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2010 September 5 through 9, Inclusive
2517 September 5 through 9, Inclusive
Repairs after the double First Contact, leading into the triple First Contact:
IRL Date-time:  2010 September 9
IRP Date-time:  2517 September 9

Dreadnought Ship
: [[[goes through massive repairs, tax payers don't need to know about the new gold toilets]]]

Kharakia The infinitely incompressible abilities of the webway was something of wonder for the Glith Amon. Of course being suddenly thrown into it after simply holding a small token that looked nothing more than a piece of porous looking bone was something of, well, to put it into human terms; <C>
Kharakia What the Fuck. It was sure by now, that the human vessel had been in the same place as it been in a last few days, undergoing repairs that the Eldar had inflicted on the structure while trying to find the Glith. For the survivors of the Almighty, they had been placed in another part of the <C>
Kharakia the ship, and though their movements were restricted from venturing to most of the ship, they had some benefit of gaining access to the dry-docked Almighty Venture, but most of the ship was a complete wreck in terms of attempted repairs. With no reactors, they had no power at <C>
Kharakia the moment, and borrowed flashlights from the NH crew to see what could be done to get the craft flyable once more….~

Dreadnought Ship : [Once the New Horizon had been searched and cleared by the advance teams, power was restored manually and its hatches were sealed. Room by room, atmosphere was restored and damage was cordoned off. Personnel were posted to redirect foot traffic around the areas in repair. The escape vessels began to return, dock, and unload. -c-
Dreadnought Ship : The UAP Command began to receive the relayed reports of the incident, and it was determined that no more ships would be able to better the situation. The escort ships already in the NH strike group repositioned themselves as before. It would take considerable time to reformat the data core and get the AI back up to speed, but it was underway.]

Auzdein von Himmler : [Still rather shaken up by the sudden connection and loss shortly after there-of, he piloted his ship back to its assigned hangar once clearance and directions were transmitted in to his cockpit set-up. The Shelwe woman was still fresh in his mind's eye, and although he had no idea what she really was, he knew he'd heard whispers and rumors about-
Auzdein von Himmler : -c- her and her kind... or, at least, the rumors of species that were very much likened to them. If they were who he hoped they were, he would attempt communication again...if ever they returned.]

Dreadnought Ship : *the Firefly silently flew toward the opening NH hangar doors and slowed its approach to be overridden by the grapplers. Its landing feet extended and cushioned its settling down onto the hangar platform. Engines turning and winding down, finally making sound inside the closing and pressurizing hangar, it came to a hushed stop.*
Dreadnought Ship : [some of the security forces and medical team, still in biohazard over-suits, were escorting the Glith who were healthy enough to get about the ship under their own power, in the re-entry and inspection of their vessel, which was docked in one of the NH's larger hangar bays. The scans of their ship were done manually, as the AI was still offline.]

Kharakia The crews of the Glith worked quietly, getting orders from the second in command of the ship as their Shipmaster had been the only one of the group to be missing in action. The last moments of that battle reflected in some of the Glith's minds, of seeing their Shipmaster order them on, while she <C>
Kharakia took up the arms of the two guards that had been killed in their bid to escape with the Glith. But with the crew's return to the section of ship, only the dead soldiers in their hazard suits, remained as well as a single weapon when there should have been two. But there may have been a fear, that <C>
Kharakia their human hosts would see the Glith now as a larger threat, but all they could do for the moment, was simply hoping that it was not them who had done this~

Deputy_Vince_Nassida : The past couple of days has been a nightmare for the already stretched thin security forces on the New Horizon, even the civilian police have been drafted into the recovery effort. He is supervising one of the Damage Control parties that is working on one of the landing bays. Not easy nor glamorous work but it's work that must be done.<E>

Kharakia Timing was never perfect for anything. One might say there were times, but in all honestly, it could have been done a microsecond sooner or a microsecond after. But there were always time where it was just perfect. But in this case, it was never perfect for either party. As Auzdein's firefly rested in <C>
Kharakia t's landing skids, and started its own shutting down procedures, it did seem to be perfect timing for the hanger to pressurize once again, and everything to be settled before a millisecond flash of light above the cockpit's window, and a hard enough landing to question how <C>
Kharakia durable the glass was as Kharakia's artificial cybernetic left elbow was the first to touch the glass, before her body thudded against the sloped face of the craft. Pain of coarse followed as she shouted loudly at the impact, and rolled before disappearing from the view of the glass. Only a lucky <C>
Kharakia grab would have stopped her fall for a moment, as she hung from another angled piece of metal just to the side of the 'head' of the spacecraft, before another heavy thud as she came to rest on the hanger floor, and after a few long seconds, slowly moved trying to seat herself upright…~

Auzdein von Himmler : [Upon seeing the Glith, whom he didn't know were even aboard, appear and land on the windshield panel of his ship, his eyes went wide for a moment in non-plussed amusement and surprise. Unbuckling the 5-point harness from his seat, he jogged out of the cockpit while tapping in a message to his PDA, and made his way down to suit up to investigate.]

