SCUBA City News:  This facility now has entire skyscrapers underwater.

SCUBA is an acronym for Self-contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus, and it is here in SCUBA City where guests and Inisfreeans alike are trained in the wearing and use of the best SCUBA devices and accessories.

Dimensions & Layout:
This facility is divided into four equal sections, each 1,320' along any of its sides, giving each of these four water-filled chambers 2,299,968,000 cubic feet of space, with 1,742,400 square feet of floor-space at their bottom levels.  That means that 26,136 Olympic swimming pools could fit in each of these four sections.  All together, this facility holds more than 68,999,040,000 gallons of crystal-clear, constantly cleaned water.  Skyscrapers, completely submerged, have their foundations at the bottom levels of the four sections of this facility.  Along that underwater floor, as well as protruding at various places from the walls of each of these four chambers, are office-sized buildings and house-sized buildings, creating the appearance of a submerged game of cavern-sized Tetris.  The ceilings of each of this facility's four sections is transparent, allowing swimmers and divers here to see up and out whenever they aren't maneuvering through one of the submerged buildings, and there is 20' of vertical space between each chamber's water level and the clear, hard surface of these ceilings.  In almost every submerged building, there are also various types of water-proof light fixtures, many of which can be manually turned on and off. Lastly, classrooms and locker rooms with all of the equipment to train in this facility are located on ground level; at the top of this facility, which extends straight down 132 stories into Inisfree's local terrain.

Special Features:
Once just stacks of shipping containers in the general shapes of office buildings, SCUBA City now has not only skyscraper-sized buildings in it, but also ones which are called 'shape-shifters'; skyscrapers with independently rotating floors, making them appear to twist and morph into many different appearances from spirals to checkerboard-like exteriors.  Navigating through these is part of the advanced underwater training this facility offers.