Underconcavity News:  Tokyo Drift style racing zones have been extended down into this part of Sotu.

The Basics:
This is the lower hemisphere of the dense urban area called Sotu.  It is a 1.5-mile diameter, cavernous, 'super-basement' (a bottom level of enormous size) with a slightly-domed ceiling. Its skyscrapers do not rise up from the floor, but are suspended from their foundations on the ceiling one quarter of a mile above the floor, and hang like stalactites from these positions, their lowest floors being their narrowest tips, and each of them coming to within a few dozen feet of the floor of this cavernous lower hemisphere.  It is for this reason that these buildings are actually called ground-scrapers, not skyscrapers.

The roadways of this section of Sotu are the same gold-and-white G.A.H. sections one will find on the surface of Inisfree, and are, as in the upper hemisphere of Sotu, triple-decker in some areas, wrapping around and through many of the larger skyscrapers down here.​​  This means, it is of note, that none of the highway lanes are on the floor of this super-basement; all of them are high up in the air of this cavernous room nearly one third of a mile in height in some places.

Fake Magma:
Like the fake lava-flows of Dante Peak, the Amusement Park's Lazy Lava River, and the Faux Volcano of the Military Training Area, the Underconcavity has fake magma-flows (as they are underground; not visible on or from the surface of Inisfree).  It is just as easy and safe to ride inner tubes and other floats along the surfaces of these flows, and this is, perhaps, the best form of transportation along the floor of this super-basement.  A few bridges arch their way over these fake-magma flows, and are wide enough for both foot and vehicle traffic, though they are seldom used for such; Inisfreeans prefer to fly and teleport in an enclosed under-realm such as this.

The Bowl Pit:
There is a bowl-like pit in the center of the floor of this super-basement, and it is half a mile in diameter, and more than 500 feet deep at its center point.  Its walls are smoothly curving slopes of onyx, and are too slippery to ever climb.  Once an Outlander is cast over the edge, sliding down in toward its center, there is no escape unless another Inisfreean is commanded to free them.

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