SotU Area News:  This dense urban region of Inisfree now includes thousands of condos, office spaces, and penthouses.
SotU Area
SotU:  City within a City

The Basics:
Sotu is the name of the downtown, dense urban area of Inisfree which was inspired by Coruscant, and it takes its name from the abbreviation of one of the video games produced by W.G.I.; State of the Union. (W.G.I. is an intergalactic super-corporation whose headquarters is in the heart of this downtown area; WGI HQ Tower, situated in the exact center of Sotu.)  Sotu is the part of Inisfree which is arranged within an encircling perimeter wall to help minimize the 'light pollution' which would otherwise be caused by the many lights of this above-ground collection of towering office buildings, skyscrapers, and other constructs.  Five access ports at even intervals around Sotu's perimeter wall serve as the only holes for traffic to pass in and out of this inner city, and all of the support pillars for each section of the Glowing Art Highway (G.A.H.) here are, just like throughout the rest of Inisfree, not mere boxy concrete columns, but each in the form of the most beautifully perfect young women's bodies, their arms often up and outstretches as if upholding and glorifying both themselves and the amazing white and gold super-highway they are helping to support.

The Sections:
Sotu has an upper and lower hemisphere; a topside and a subterranean, domed, stadium-like enclosure serving as its gigantic 'basement', of sorts; the Under-concavity.  The upper hemisphere is further divided into 11 sections in a pentagram formation.  There is also an entire block zoned for Shibuyas.

The Events:
For certain Drivers Ed' and military training exercises, the five ports of Sotu can be sealed, at which point the G.A.H. sections connected to them are blocked off and slightly separated like draw-bridges (though not rising up; merely moving a few meters apart from).  High-speed chases are often conducted here, for it is in this area of Inisfree that driving conditions are the most complex and demanding, resulting in the best training.

HALO jumps ending in urban landings do not affect the city traffic or G.A.H. connections.

Once a year (each New Year's)​​​​, the WGI HQ skyscraper is enclosed by the rising 'petals' of this inner city; the five sections of the upper hemisphere of Inisfree (the ones with the isosceles triangle shaped bases) slowly fold up and in around the innermost section (the pentagon shaped one), and as they slowly close in toward it, and begin to come together around it, they also start to float up off the city-streets (ground) level of Sotu, moving together as one superstructure, until they have formed a six-sided pyramid (five faces around one base) slowly rotating more than three quarters of a mile above where they once rested and joined with the rest of the inner city.

There are occasional slave girl hangings (non-lethal) and whippings from this urban region's skyscraper-bridges:  details here.​​
Downtown Waterways

All of the urban rivers here are shallow, Caribbean-colored (almost turquoise) canals over white sand.