Sea-tanks News:  This cubic-mile of adjoined aquariums now serves as a back-up facility storing living copies of many marine lifeforms.
The Sea-paddocks

These titanic-sized aquariums allow sea creatures up to the size of whales and giant squid enough room to swim for a full mile back and forth; the largest 'lap pools' in the world.  This construct is sometimes called the Oceanarium, and includes a mile-long tunnel allowing 16 lanes of superhighway traffic to drive right through its sea-bed.

Viewing Areas:
There are four distinct viewing areas from which guests may enjoy the sights of these hundreds of marine species as if they were on the bottom of the clearest, brightest oceans and seas:
  1. topside catwalks
  2. ground-level transparent-metal window-walls
  3. drive-through aquarium tunnel (for the GAH; imagine riding the open-air trolley through this!)
  4. ​​​bottom-side pedestrian tunnels (on the 'ocean bed'; the floor of these 'sea-tanks')

While SCUBA-diving is a daily occurrence in SCUBA City, it is almost completely forbidden in these Sea-tanks.  The sea creatures here are treated as people and, thereby, granted personal space which is protected by Inisfreean law enforcement personnel who patrol this facility while cloaked in their Storm Trooper suits.
[Sea-tanks Creatures] Directory

See what is swimming in each of Inisfree's own zoo's sea-sized aquarium tanks:

Giant Tank 1: Whales & Plankton
Giant Tank 2: Squids
Giant Tank 3: Dolphins & Porpoises
Giant Tank 4: Tortoises
Large Tank 1: Stingrays & Manta-rays
Large Tank 2: Fish
Large Tank 3: Jellyfish
Large Tank 4: Sea-snakes
Large Tank 5: Anemones, Crabs,
                     ​Lobsters, & Urchins

* Algae (seaweeds) are on the bottom of all of these sea-tanks.