Saucer Aerospaceport Ramp News:  This giant flying saucer is now the largest of its kind in all of Inisfree, a full super-highway section housed within it.
Saucer Aerospaceport Ramp
Saucer Aerospaceport Ramp

With a diameter of 1/4 of a mile (the same diameter as an Inisfreean Dropship), this flying saucer shaped, all-lanes exit-ramp of the Civilian Aerospaceport houses the corkscrew-like spiral of the entire 16-lane GAH.  The only other places in Inisfree which have super-highway corkscrews are within the Uber Geode, the Uber Sphynx, and, of course, the smaller (fewer than all 16 lanes) GAH sections wrapping up and down around the largest of Sotu's skyscrapers and (in Sotu's Under-concavity) ground-scrapers (stalactite-style buildings).  There are six disc-shaped landing-pads capable of supporting an airship of this size, but, like the C-5 on-ramp of this aerospaceport, this off-ramp, aerodynamic though it looks and is, will never fly.

While the C-5 is almost solely for incoming land traffic to this aerospaceport, this giant 'saucer' is almost solely for outgoing land traffic. Like the C-5 entry-gate, this giant saucer has a cockpit which can observe and seal off its section of the GAH, forcing land traffic to take detours around the aerospaceport. Also like the C-5 entry-gate, this exit-gate remains closed and locked whenever no aerospace traffic is scheduled, for there is no reason to keep an unused section of the GAH open, accessible, and active in such a case, for no land traffic would be transporting anyone to or from the aerospaceport during that time.

Flow of Traffic:
Though the entire 16-lane width of the full-sized GAH fits within and passes through this giant saucer, typically only the 8-lane side for outbound traffic is utilized.  One of the most curious sights within Inisfree is that of seeing entire, 3-story houses traveling out from the lower-and-outbound ramp of this giant saucer, driving along on their extra-wide, reserved lanes of the GAH. Don't want to take your car to the airport?  In Inisfree, you can take the whole house -with the car still in its garage; just drive your house there; to Inisfree's equivalent of an airport, and walk out your front (or any) door, down its steps, and off to the check-in lanes and terminals.
Acknowledging the Stepping Stones

Like the C-5 at the far-end of this aerospaceport, the giant flying saucer which completes this end of the aerospaceport was chosen as a titanic-sized, functional, statue-and-symbol; the C-5 represents the first form of successful, large-scale, airborne cargo transportation, while this classic UFO form represents the generation that followed.  With all of the makes, models, and versions of aircraft before, past, and in between, these formed the critical stepping stones that made the 'stairway to heaven' a reality for all.  Now, we have teleportation (available from every gate of every terminal in this aerospaceport, it is of note), but that is another story for another time...