SRC News:  Once just a theoretical upgrade to DNA, this particle is now the foundation for all things Inisfreean.
Subatomic Radial-rungs-weave Complex-helix Abstract

Inisfreeans don't have DNA in their bodies.  Instead, they have a particle called SRC; a revolutionary milestone and breakthrough in genetic-inspired engineering.  This versatile, predominantly subatomic component is used throughout the Inisfreean realm to allow the rapid mass-production of both organic and inorganic life; people, vehicles, buildings, and everything else.  This page covers some aspects and thinking related to SRC.

Instead of "DNA" or calling it the "ICV (Inisfreean Construct/Clone Variant/Version) of DNA" (a.k.a. "the Inisfreean version of DNA"), Inisfreeans call their 'DNA': Subatomic Radial-rungs-weave Complex-helix (SA-RRW-CH, or SRC). So Inisfreeans talking about their SRC are actually talking about their version of 'DNA', even though their 'DNA' (SRC) has completely different functions than human/Earth DNA/RNA.​

​Evolution isn't necessary if you are invincible and perfect. So DNA doesn't need to be weak and flexible. The mind Can eventually become rigid when it senses it is ideal after enlightenment. So can the body, like a steel cable with more entwined/spiraled metal fibers; more rungs and bands of the DNA helix mean exponentially stronger DNA which even Gamma rays can't alter.

Inisfreean DNA (the Inisfreean equivalent; SRC) has a helix/band for each of the following:
1 dozen of each rainbow color:
  • (12) red
  • (12) orange
  • (12) yellow
  • (12) green
  • (12) blue
  • (12) purple
1 dozen of a few other colors:
  • ​(12) pink
  • (12) tan
  • (12) brown
  • (12) gray
as well as a helix/band for:
  • ​black​
  • white
  • shadow
  • invisible
  • dark/antimatter
  • fire/plasma1
  • wind/gas
  • water/liquid
  • plasma2/lightning/light/photons
  • earth/solid
  • fluid
  • vapor
  • absolute zero /subsolid/hyposolid
  • silver
  • gold
  • a sheen/sparkle/metallic version of each of those listed above
  • cosmos/Space (shadow/dark but with star twinkles)
  • shadow glow
  • UV/black light
(258 so far + 135 sheen/sparkle = 393 helices/bands)

Hundreds of side bars (instead of the two of the double-helix DNA and RNA of Earth) makes Inisfreean SRC helices a bit wider than human DNA ones, but not Much wider; because the particles connecting the rungs bind in the middle of their helix in a Celtic infinity knot weave pattern such that every rung is actually a pentagram formation, and rungs are not just stacked, but have the arms/lines (particle sequences/chains) of the "rungs" above and below each rung weaving down and up; around one another vertically as well as laterally. (393 (or whatever number slightly higher which is prime) is how many "woven arms" ea "rung/level" has in its pentagram-like formation).

The particles are all subatomic, not molecular. Gamma radiation and even time warps, such as from black holes and magnetars, cannot damage this Inisfreean equivalent of DNA, nor can it warp their sensory perception or memory or technopathic/Ansible communications with all other Inisfreeans.

E​nzymes do not unzip and recombine SRC strands because they don't breed/work like that; the Grid Mind uses its pedestals to sing them into forming all at the same time, permanent there to forth.  Sperm cannot combine with Inisfreeans because they have no eggs; only ovaries and female cum to make them shiver with orgasms and tremble hornily when it is desired.
And no eggs means no periods or PMS.
Inisfreeans can't fake an orgasm because their SRC includes their personalities and instincts, both of which prevent that; everything from them is genuine.
No cells, and subatomic processes, means no estrogen, mood swings, hormonal imbalances, or pimples, etc..

And it isn't accurate to call it DNA because it doesn't work like deoxyribose, isn't an acid, and isn't in a traditional nucleus, because Inisfreeans don't have cells or cellular division. They have instantly adjusting collectives of subatomic particles, yet are indivisible even on their fully-grown level.

HIV and other viruses can't change SRC, and Inisfreeans can't degenerate, can't get genetic deficiencies, can't get cancer (because their cells don't divide or even exist like human cells do), can't get STDs because with no cells or blood, diseases have no way to spread.  They also can't mutate, can't evolve (and have no need to evolve, because they evolved beyond needing evolution (*beyond Thinking they need evolution)), and poisons, potions, and anything ingested cannot hurt or change Inisfreeans, nor can drugs alter their state of consciousness, nor can they black out / pass out, all because they operate in a more complex, rapid, and microscopic way than all life on Earth and other worlds.

