Perimeter Orb News:  Despite the global rainforest advent from 2313 onward, this zone is kept cold and snowy; a frosted triple canopy.
Perimeter Orb
The Perimeter Orb

This is the name given by the FOBians / Inisfreeans to define the immediately adjacent outer sphere that buffers their Perimeter Wall and home-city. The "Outer Spheres" include many layers of the orbs of Earth and the Cosmos, as well as the spheres of consciousness and reality. The Perimeter Orb is the one 'outer sphere' which includes a few more miles (in all directions) of Antarctica, some of the hidden, natural passages to many of the continent's warm, subterranean river cavern-tubes beneath the 2 miles of the vertical ice sheet, and its aurora-laced aerospace, as well as all of Inisfree's Sentry Towers. A lethal, frozen realm, it serves as a natural barrier against all those the FOBians call 'zombie Outlanders'.

To reiterate some of what is elaborated upon on the webpages detailing this and its adjacent realms, Inisfreeans call everything beyond Antarktis and the Southern Ocean 'the Extreme Exterior', while Antarktis and the Southern Ocean they call 'Outside the Orb'; a reference to the orb or sphere which encases their home-realm and all Inisfreean forces when they are not deployed. The closest one can get to the city, Inisfree, without actually entering its border (the Perimeter Wall) is known as being in Inisfree's Perimeter Orb, meaning that one is between the two layers of its spherical energy shield, invisibility cloak, and semi-permeable smart-membrane; within the realm designated as Inisfree's perimeter, which happens to be a relatively thin outer layer of a sphere.

But why not call the harsh, frigid environment of Antarktis extreme? Why is only the Rest of Earth in the realm Inisfreeans designate as 'the Extreme Exterior'? The answer is that Inisfreeans do not consider Antarktis to be extreme, and are perfectly capable of roaming around carefree, barefoot and even nude, even in its long winter and dark months, hurricane-force blizzards, and the stunning, gleaming glare of the sunlight it reflects off its ice domes in the Summer. 'Extreme' to the Inisfreeans is how the humans, who largely dominate that realm, behave.​​

Ancient, Repeating History:

Antarktis is thought to have once been Atlantis; when it was younger and farther north, when Pangaea had just started to split and spread out.  Today, it houses Rainbow City.  As changing ocean levels -and other factors- resulted in the legend of that whole realm sinking, so it seems that realm will again; the thawing ice has significantly contributed to ocean levels rising, and much of Antarktis may one day be island chains void of any signs of the ice which once shrouded the entire continent and much of its surrounding ocean.

Restricted Land and Aerospace:
Although the Dry Valley and several new large swaths of fertile soil and vegetation make this isolated and pristine environment ideal for colonization, NAZI Germany's 4th Reich prevented anything other than tiny, defenseless research camps from ever being established here.  With Repulsines, laser and maser weapons, and wooden stealth fighter-interceptors, as well as flying saucers and clone armies, the NAZIs preserved Antarctica until the events of 2012 and 2013, at which point FOB 1, Inisfree, took the reins, and continued their preservation efforts for the next 500 years (and counting).

Allowed Lifeforms:
Seals along the coast, penguins a mile inland, and rare birds and Yetis are the only indigenous peoples, with the exception, of course, of the Inisfreeans of FOB 1, near the South Polar Hole and its Aurora Australis generating vortex.
One of many freshwater lakes and exposed riverways, post 2013 and the Apocalyptic terraforming:
周長 球