Snow Dunes Area News:  This region of Inisfree is now home to our own version of China's Harbin Ice Festival.
Snow Dunes
The Snow Dunes Circle Peak-Plateau

This two-mile diameter plateau at the top and center of Inisfree's largest mountain is home to numerous attractions and facilities, including Inisfree's weather control station.  This is also the region of Inisfree where its Governor takes his sled team of Siberian Huskies on their weekly jogs.

Hydroelectric Power Source:
The constantly slowly thawing and melting snow of this region feeds the 8 waterfall spouts arranged at even intervals along the Avalanche Wall which encircles this region.  Water flowing from these spouts feeds Inisfree's canals, and, as it is pulled by gravity down the mountain slopes out toward and through the various Inisfreean neighborhoods in every direction, its passage spins the little fan blades of the nearly countless hydroelectric generators tastefully concealed below their water-lines, giving endless free, clean, 'green' energy to the whole of the city.

Curious Anomalies:
There are two main oddities one will notice when exploring this high-altitude realm of Inisfree:
  1. In some areas, the snow (though in all other ways looking, feeling, and behaving exactly like normal snow) is warm, not cold.
  2. In some areas, when it is dark enough (such as during Antarctica's dark-season; three months of unbroken night-time darkness), one can make out all the colors of the rainbow faintly glowing and fluctuating in their brightness like Christmas lights buried beneath the dunes of snow.​
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 - H.A.A.R.P. -
 - Harbin Ice Festival -
 - Ice Hotel & Igloos Village​​ -
 - Jetski Racetrack -
 - Overhang Base​ -
 - Spire Temple​ -
​​ - Tornado Crater -
 - Wedding B.A.S.E.-jump Point​ -


[Winter Fun Terminology] Directory

- 'Colorado-ing' is when you climb an Evergreen tree until the top breaks off and you fall down into the snow at its base with it.  The trouble is that in Inisfree, trees can't break, so our version is just climbing up until you lose your grip or footing.

​​- 'four-sledding' is when an ATV, sometimes called a 'four-wheeler', is taken out to pull a sled

​- 'hooky-bobbing' is when you hold onto the tailgate or rear bumper of a pickup truck and use your shoes to ski on the ice as it drives