Inisfreeans can dissociate as well as their maker, and it is their fusion of antimatter and matter in their SRC which helps this, and it is this dissociation-essence superhuman power which their graceful teleporting stems from.

Inisfreeans can teleport things out of their stomachs and other internal areas and send them to Inisfree's omni-conversion power grid, so they can never overfill/overdose on things such as cum.

Since Inisfreeans don't have cells reproducing, and since they don't split and recombine DNA to breed, their DNA (equivalent) is for ID; it is their impossible-to-forge access key-code which ensures all their particles go in and out of Inisfreean portals and quantum-membrane doors (so prison doors and quarantine doors never need open) and no other particles; not even air or microbes or single-cell organisms. Inisfreean DNA (SRC) is also the freq'hop (frequency hopping; like alternating radio channels) radio-fill equivalent that allows all their parts to communicate Ansible-quick (instantaneously) without the possibility of interference or even demon possession or ion beam 'fear rays', etc..  Their SRC also means memories cannot be hidden, erased, or planted in them, etc..

So we know that a single strand of Inisfreean 'DNA' has at least 393 bands/helices (compared to the DNA of all other life on Earth, which has just 2), and the next prime number beyond 393 is 397, and Inisfreeans know the power/strength/stability of prime numbers, which is why they love 5, 7, 13, and this latest prime, 397.

What are the last 4 helices of Inisfreean 'DNA' (SRC) made of? We have defined what the first 393 are, each one being unique (unlike human double-helix DNA, which has both bands/helices composed of the same; made of proteins and sugars), such as 'red' and 'shadow'... and we have covered all colors, hues/brightnesses, metallics, sparkles, elements/phases-of-matter... and anti-matter... so what are the final 4 bands/helices?
  1. anti-shadow (a material which does not generate light IOT remove shadows, but simply stops shadows from existing within its range)
  2. rainbow (a material which is all the colors of all the other bands/helices combined)
  3. rainbow constant-fade (changing slowly from one color to the next, until all have been shown by this material, then it repeats)
  4. rainbow sparkle (like the rainbow-'color'/type; set, not fading/changing through colors, showing all colors at once, but also all sparkling; the most difficult to see without the most amazing of microscopes / or microscopic Inisfreean eye abilities).
*We could have one more, in case one of the aforementioned bands/helices' colors does not make sense later; rainbow-sparkle-fade (showing each of the aforementioned colors, one at a time, always sparkling).
Subatomic Radial-rungs-weave Complex-helix


Innovative Technology Solutions Abstract

So if ICs (Inisfreeans and their constructs, which are biomechanically-grown, living buildings and ships and cars and sidewalks, etc., all of which grow/heal/remain-stable, etc)... don't have cells... what contains their 'DNA' (SRC)? IC SRC is contained in special, artificial molecules. This is possible because their SRC is a molecule of subatomic particles, not a collection of atoms making a collection of molecules. This allows their SRC to fit inside a single, larger molecule (which is just as Superman-strong, complex, balanced, and immortal as their SRC 'molecules'/'DNA' strands are) instead of having to fit inside the nucleus of a cell of many, MANY molecules.

So human DNA is a long string of molecules. IC DNA (SRC) is a long string of subatomic particles, wider than human DNA, but still not considered multiple molecules; it is just one really LONG molecule.
Human DNA is inside a much larger cell of molecules, called the nucleus, which is inside an even larger cell of molecules; the actual cell. Inisfreean SRC is inside a single, larger molecule, and Inisfreeans have no cells. All their body-parts are composed of this, and whenever anything makes contact with any of these single-molecule cells (instead of single-cell organisms), any one of these single-molecule cells (although they aren't really cells because they aren't many molecules, nuclei, and other cellular parts), whatever it is, can be instantly changed, absorbed, converted, teleported, etc.; whatever they want, at will, by thought; 'by-mind' interface (with their entire body). So instead of needing a stomach on the inside (although they have something Similar, Inisfreeans can 'digest' things from any point on their body...and even far away; by remote-viewing/portaling, they can connect with, and alter, things at any distance across Space.

