Skater Parks News:  There are now dozens of these attractions spread out for all the neighborhoods of Inisfree.
Skater & BMX Parks
Skater & BMX Parks

Whether roller-skating, roller-blading, skate-boarding, long-boarding, trike-ing, or BMX-ing, Inisfree's skater parks have everything you need to pull the greatest tricks, from grinders and 720s to gainers and triple-axles.

Dimensions & Layout:
Inisfreean skater parks range in size from just one standard backyard... to the size of a warehouse.  Each one has a different arrangement of ramps, rails, and related constructs, with all of them including at least one half-pipe and at least one full-pipe.

Special Features:
These parks and pits include all the greatest and signature features of the finest skateboarding video games, such as those of Anthony Frank "Tony" Hawk, allowing skaters to build up their skills to the level of the world famous X Games.
溜冰者 公園