Pharaohs Tunnel News:  Much of the civilian aerospaceport and amusement park traffic passes between the feet of two of these statues.
Pharaohs Tunnel
The Pharaohs Tunnel

With one end based on the Temple of Ramses II at Abu Simbel, and the opposite end based on the Nefertari Temple, this highway section passes through a gigantic tunnel allowing terrestrial vehicular access from one side of the local mountain range to the other.

Female Figures in Support Roles:
The tunnel itself is lined with Titan-sized humanoid statues serving as both breathtakingly beautiful physique art as well as structural reinforcement.  Instead of male or clothed figures, however, all Inisfreean highway and tunnel support pillars and columns are perfectly proportional, nude teenage female forms.

Maker's Mark:
To complete the 'look and feel' of this attraction, sand dunes cover the otherwise flat stone floor that spans the length of this tunnel.  The tube that encases the passage is unseen; between the rectangular prism 'room' (corridor) and the earth of the mountain range itself.

This Inisfreean Construct (I.C.) has 7 distinct sections; 1) the ruins atop the mountain ridge it passes through, 2) the stand-alone towers atop this same ridge, 3) the fortress gate serving as a topside access facility, 4) the port on the side of the Civilian Aerospaceport, 5) the pass itself; the tunnel with its alternating chambers of enclosed hangars and skylight courtyards, 6) the port on the side of the Theme-park, and 7) the Sudanese mini-pyramids on the way out past this port.