Nyria Serra : [Hearing the firefly captain pass by overhead, she looked up her open ladderwell from her room in the lower half of the neck of the small ship, and returned to putting her things away before she climbed up to see what was going on. The emergency ride out of the New Horizon the other night had left her visibly shaken.]

Dreadnought Ship : [[[Crews of repair personnel, guards, techies, and the like, continued to rotate out on overlapping shifts to continue the round-the-clock repair and reloading work for the 7,000-staffed warship. The command (bridge) and CDC modules had returned to their places inside the ship, and reestablished their connections for reactor power and network.]]]

Firefly Class Ship : *Now parked on the platform and anchored by the robotic latches to the nonskid, the ship continued to hiss and whine down as it powered down all systems except the air recycling and internal clock. The impact from the falling Glitch hadn't budged the windshield, which was several layers thick and coated to resist shatter and concussions.*

Dr Sasha Bulgakov : {Once again, he had thoroughly -not- enjoyed the wild ride off the New Horizon, and wondered how long it took space faring crew to adjust to the harrowing escapes and evasive maneuvers. Unstrapping from his seat in the cargo hold of the firefly, where he'd barely made it to in the evacuation, he stood and tried to collect himself before exiting.}

Kharakia The hard landing onto the metal floor would have been unpleasant to say the least. She had been lucky enough not to have landed on her head, having landed partly on her side, and be able to 'flow' the impact though her. The cybernetic arm was already limp from the initial impact, <C>
Kharakia having broken the elbow joint that had taking the brunt of the force before being landed on again. From what she could tell, nothing was broken besides a few rib as she whizzed in breaths, and let out a few heavy coughs as she was able to roll to her side. Besides the uniform that she had <C>
Kharakia been wearing for the last few days, which now had taken a few open cuts from the impact against the space craft. " A lil phraktos. Ele ussa." She wheezed out before coughing again, trying to stand.~

Brahan Fionn Odhar : [suiting up to join the captain, he donned his biohazard over-suit and readied one of the laserifles stowed aboard the modified firefly. Looking over at the doctor, he smirked inside his helmet but quickly wiped it off his face. He enjoyed the flights so far, but he didn't want to irritate the doc with jokes about his butterflies this soon.]

Auzdein von Himmler : [now in his biohazard suit, he carried his tactically slung assault rifle with him to the hatch on the side of the firefly's cargo hold, and waited for Brahan to join him as they stacked up. by now, his message would have been received by security aboard the NH, and a team would be joining them to see who the intruder was.]

Nyria Serra : she climbed up the narrow ladderwell to the neck hallway and walked to the hatch revealing the cargo hold's catwalk, gripping the railing for stability as she moved. Her nerves were still a little shot and she was trying to compose herself. She saw Brahan and the captain at the side hatch for personnel, and waited in her lofty overwatch, still –c
Nyria Serra : - unaware as to what was going on, and not wanting to interrupt.]

Dreadnought Ship : [[[Repairs continued well into the night, and midrats were brought out by personnel conveyor belt or working party. The escort ships, including a freighter, ferried replacement material and supplies across, creating space lanes of highway like traffic between the once again distant warships in the strike group.]]]

Firefly Class Ship : *the small side hatch hissed and swung inward and open to reveal the 2 suited men inside. The rest of the ship had powered down by now, and was only faintly and sporadically creaking and popping like a recently heated engine block. The ship showed signs of shrapnel ricochet and peppering from its evacuation exposure.*

Dr Sasha Bulgakov : {He finally shook out the jitters and stood off to the side, watching as the other two made their way to the side hatch. He didn't bother to ask what they were doing, already assuming it was another of the seemingly many and frequent violent incidents that came with being temporarily stationed aboard this ship.}

Kharakia By all appearances to Auzdein and Brahan, Kharakia was completely unarmed, and was. Most of the combat gear, computers, and other handheld items that she would have normally had, would have still within the confines of the quarinteen area. That much she knew of as she looked <C.
Kharakia towards the sounds of a hiss and a hatch clanking open against metal. "Rescho, rescho, Usstan inbal nau shaedyl." She said to the pair, stumbling a bit as she started to stand. By all appearances, she looked human. But the pointed ears that were sticking though her brown-blonde hair was a <C.
Kharakia give-away that she wasn't, as well as the small rings around the inside of her irus of her eyes

Auzdein von Himmler : [with his weapon at the ready (pointing forward, cheek on the buttstock, eye on the tactical scope) he band-stepped it forward a few meters closer to the alien and used his non-trigger hand to make a flat hand shape and a get-down arm motion, keeping his weapon sighted in on the creature. 'Interesting humanoid.' He thought. Aliens didn't much -c-
Auzdein von Himmler : shock or phase him at this point, but he still took precaution with each one. Humans were enough of a handful for him in the past.]