Because of this VERY different structural make-up, Inisfreeans have no adverse reactions to temperature; their blood can't boil or leak out because they don't Have any, and they don't need to feed because they aren't ever having to repair their undamageable cells, so they never feed by eating food or drinking blood or water. They don't need vitamins, so they don't need Sunlight to synthesize vitamin-D. They can Feel things, but not in a way that ever Hurts or causes immobility, such as by frostnip/bite.  ​There is no liquid in them, such as water, so they cannot freeze.  There is no pressure in them, so atmospheric changes cannot harm them.  Nothing of their make-up/structure is flammable, so even re-entry cannot cause them to catch fire --plus, they can will their descent to be any speed, preventing terminal velocity and the resulting burning air which burns because it can no longer move out of the Way quickly enough.  All energies, pressures, and radiations; EVERYTHING, simply exists around them, unable to hurt or change or even MOVE them, and can be used by them or completely ignored; again, stemming from their maker's/creator's gift of 'dissociation'.

  • The surface temperature of Pluto can get as low as -240 Celsius, just 33 degrees above absolute zero.
  • Clouds of gas and dust between the stars within our galaxy are only 10 to 20 degrees above absolute zero.
  • And if you travel out far away from everything in the Universe, you can never get lower than a minimum of just 2.7 Kelvin or -270.45 Celsius.  This is the temperature of the cosmic microwave background radiation, which permeates the entire Universe.  In Space? It’s as cold as it can get.
Inisfreeans (ICs) can move just as easily in the crushing depths of the ocean, Jupiter, or a star or black-hole event-horizon, as they can on Earth in 1-atmosphere. This is true for all ICs, as well; all Inisfreean constructs/clones (such as cloned buildings, cars, blades of grass; anything).

  • We usually use the Kelvin temperature scale, where Zero Kelvin is this "absolute zero" temperature -- or -273°C. Water freezes at +273 Kelvin and water boils at +373 Kelvin.
  • If we put a thermometer in darkest Space, with absolutely nothing around, it would first have to cool off. This might take a very, very long time. Once it cooled off, it would read 2.7 Kelvin. This is because of the "3 degree microwave background radiation." No matter where you go, you cannot escape it.  I is always there.
So, since zero-Kelvin is "absolute zero" (-459.67°F), and is theoretically unattainable, and since the deepest Deep Space around 'dark matter' is still always at least "3°Kelvin", we know that Space is always >-454.27°F.
  • Pluto is around 33 K, which is -400.27°F.
  • The lowest recorded temperature on Earth was around -180°F in Antarctica at Vostok Station. That is 155.372°K.
  • Normal Inisfreean and Earth temperatures are around 60°F; 288.706°K.
  • The core/center of Earth's star, the Sun, may be as high as 20,000,000°K; 35,999,540.33°F.
To any Inisfreean (including all Inisfreean constructs, such as their ships), the coldest temperatures (all the way down to and including theoretical absolute zero (zero-Kelvin)) will feel like normal cold wind/water that Humans are capable of feeling. And the hottest temperatures (all the way up to and beyond the temperature at the center of stars (which are thermonuclear on the temperature scale/brackets) will feel to any Inisfreean the same way warm and hot winds feel to Humans. So, basically, Inisfreeans can tell the difference in temperatures as precisely as they can see to great distances with total clarity, but the knowledge and feeling are different; they KNOW what the temperature is... the same way psychics "just know" things, but they FEEL nothing hotter than how hot air coming out of an oven might feel, or a hot-air hair-blow-drier near the skin might feel, etc..

*Also, all Inisfreean assholes are self-lubricating the same way their pussies are, and never get sore, nor do their jaws ever get sore -or their throats, etc.

DNA for humans and most other life on Earth has four nucleotides; A, C, G, and T, forming pairs: A&T, then C&G. SRC has 397 points connecting in a pentagram-like weave at each 'rung' (level); like relationships between people in the Inisfreean realm, Inisfreean 'DNA' does not pair nor split up, instead existing in intricately and tightly woven groups similar in layout to an orgy.

