Sand Castle News:  This attraction is now open for tourism.
The Sand Castle
The Sand Castle

The Sand Castle of Inisfree is a full-sized castle with a full moat and working draw-bridge. Adult humans are able to walk inside its every chamber, turret, and stairwell with plenty of room in all directions to spare.  There is even enough sand here to make miniature sand castles inside it!

Dimensions & Layout:
This sand castle's base measures 462'x462', giving it 213,444 square feet of floor-space on its 1st floor; ground level.  Its moat is just over 60 feet wide, increasing the total square footage for this property to 278,784.  Standing 300 feet tall in some places, its tallest turrets and other structures have up to 30 stories a piece.  There is a working drawbridge on its side farthest from the shore, and torch sconces both inside and outside on its walls throughout. Banners, pennants, and streamers hang from poles and other mounts from this castle's exterior walls and conical rooftops.  There are even rooms fully furnished with canopy beds, chairs, couches, and even thrones that look and feel as though they are made entirely out of slightly wet, packed sand.

Special Features:
Guests are welcome to spend the night in this Inisfreean attraction, though they should keep in mind that at sundown the drawbridge will be raised (and kept that way until sunrise) and an Inisfreean guard posted.  There is no threat or danger during nightfall; this is just part of the life-like show.