Dreadnought Ship : [[[a security team quickly entered their section of the hangar bay from one of the far hatches along the bulkhead, and jogged over, fanning out as they approached, all wearing the biohazard gear from before. Most hadn't had a chance to take it off since the evacuation, and were smelling accordingly within it. The team encircled the Glith and -c-
Dreadnought Ship : looked to Himmler for an explanation of why this one wasn't with the Glith group being escorted aboard their docked vessel in the other hangar.]]]

Nyria Serra : [standing at the top of the catwalk, she watched as the captain and Brahan exited the small hatch, noticing how fluidly they moved. She had often studied body language at the Companion Training House, and saw that the captain didn't seem to move up or down much when he walked. -at least not with his weapon. She looked down to the doctor...]

Firefly Class Ship : *now powered down and nearing silence, its small side hatch remained opened and tilted inward to the cargo hold.*

Dr Sasha Bulgakov : {After he watched the two exit the ship, he felt eyes on him and looked up to see their new companion, gave a faint smile and then turned his attention back to the still open hatch, deciding to approach it and see what was going on outside. No gunfire... He thought it safe to take a look... Peeking out, he saw the Glith and called to the guards –c
Dr Sasha Bulgakov : - "Wait. I know that one. That's their leader." He hopped down from the open side hatch and flagged over the captain and the leader of the guard force to speak with him.}

Brahan Fionn Odhar : [He kept his weapon sighted in on the Glith, who he did not know had been on the ship with the others of its kind. Every now and then his eyes would dart left or right to check the rest of the hangar, but he mostly used his peripheral vision to stay on line with the other security personnel. The alien had his pulse going. He had never been off-c-
Brahan Fionn Odhar : world before, let alone seen an alien. He had always heard they were just rumors or jokes or ghost stories to keep kids in bed at night.]

Kharakia was slow to move to a knee, largely because of the pain she was experiencing, and it was enough to see that her left arm was completely unusable. The Glith already knew that this was a poor situation for her, and slowly moved as best she could to lay flat on the deck. She would <C.
Kharakia however, keep her head up and look around, hoping to perhaps see a guard that had been with the Glith, and knew what happened, or perhaps someone of the medical crew. "Usstan uil naut natha ogglinn, Usstan zhahus plynnet dal lil xonathull a lil Eldar lueth zhahus yutsu."

Auzdein von Himmler : [He held his position, glancing to Brahan and the other security personnel before raising his muzzle to turn and jog back to where their new doctor stood. "What's going on?" he spoke through the synthesizer on the suit's helmet. His visor only had one layer down and showed his slightly frowning facial expression. One hand was raised in question.]

Nyria Serra : [inching her way around the catwalk, finally adjusting to her space-legs (like sea legs hehe), she reached the stairs down to the raised catwalk platform about halfway down into the cargo hold, still unable to see what was going on outside, but hearing the talking. Her hair was still tied back in a hasty ponytail she had made while on the run. -c-
Nyria Serra : She looked around to see if anyone else was still on board with them, having remained gripping the bed posts in her room during the evacuation, and not bothering to do much other than say her prayers. The ship seemed empty and oddly quiet. Maybe she was just used to the berthing and electrical hums...]

Dreadnought Ship : [[[The squad leader of the security force encircling the Glith jogged over with Himmler and waited for the doctor to explain. "You'd better get a suit on, sir." he told Bulgakov, knowing he didn't have to explain why. None of the reports on immuno-compatibility had reached the crew yet, and they weren't about to take any risks after everything –c
Dreadnought Ship : - that had transpired already.]]]