​If two nucleotides connect to bridge the gap between every rung/level of DNA, you have a ratio of 2 connecting molecules per level/rung.
SRC has weaves instead of rungs, and with 397 points at each level, you need 794 connecting molecules in each weave. (if 2 molecules make up the lines forming the star of each pentagram/pentacle, the 5-vertices star has 10 molecules; you double its end/angle points to get the number of connectors).
Humans have 24,000 genes, and 46 chromosomes.
noun: chromosome; plural noun: chromosomes
a threadlike structure of nucleic acids and protein found in the nucleus of most living cells, carrying genetic information in the form of genes.
noun: gamete; plural noun: gametes
a mature haploid male or female germ cell that is able to unite with another of the opposite sex in sexual reproduction to form a zygote.​
adjective: haploid
1. (of a cell or nucleus) having a single set of unpaired chromosomes.
(of an organism or part) composed of haploid cells.
noun: haploid; plural noun: haploids
1. a haploid organism or cell.
ICs have no gametes, so none of their cells can form zygotes.
Inisfreean 'cells' have no nuclei, are one molecule total, and contain 1 chromosome; 1 string of 'DNA' (SRC).
ICs have only 1 SRC, not needing the 46 chromosomes like humans do.
Every SRC is 397 band/helix particles, and 794 connecting particles in its weave, meaning each 'rung'(level/weave) is 1,191 particles (as opposed to 4 particles per rung/level of human DNA).
If you count the particles connecting each level of human DNA vertically (as opposed to laterally; as part of the rungs), we get: 24,000 rungs x 4 molecules per rung = 96,000 molecules.
Then add the vertically linking molecules: 24,000x2-2=47,998.
So each string of human DNA has 143,998 molecules in it.
Each string of IC 'DNA' (SRC) is just One molecule, total.
It has 24,001 rungs (weave levels); 1 more than humans' because 24,001 is a prime number.
And there are no vertical connecting molecules; each particle on the bands/helices connects to its adjacent neighbors directly.
So the number of particles is:
This makes SRC much more precise/specific, meaning mistakes, such as slightly non-bilateral faces, are impossible. Literally. Inisfreeans are completely defined; perfect in every way, down to every level. Their beauty is literally flawless, scientifically as well as aesthetically/perceptibly.
And all the 'cells' (single molecules) of IC buildings and cars and ships and clothes, and the shield bubbles around Inisfree and Star System Auzdein, have this same setup; a single-molecule, single-chromosome SRC of 24,001 levels (weaves; not rungs); 28,585,191 particles (not molecules).
Thus, all IC buildings and clothes, etc., are literally perfect, too; defined and set stably down to the microscopic level.
And these genes control exact height, timing for iris color glow transitions, Ansible thought speed, how soft each skin area is, etc..

Instead of two possible combinations; A&T or C&G... IC SRC weaves, consisting of 794 particles interwoven in a complex, 3D, Celtic infinity knot like formation/form... naturally, have many more possible combinations for how their weave/level particles can be combined/arranged in that pentagram-like weave formation.
Also, like human genes/rungs, each one or group of them, always in the same order, determines exactly how a part of the body looks, moves, functions, etc. --except that they are not fired off in sequence from starting side to ending side, by enzymes racing up the rungs in order, to make parts form and grow in certain orders, such as the heart and then the brain. ICs (Inisfreeans and all their structures, clothing, etc.) are flashed into existence all at once, only growing slightly until they reach total maturity as Hatchlings and graduates.
Each level (the IC version of a DNA 'rung' of the 'ladder') still determines a characteristic, such as ratios and proportions relative other (often adjacent) body-parts, ensuring that everything looks exactly the way you can just tell on some innate, muscle-memory, timeless level it Should look... Each and every part of every Inisfreean thing simply IS beautiful beyond belief, without you having to be brainwashed/told Why you Should Think it is beautiful in Some way; all Inisfreean things simply Are --and undeNiably so. You will agree. That is just how Inisfreeans are built/wired/coded.
But the cells all operate in the same way, none of them having unique functions for different organs, other than to look a certain way, feel a certain way, move a certain way relative one another, etc. All cells are immortal, invincible, unchangeable ('incorrigible', in a sense).
The fact that all ICs (constructs, not just clones) are composed of these special one-molecule SRC-'cells' is what allows Inisfree to teleport itself away, leaving unapproved guests/prisoners to fall to their deaths in the crater that is (in the wake of) its sudden absence; selective mass-teleporting in an instant; as a perfected reflex action.  It is very easy to identify beings and other constructs made of this; SRC, such a distinct building block, then differentiate them from everything else.

