one direction, and all the way out over the entire military training area and its FOBs to the swamp region 90 degrees in the other direction.

This needle-like mini-mountain looks more akin to a light-house or sky-high forest ranger lookout tower, except with one amazing distinction (other than the fact it is made out of solid rock); three waterfalls run all the way down from the sides of its summit-plateau, hugging its neck all the way down to its base, where they reach the mists and foam of their reception pools, never once being blown away from this mountain and out into the wind.  The key to this miraculous fountain and flow technology is how the water is electromagnetically better attracted to the hidden tracks designed specifically for such mile-high waterfall attractions.

Special Features:
The tributary feeding the water features of this landmark meets its base amidst one of its waterfall collection pools.  The 2nd of its waterfall collection pools connects via a stream to the moat of the nearby temple.  The 3rd of its three waterfall collection pools pours down to feed one half of the river of Inisfree's largest canyon.