Firefly Class Ship : *the firefly remained silent, finally cooled off and matching the temperature of its surroundings inside the hangar. The engines' internal fins were no longer aglow, and the spinning inards of the main drive had stopped rotating. All was at peace, despite some superficial seasoning.*

Dr Sasha Bulgakov : {nodding to both men and acknowledging the sailor's recommendation, he informed them of his familiarity with the Glith they'd encircled "That one is no threat as far as we can tell. Initial communication attempts were peacefully returned. I don't know how it appeared here, but let me suit up and patch in to the ship's AI if it's up. Maybe I can-
Dr Sasha Bulgakov : c- interpret some more and figure out what's going on. Give it any medical attention it needs while I'm preparing." and with that, he turned and hopped back up into the open side hatch of the Firefly to get his suit on.}

Brahan Fionn Odhar : [He studied the Glith, looking it up and down, and frowning a bit in curiosity at its features -those of its gear and physique. It kinda looked like a male, kinda like a female, and he wasn't about to guess and offend the thing. He noticed its wounded arm and glanced around real quick for the captain. "Captain-" not wanting to say his name in –c
Brahan Fionn Odhar : - of the alien "-Better take a look at it. I think it's wounded, sir."]

Augustine Bilderberg : <Up in his office in the New Horizon, he finished sending off the latest reports to his corporate underlings, letting them know only what they needed to, and observing OPSEC in not saying anything about the recent contact incidents. He would speak with the Executive Officer about that matter later, and what, if anything, he could use for his -c-
Augustine Bilderberg : business.>

Kharakia would have only remained quiet as she faced the barrels of several firearms. As for the Crew of the Almighty, none would have known for the time being that their Shipmaster had returned, most of them being inside on of the rooms allotted for them after the quarantine~

Auzdein von Himmler : [turning back around, he slowly walked up to offer a friendly smile (no teeth showing) and open hand to the alien humanoid. He wondered if the alien called the humans "alienoids" or "Glithoids", since we looked like it did. Keeping his shooting hand on the pistol grip, and his finger off the trigger and resting on its guard, he waited for it to respond.
Nyria Serra : [She finally mustered the courage to walk down the rest of the steps, enjoying her legs no longer shivering in the adrenalin and aftermath of the evacuation events. She saw the doctor climb back up into the small side service hatch and walk to get his suit. She smiled curtly and crept her way up to the edge of the hatch to lean her head out. -c-
Nyria Serra : Seeing the alien, she caught her eyes going wide and quickly recomposed herself in accordance with her training. Deciding it best to remain inside and not risk any diseases, she waited and looked around for the doctor, wondering if she should hold her breath...]

Kharakia With some of the security team lowering weapons and keeping them safe, as well as the sounding of boots against the deck of Auz, Kharakia looked up to see the offered hand, to which she slowly drew her knees in, and lifted her self with her right arm. Getting up was still painful, but at <C>
Kharakia least she accepted the help from the human, and was able to lift herself up fully. " G'rftte" She said, sighing from the amount of attention the Glith seemed to garnish from Humanity. Was it just them or all alien life that gave them reason to take up arms and threaten death? Perhaps it was human nature~

Dreadnought Ship : [[[The squad leader of the security force signaled for a couple of his men to step in and assist the Glith in walking. Two of them flicked their weapons to safe and slung them, stepping in to put the Glith's healthy arm over one of their shoulders, while the other guards lowered their weapons and formed a circle around the Glith to keep anyone not
Dreadnought Ship : -c- suited at a safe distance from exposure to it. Contact with the crew was still generally forbidden, and River City was still in effect for the whole strike group, save critical transmissions between the Captains, Admiral, and the UAP Command back planet-side.]]]

Firefly Class Ship : *the air was fresh and crisp as it continued to sway back and forth through the small side hatch of the firefly, having been recently pumped in from the reserve tanks scattered about the inside of the NH. It was distinct, but not like the chemical-laden and humid-heavy air of naval vessels of earlier generations.*

Dr Sasha Bulgakov : {After suiting up as quickly as he could, and checking his gauges and holo-HUD, he made his way back out the side hatch, stepping down a bit more carefully this time, to see the guards helping the Glith along to the hangar hatch about a hundred meters away from the Firefly. He jogged to catch up, net-book now in hand coming online.}

Brahan Fionn Odhar : [He put his weapon on safe and slung it with the rest of them, and walked alongside his captain, studying the alien the whole time. He wanted to ask it so many questions, but had no idea how, or if they'd let him with his absence of a clearance or ship affiliation. He still wondered if he was seen as a terrorist in some of their eyes, or if any -
Brahan Fionn Odhar : c- them had even been told of his origins just a few months back.]

