Shape-shifting Skyscrapers News: Once featured only in Dubai (a realm now sunken like Atlantis), these innovative towers are now a design standard.
Shape-shifting Skyscrapers
Shape-shifting Skyscrapers

Written as 'SS SS', and called 'Quad S-es' for short, these skyscrapers have individually rotating floors, resulting in their outer forms appearing to change shape like slowly spinning and twisting towers or giant snakes standing upright.

The vast majority of the floors of these skyscrapers are identical and radially laid out, making navigation easy.  The tall, wide, central columns that provide the stability for these skyscrapers are unmoving, and there is only one per skyscraper, each one being equipped with multiple AIOWs.

Subterranean Partners:
Mirroring their location on the topside of Sotu, shape-shifting skyscrapers of equal dimensions and rotating floors designs are suspended from the gradually-domed ceiling of the Under Concavity; the cavernous enclosure situated exactly below the topside Sotu area.

You will see a number of yachts and sailboats casually traversing the waters of the Caribbean-colored moats that encircle and run between the tripod feet of many of the largest skyscrapers in this region of Inisfree.

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See what each shape-shifting sky-scraper (SSSS) in Inisfree looks like:

SSSS Name 1:

(all occupied by Outlander business offices, retail outlets, pent-house suites, etc.)​​
變身 摩天大樓