Ridgeline Building News:  Once just a bare mountain crest, this high-up landmass is now covered in medieval European architecture.
Ridgeline Building
Ridgeline Building

This construct is exactly what it sounds like; a building that follows the ridgeline of this mountain range.  Looking like a chain-link of buildings, some ranging in size from that of a three-story house to that of a high-rise apartment or office building, it follows the top of this Inisfreean landform exactly.

Dimensions & Layout:
Spanning three quarters of a mile about its long axis, and just under 600 feet across at any given point, the foundation of this long building (or chain of buildings, rather) measures 2,352,240 square feet.  In two rows along this length are the buildings, with two streets running the same length, all parallel.  One street is in the middle of these two rows of buildings, while the other street is between one row's building faces and the ledge that drops down the steep slope into the Civilian Desert region.  Fun and exciting access devices include bucket-seats on vertical tracks which rapidly raise and lower riders between the sandy foot-hills base and the street-level where the first buildings on this ridgeline are.

Special Features:
One of the more out-of-the-way and difficult-to-reach parts of Inisfree, these buildings include several little-known restaurants, drink huts, time-share hostels, and observation decks, as well as one of the city's solariums..