Augustine Bilderberg : <Stretching and kicking his heels up onto his desk, he leaned back in the decent armchair they'd provided him with his private office aboard the ship. It wasn't the first class he'd grown accustomed to over his decades in the gray, but it suited him for the time being. Especially with all the new assets and interest he was gaining on this venture
Augustine Bilderberg : . He looked at his computer screen and saw the video feed from Himmler's helmet mounted camera. He had been observing their group the whole time.>

Kharakia The Glith's chest still hurt to breath, making her breaths shorter than normal, but nothing that would have been life threatening. The limp left arm still swung poorly as one of the security assisted her in moving from the hanger. It would have been likely this would have lead to another trip <C>
Kharakia to decontamination, UV screens and such before being placed in quarantine, essentially meaning several more hours by herself while the rest of the Glith crew enjoyed some leisure time, or had they been granted some time with the humans to learn about them, and assist them in <C.
Kharakia repairing their ship? She wouldn't know as he looked back towards Sasha, the only familiar face among the group. " Phuul ussta lodias jugare, Sasha? " She called back, trying to crane her neck around to see the Doctor, though hissed half why though her sentence because of the broken ribs and <C>
Kharakia strain on her collar bones~

LT_M_Collins Though looking like shit warmed over, and dealing with only half of her platoon and some mook from the chow hall, the Dropship bay was a buzz of activity as those who were returning from the evacuation were processed back through. "Hey, whoa what the hell is that?" Zie asked a civilian as he coming through the processing point with a large bag <>

Dr Sasha Bulgakov : {Catching up quickly, he waited for the speaker on his net-book to capture what the Glith was saying, isolate the sounds from the other ones around it, and work with what it had downloaded as far as the Glith language assumptions went. It returned back the translation, and he prepared and spoke his response through the helmet synth -c-

LT_M_Collins that set off the local explosive sensors. "Fertilizer." The young woman meekly answered looking over the rim of her glasses. "Cpl, search this bag." Zie motioned to the burly mook of a cook to take the civilian aside.

Dr Sasha Bulgakov : "Usstan uil jorosin nin, Kharakia. Lu'oh phuul dos? Xun dos jivviim? Xun dos inbal t'larryo?"}

Dreadnought Ship : [[[AI still not up yet. Thanks for the fireworks. HAL 9000 will have to do for now.]]]

Auzdein von Himmler : [Following with the group, he gave a thumbs up briefly in his helmet visor's view for the investor to see and perhaps get a chuckle out of. Keeping an eye on the mini-messages and icons appearing in the holo-HUD inside his helmet, he got word that the Glith was to be taken in for some questioning in the quarantined medbay. He informed the -c-
Auzdein von Himmler : squad leader of the security force and tapped Brahan on the shoulder to fall back with him. "Doctor," he called through his helmet synth to Bulgakov. "Tell the Glith I said it was a pleasure to make its acquaintance, and that I hope it makes a speedy recovery. ...And ask it what gender it is." he grinned as he fell back from the group.]

Nyria Serra : [Waiting inside the Firefly, she hadn't had any word or indication from the others to suit up, so she assumed -hoped- it was safe to remain clothed as lightly as she was. Letting down her ponytail, she shook her hair out into a fluff of bouncy curls and let it settle around her shoulders and collarbone. Not sure what she should do at this point,-
Nyria Serra : she went to her room to check her PDA for any word on a reestablished connection with the NH network, or any word of how her sisters aboard the ship had fared in the evacuation.]

Dreadnought Ship : [[[The security team continued to help the Glith walk to the medbay that was once again quarantined -now with its atmosphere restored- and turned it over to the medical techs standing by waiting for it, having already sent advance word to them through the j-dial system along their route through the ship.]]]

Dr Sasha Bulgakov : {He continued to walk side by side with Khara until they were in the medbay, where he straightened the sheets on the emergency room table before Khara readied to lie down on it for a check-up and bandaging if need be. Looking to his net-book, he waited for Khara to make the next move, and prepared a list of questions in the Glith language.}

Brahan Fionn Odhar : [stepping back from the group, he joined the captain and looked around the p-ways he'd seldom set foot in. Most of his time was spent in the gym or on the Firefly, hiding out kinda since he still felt uneasy being around the side of the military he had spent so many years fighting a guerilla war planet-side against. He'd heard rumors of the clone
Brahan Fionn Odhar : -c- Alexis flagging down fugitives with her pistol and toying with them before they disappeared.]

Augustine Bilderberg : <He smirked at the thumb gesture and let it slide, feeling confident no one else in the busied group of escorts saw it. "Fucking ex military. Always have the same attitude." he smiled to himself as he continued to watch the video feed. His feet remained up on his desk, one ankle resting atop the other, and his arms resting on the chair-sides.>

