News with Sarah:  Extracted from the Outlands during the Rapture Campaign, this teenager has earned her place in Inisfree as First Girl.

Personnel Database Access:

Accessing Alliance Cortex database for retrieval of personnel record for one:
"Sarah Conrad"  Kajira Registration Number:  XXX-XX-XXXX

Partial Access Granted:  Personal Contact Data Withheld

Life Summary

1996: 0: 31 October, Sarah is born 5 minutes to midnight within the local hospital to Jane Hall.

1997-1999: 1-3: Sarah spends her life in daycares and with babysitters as her mother struggles to support them both after Damien Hall ditches them for another woman.

2000- 2007: 4-11: Elementary school; a colorful prison for children. Mom remarries to Ricardo and gives birth to two baby boys. Mom seems to take Ricardo's side over Sarah's about everything. Sarah becomes distant and aloof toward her family.

2008- 2011: 12-15: High School Hell; the drama-queens and pretty-boys are back with a vengeance. Sarah studies in Biology to hopefully either become a mortician or massage therapist.

2012-2013: 16: The Rapture; Sarah is pre-screened by an Inisfreean-commanded Black Ops force of male Outlanders (story here) during the months leading up to the Rapture Campaign, then left to assume she has been rejected, then extracted by an actual Inisfreean expeditionary force and air-shipped across the hemisphere to the sub-glacial docking hangars of Inisfree, getting to see her whole planet being rapidly terraformed along the way (story here).  Her High School Hell is over. Like a gifted student skipping grades and beginning college coursework early, Sarah is reassigned to her new institution of higher learning; the subterranean Receiving Facility bunker-silos complex, and the Alpha Delta Omega sorority; the girls deemed by Inisfree to be well on their way to perfection.

2014-Present: 17: Sarah demonstrates an innate and exemplary kajira (slave girl) tendency and talent set, and quickly rises through the concubine candidate ranks to become a graduated kajira of Inisfree, as well as the city leader's First Girl (story here).​  Interestingly, this guarantees her moments assisting both (the Inisfreean versions of) morticians and massage therapists, among other things, and to a far greater extent than she would have ever known possible back in the world from which she blossomed. The valedictorian of her class, she becomes a prized member of Inisfree's Concubine Corps, her first duty station being the flagship city itself, though whenever its King travels, he always remembers to take her as an attaché to his entourage. The tides of the Universe having shifted, and, the proverbial tables now fully turned, it is Sarah who most people in her life tend to side with -and always for the right and most thoughtful of reasons.

Additional reading about this character:

Birth Name:  Sarah Conrad
Age:  17
RP Status:  Full time
Planet Of Birth:  Earth
Place(s) of Upbringing:  Earth, then Inisfree

Height / Weight:  5’8”, 135 lbs. (at 1G)

Hair / Eyes:  Brown (shoulder length, wavy) / Hazel

Ethnicity:  American

Complexion:  Caucasian, lightly tanned

Markings / Piercings:  None / None
Scars / Prosthetics:  None / None
Garb / Attire:  kajira garb; diaphanous silk, etc.

Affiliation:  Inisfree's Concubine Corps
Nationality:  American

Astrological Signs:  Cancer

Stamina:  Athletic
Physique:  fit underneath curves
BFI:  20%

Occupation:  Kajira, Pleasure Slave
Employer:  Auzdein von Himmler
Employer Location:  Nomadic 

Blood Type:  A+
Aliases:  N/A
Call Signs / Code Names:  N/A

---[Biological Family]---
Father: Ricardo Conrad
Mother: Jane Conrad

快感 奴隸

Sarah Conrad
The Perfect Slave Collar

This is the slave collar that only the best slave girl in all Inisfree is authorized to wear. When Sarah Conrad graduated at the top of her class, and continued to impress the Governor of Inisfree, she secured her place as that top-performing slave girl, also known as First Girl, or Kajira 1.  While all other slave girls wear an iron collar, the First Girl gets to wear a collar made from a single, massive diamond.

*These images show an all-diamond ring; a ring made from a single diamond, instead of a ring with a diamond mounted on it.  The evenly balanced, perfectly circular slave collars are not lopsided or heavy at any point in their curve, so picture the diamond slave collar as a perfect toroid, rather than a ring-shaped form.​​