SotU Port 2 News:  As of 2013, this is the second and only other highway port allowing Inisfreean traffic through SotU.
SotU Port 2
國家聯盟 端口 兩
SotU Highway Port 2

This is one of the giant, circular, superhighway gateways regulating vehicular traffic passing into or out from Inisfree's downtown and densest urban region.  Functioning like a dilating eye or sphincter, this port can be set to allow as much as all lanes of its section of the G.A.H. through, or as little as a single Inisfreean.

Dimensions & Layout:
At full dilation, as is almost always the case, each port like this one spans a diameter of more than 465 feet; that's a 47-story skyscraper laid on its side.  Five of these ports are arranged at even intervals along Sotu's perimeter wall, with another five at the same intervals along its subterranean equivalent; 10 of these ports provide vehicular access to the surface-side and underground-side of this dense urban region of Inisfree.

Special Features:
Like all gateways and portals in Inisfree, these can be instantly sealed off to the point that even nuclear weapons barrages would have little to no effect upon them.  Needless to say, when they are closed, though that is seldom, all vehicular traffic into and out from this part of Inisfree stops.