Kharakia " Ussta suul zhah retlah del jiv'undus lueth ussta zet da're orn ssrig'luin xund Rilu'oh Usstan uil mzild ezsakil bauth ussta oldies, Sasha" She said, looking around the small group of people that had, well, would be protecting, and caging her at the same time. "Usstan shlu'ta dajakk ussta <C.
Kharakia da're, Usstan fridj ssrig'luin ussta syr eil masi vas. Nind zhal'la tlu xuil lil v'dre del ussta Taern'm aezedael nindel zhahus plynnet" She would say to the doctor as the group moved into the medical pay. Slowly Kharakia would have moved from the Guard's shoulder to the metal bed, and for <C>
Kharakia now sat on it. So far, she wouldn't lay down, but start to remove the upper part of her uniform. Under it, was the same black tank-top like shirt (think in military terms people) and would rest her right hand on the top of her left shoulder. What might have looked like smooth skin, was <C>
Kharakia quickly popped off, showing the machine that it hid. It was the only part of her arm that didn't feel. She had been more focused on getting that worked again, or at least seeing how badly the damage was, than wondering what the human asked about her. Like she could understand human right now.

Auzdein von Himmler : [Returning to his Firefly, he did a quick sweep over his suit and rifle in the medbay before doffing and stowing it all. Back in his normal outfit of casual semi-fatigues, he returned to the cockpit to check on everything -namely the windshield.]

LT_M_Collins The local radios that the independent military units throughout the ship chirped to life as mandatory updates were being reported to the entire crew. The Core was down and it was estimated that it would take nearly a week to upload the back up data. Zie shook her head at that tidbit of information allowing her rifle to fall to her side, still <>

Nyria Serra : [Walking through the neck hallway, she stopped at the hatch up into the cockpit and studied the captain before stepping up and in. "Captain, ..." she began with a pause, waiting for him to finish his inspections.]

LT_M_Collins attached by the shoulder strap. Leaning her head back against the back of her body armor she attempted to pop her neck but ended up failing. Moving to the other side of the hangar, she posted herself on a large cargo box and popped a squat to watch the processing
LT_M_Collins attached by the shoulder strap. Leaning her head back against the back of her body armor she attempted to pop her neck but ended up failing. Moving to the other side of the hangar, she posted herself on a large cargo box and popped a squat to watch the processing

Dreadnought Ship : [[[The medical personnel continued to assess and bandage up the Glith, but couldn't administer any intravenous sedatives or pain relievers yet -not even basic antiseptics- as its genome had yet to be fully studied.]]]

Firefly Class Ship : *the Firefly remained cool and dimly lit, with only trace amounts of light making it through the internal hatches from a few portholes and the cockpit windshield panels out to the hangar bay and its ceiling mounted lights*

Dr Sasha Bulgakov : {Waiting a few moments for the translations to come through, he read off the English characters phonetically describing how to respond to the Glith. "Vel'drav udos dajakk dos aglust lueth aglust, udos alu dos ulu dos lueth xas morfeth inbau dos it'x." Hoping he got the message across that he would take her to her ship and gear.}

Brahan Fionn Odhar : [having returned to the Firefly with his captain, he followed suit into the medbay to check his gear and weapon before returning them to their places in the cargo hold. He kept another set in his room, and decided to return there for some shut-eye before the next epic disaster struck. 'Good times' he thought as he made his way up the steps to the-
Brahan Fionn Odhar : -c- catwalk, and around to the hatch to the neck hallway and his room's tiny ladderwell.]

Augustine Bilderberg : <Now observing the Glith in the medbay, and the Glith re-entering their ship in another video feed, he began to ponder how he could approach the Captain or XO of the NH with his proposal regarding them, and any that wished to remain in contact...>

Shelwe [A figure stalked the halls of the New Horizon. She had a camo-lined cloak which concealed her elegant body. An aurora of energy was cast about her, runes of strange technologies rendering her effectively no more than a ghost. Even her signature upon the ship was non-existent. The ghost floated upon psychic energies, towards the medical bay. -c-
Shelwe Lesser beings walked around her, for reasons they could not fathom. In the back of their minds, something told them to, a primal, illogical demand that was subconsciously met. At last, she came across the Glith. The one that possessed a certain Wraithbone covered coin. The ghost folded her arms and proceeded to observe. It seemed that her -c-
Shelwe -c- 'partner' had an artificial arm of sorts. Something was in disrepair. The ghost whispered to her, and a voice appeared in the creature's head. "Are you in pain, are you in need of aid?"]

Kharakia sighed, but hissed loudly as one of the assistance started to give the Glith a bandage wrap around her mid-section, though it would have been done after having to remove the shirt and get it to properly wrapped. " Ji verve izil … Usstan inbau nindyn …it'x. Usstan orn tlu ula. " She <C>
Kharakia hissed loudly again, as the bandage was secured tightly again. " a lil phraktos naut ji dubo. " But with that, she would have gone silent, looking around as she heard the voice, but then saw the figure as if it was a image within her eye. She sighed then, and merely though. "Yes, no thanks to the Webway."~

Auzdein von Himmler : [He turned back, noticing Serra, and smiled to her through tired eyes, albeit welcoming ones. "Yes, Lady Serra?" he asked, resting one hand on the pilot's chair now beside him.]

