Performance Hall News:  This performing arts facility is now open to all Inisfreean guests.
Performance Hall
The Performance Hall

Inspired by The Nancy Lee and Perry R. Bass Performance Hall, The Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center, The Sydney Opera House, and The Dubai Opera House, this cultural super-center serves as the hub for all ballets, operas, plays, and symphonic orchestra events for both Inisfree and the whole megaverse of Outland realms it connects and promotes.  Performers from a thousand worlds and dimensions come here to show off their many top-tier talents, and it is not uncommon for the seats and private boxes of this facility to be sold out and packed with a most eclectic array of beings ranging from angels, Asari, demons, drow, elementals, elves, fae, Kryptonians, naga, nymphs, Pleiadians, vampires, and more, all of them wearing either their finest evening attire... or nothing at all (honoring themselves and the Inisfreean Way).

Example Performances:
Stomp and Blast are two world-famous percussion performances which were popular in the Outlands and now performed here in Inisfree by the above-mentioned races' best musical groups.

Inisfreean Performances:
Including Stomp and Blast, Inisfreean performances are just as perfect and powerful, and always have that signature Inisfreean twist; all performances put on by Inisfreeans, whether a ballet, symphony orchestra, or anything else, always include a choreographed, synchronized orgy of truly acrobatic and gymnastic proportions.
[Current Performers] Directory

The following are now playing at Inisfree's Performing Arts Center:
  • ​_
  • ​Duo MainTenant / Duo Osmose
  • _
  • The Symphonic Sex Ballet
  • The Trans-Antarctic Orchestra​​