Solariums News:  The Governor now enjoys sunning himself in several of these facilities.

Solarium is the term coined by the Inisfreeans for a tanning facility, though Inisfreeans do not use tanning beds like the Outlanders do.  Using crystal lenses and sunroofs, never UV-lights or lamps, Inisfreeans take natural light and focus it to varying intensities, also filtering it, based on the wishes of each tanner.  Whoever comes to these facilities to tan may pick the tanning bed type based on their wishes, each tanning bed and tanning area (such as patios and observation decks) being pre-set to exact conditions.

Inisfreean Tans:
All Inisfreeans tan naked, whether it's in one of these tanning-based constructs, atop their roofs, or just lying down in the middle of any field, public place, or beach spot.  This is just for sexy show, as Inisfreeans never need to tan in order to be tanned; they can change their tans and complexions at will.  Thus, there are no tan lines in Inisfree.

Dimensions & Layout:
Each solarium is about the size of a large house, measuring close to 60 feet across any of its foundation's four sides, and stands two stories tall, offering a wide variety of tanning environments ranging from cool with dappled sunlight... to hot with no shade at all.  For 'sun-worshippers' (lovers of beaches, tans, and direct sunlight) and 'sun-samplers' alike, Inisfree's solariums are the place to be.

The map of Inisfree shows 10 solariums, but there are now also solariums atop every skyscraper of Sotu, as well as many other places.  Every region of Inisfree has at least one.