LT_M_Collins The boredom of working as a gate guard for the ship was not how she thought she would be spending her time, however, there had to be some order to this chaos that happened over the past couple of days.

Nyria Serra : [She paused, squinting faintly as she studied him again. "...I thought we might continue our yoga... and I wanted to ask you something." She waited for him to inquire or speak further. She had seen his bottle of pills, and was worried about him, as well as for herself and his crew, especially after seeing how he liked to fly by the seat of his -
Nyria Serra : pants.]

Dreadnought Ship : [[[The personnel aboard the ship continued to labor to repair the damaged p-ways and hatches, as well as to restore the extensive ship's data core. The rotations were well managed by the AI, and the security force was no longer over-tasked. The mess halls came back online, and the Paleo food that was still catching on throughout the UAP began to-
Dreadnought Ship : sate the appetites of the re-boarding crew and contractors.]]]

Firefly Class Ship : *the ship remained quiet and cool with no breeze inside now that the hatches were all closed. A faint whisper of air could be heard right up next to the still working ventilation system exit points, but that was all. The entire outside remained peppered and dinged with black pock marks and tiny metal bits.*

Shelwe [The Ghost smirked inwardly. Even utterly invisible to these creatures, she would not express emotion. Too much emotion for an Eldar was dangerous, and led to a state of decadence and depravity- things that might Arwen were trying to fight. "I'm uncertain what you are referring to; we've launched you back by shuttle. Perhaps it had been too… -c-
Shelwe -c-intense of a landing." The spirit floats around the Glith, and hovers behind her, like some sort of guardian. She then wraps her arms around the Alien creature, as pain is drained from the creature's senses. "Pain is but inadequate control of the senses, Glith. Inhale and exhale, then be refreshed. Our task is about to begin."]

Dr Sasha Bulgakov : {Before he could respond to Khara, he noticed her noticing something else in the room, and looked around, albeit difficultly in his bulky suit. Wondering what Khara was seeing, he began to check his instruments and readings.}

LT_M_Collins Zie popped the magazine out of her rifle without looking. Her finger on the mag release, the magazine dropped smoothly into her hand. The iridescent glow of the plasma rounds she carried glistened in the harsh lights of hangar bay. Glancing down she made a mental count. Thirty rounds a piece, she carried six extra mags for her rifle, six for her<>
LT_M_Collins side arm, each side arm mag carried 15 rounds. Sighing slightly she did the math, satisfied that she had enough she slapped the mag back into place without loading a round into the chamber before turning her attention back to the group of civilians milling about the hangar bay.<D>

Shelwe [The unseen creature turns her attention to the apothecary in the cold metal room. He was being curious, a tad too curious. Not that their primitive technology was capable of cataloging her presence. At least not for another twenty-eight thousand years from now, according to some seers. Still, she had to entertain him. The Ghost floated -c-
Shelwe -c-towards the man, and performed a gesture with her left hand. Three runes came up, dissipating into one. Then something appeared in the man's head. "Paging Doctor Bulgakov, you are needed in examination room number two."]

Kharakia She looked towards the doctor, and gave a small smile towards him. "Zhlaass dosstan, Sasha Usstan uil ula." Of coarse by now, she had been tended to as much as she could with her physical injuries. With the Eldar presence being there of coarse helping with the pain management, <C.
Kharakia and the supplies for her arm would be coming soon. With a heavy inhale and exhale, she quietly worked on her left arm, disconnecting a wire or two, and carefully removing the synthic skin from the metal arm ~

Auzdein von Himmler : ["I'd like that, Serra." he let the formalities and courtesies slide for the moment, sensing something more than just the pills and welfare questioning was up. Taking a step away from his pilot's seat, he looked down to her and let his gaze fall onto that of her own, looking into the backs of her eyes before studying her in return.]

Nyria Serra : [Looking up into his eyes, she leaned back just a bit before realizing it and corrected her posture with a hand going out to rest on the side of the hatch from the neck hallway. "Join me in my room?" she turned her body just a bit to the side to suggest he follow.]

Dreadnought Ship : [[[The crew continued to make its overlapping duty rotations as the New Horizon quickly came back online. Steering was still mostly manual at this point, but the data restoration process was going fairly smoothly. It would still be a while before the archive was back up, but the important systems were ready to operate again shortly.]]]

Firefly Class Ship : *the cool, dry, dimly lit Firefly remained parked and anchored atop its platform inside the hangar bay of the New Horizon. Inside the neck hallway, faint footsteps on metal grating and plates could be heard for a moment. Brahan closed the ladderwell down to his room and settled in for some shuteye. Curtains and drapes hung throughout Nyria's room
Firefly Class Ship : *

Dr Sasha Bulgakov : {Nodding in response to Khara after reading the translation of what she had said, he continued to frown a bit in confusion and inspection of her rapidly improving demeanor. Something was amiss here. He looked around the room again casually, then back to her. What was he missing? He checked his net-book and looked over at the other medical techs.
Dr Sasha Bulgakov : Nothing...}

Shelwe [Here was a Mon-Keigh, in complete confusion and paranoia over the possibility of her presence. It was amusing to the Ghost. On this occasion, and for the time duration, she was not hostile. The same could not be said for the other presence in the ship. She was not the only cloaked individual within this vessel.]

Auzdein von Himmler : [As he followed the young, fairly small Nyria down the ladderwell to her well furnished small room aboard his Firefly, he made no effort to mask checking her out as she descended and as she turned to welcome him into her room. But before they could begin to pick up the yoga where they'd been interrupted before, his mind keyed in again... -c-
Auzdein von Himmler : he turned to look back at the ladderwell for a moment, then closed his eyes, raising a hand to calm and reassure Nyria he was alright. "Are you there?" he said in his thoughts, feeling the being he'd accidentally linked minds with before was close by again... "Are you there??"]

Kharakia As Kharakia removed the 'skin' from her arm, it was clear that the joint itself had been broken, and that several cables had been severed in the fall. The Glith didn't know exactly if humanity had the same level of technology, but the construction of her own prosthetic might have been <C.
Kharakia interesting. The structure itself largely copied Glith anatomy, which was then covered by synthic muscle and other fibers that weren't necessarily obvious as to what they were. "Usstan uil al z'lonzic ulu alu Usstan talinth. shlu'ta udos alu ulu inbau lil vas nin? " ~

Nyria Serra : [Noticing his sudden change, she narrowed her eyes and cocked her head in inspection and curiosity. She didn't hear or see anything, and wondered again about the pills she'd seen him take. Taking a quiet step forward, she softly spoke his name "Captain Himmler...?" and let her hands slide around and warm the one he'd extended to her.]
LT_M_Collins"EL- T?" Nettles called from the other side of the hangar bay motioning to her to come over. "What is it Nettles?" She returned the inquiry without moving, her newest recruit got the hint and jogged over towards her. "All the civilians are accounted for what next?" Zie took a deep breath before she responded.<C>

Dreadnought Ship : [[[The crew continued about their business, none of them the wiser about the higher-tech being aboard their bustling vessel. The strike group continued to sail through the great Black near Beaumonde...]]]

Firefly Class Ship : *the interior of the Firefly remained as quiet as before, but was a bit unsettling now with the way Himmler was picking up on things again.*

LT_M_Collins "Patrol the corridors. While the ship is down, we have no eyes on the inside as it were. Form up and move out. Two man teams."

Dr Sasha Bulgakov : {He waited for the translation to come through on his net-book screen, which was taking less time every round he noted, and looked up to Khara with a nod "yes" and a motion of his hand. He'd like to study the prosthetic, but that would have to wait. Rising, he motioned for some of his medical staff to join them, and the guards stood aside.}

Kharakia took a few moments to gather her shirt, as well as the upper half of her uniform and so far, draped it around her shoulders before taking the shirt and synthetic skin in hand. The Glith was not nude, considering that the bandages around her chest were good enough coverage for <C.
Kharakia now. But she knew that she would need additional clothes and such…only have one pair of uniforms and a few odds and ends of clothing for everything else, was not good. " A mayar vel'klar shlu'ta Usstan inbau natha thir'ku del ofil'nisha ghil?"

Glen Masters the wood was starting to crack. The wood was a tad old and dilapidated, so the extra concentrated weight didn't help. The rocking back and forth would be it's true demise as the chair drifted back one more time. The chair made a loud cracking sound, shattering both the back legs. Glen opened his eyes wide, "Shiiiiiiiiit!" He yelled as he fell <c>
Glen Masters <c> on his back and rolled out of the chair. The price he had to pay for falling asleep in Engineering Bay. As he fell he smacked his head on the metal grating. "Aw, damn!" He sat up and wiped his eye with one hand and his head with the other. Bringing his hand in front it had a small bit of blood on it. "Gat damnit! The infrim-ary again?" he <c>
Glen Masters took the lift up to the deck and exited the lift. From there he would walk to the informatory and set on a table, awaiting treatment. As he sat there he would look at the floor pondering what to tell the doc, definitely not that he was sleeping and fell out of the chair.

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