More on SRC

Here are some more details about Inisfree's evolution of the DNA building-block concept:
  • ​DNA is a macro-molecule; the largest molecule known, which is a collection of many billions of smaller molecules as its components, and SRC is so compact that it is contained in the size of a standard, single molecule; it is considered a macro-subatomic-particle. It is also not part of a cell, but its own autonomous, cell-like system or construct. 
  • DNA tends to replicate in certain environments, such as many of those of Earth, while SRC is not replicated without the part of our city called a Cloning Chamber, a.k.a. a Cloning Vat or Tomb Womb; a sealed, underground facility that functions like an artificial womb spacious enough to also be like a factory assembly line (though it is radial, not linear). 
  • DNA works with RNA to make proteins which are used as cellular building blocks for many different bodyparts in the creatures which make use of them, but SRC is its own building block, and, once created by one of Inisfree's Cloning Chambers (being sung into existence over one of the 50 pedestals in one of our Cloning Chambers), is all the creatures/constructs composed of it will ever need. 
  • DNA works with other cellular structures on the premise that nearly constant change and growth are good and/or necessary, thus creating a semi-chaos as its essence, while SRC works only with more SRC, and on the premise that it is an actual perfect design, thus preventing all chaos within any SRC-based structure or environment. 
  • DNA unzips at times, making an already very weak and tangle-able structure even more so, while SRC never unzips and is too well built to ever tangle or weaken. 

Thus, for all these reasons, SRC is not classifiable as an acid, nucleic or otherwise, and does have ribose, deoxy or otherwise, and is spheroid more than ladder-like, therefore it cannot be called a strand of DNA, and it shouldn't even be considered in the same class as all other known molecules, for it is entirely engineered down to the most minute detail, and on a level even more precise than that of the atom.

It is what allows us in Inisfree to have skin that is infinitely smoother than any human skin with any amount of nubile collagen, and what allows us to prevent and correct imperfections in surfaces and internal structures so tiny that even gas particles, even Gamma rays, find it nearly impossible to travel through (which is why Inisfreeans can ignore chemical and biological warfare, and not even have to wear diver gear or astronaut suits, as well as why we can go into combat, and fight fires, nude without worrying about being burned or otherwise wounded).

SRC allows us to determine exactly what ratio, orientation, and consistency every bodypart and building-part should be in, and how long it should be like that, thus making the perfect breasts (and all other parts), and fingerprints which can change whenever we need them to, not only a possibility but a daily norm; our way of life; part of what we call The Inisfreean Way.

We also use this revolutionary building block, SRC, because it is untold generations beyond human technology; we had to invent new supercomputer technologies (even generations beyond that of 'The Machine') just to be able to design, let alone prototype, let alone mass-produce it, and Outlanders would be unable to extract any SRC as samples for evidence or scientific experimentation, thus they will remain unable to reverse engineer or synthesize any of it, and probably won't even realize they are around it when an Inisfreean is passing by (due to how well it can form any structure, mimicking humans or the things they make, if it needs to), let alone ever try to trap or trick an Inisfreean enough so that humans can attempt such extractions and studies.

It should also be noted that SRC can function not only as a building block for virtually Any structure, from an organelle to an entire planet (as in the case with the Spaceship class 'PSBS' which are, like all Inisfreean things, composed exclusively of SRC), but it is also designed such that it can simultaneously funciton as both a communication and digestion device, communicating like Ansible, and digesting anything from solar wind to flesh-eating viruses and even subatomic particles and anti-matter without the slightest bit of discomfort. This is what allows Inisfreeans to eat and drink as much as they like without sacrificing their physiques; they can break down anything they come into contact with and use it as fuel whenever they need it, storing its subatomic components in their collective's stasis network for as long as they please (teleporting what they subatomically digest right out from within or around them (within their respective ranges of this ability) to wherever in the Inisfreean realm it can be utilized, just as they can teleport themselves and only precisely what they wish to), never needing certain molecules (such as those in a human diet, for example), to work with to rebuild constantly dying cells. Creatures built with SRC instead of DNA can convert anything into anything whenever they want, or simply move through all other things without having any reaction with them, chemical or otherwise. Thus, Inisfreeans and their SRC-based creations can do things such as move through Space, dive through magma, punch through bedrock, and give their exact location to any other Inisfreean without any communications equipment at all. Inisfreeans can't get stuck or lost, nor hungry or thirsty, nor bloated or fatigued; Inisfreeans can't get drunk nor overdose.

SRC's exceptionally small, complex, and specifically engineered structure is part of why SRC particles allow for chameleon-like color-changing of the skin, hair, and iris (of the eye) cells much like how the crystals in an LCD change their orientation to appear as different colors and images of colors. And this is why Inisfreeans don't need to tan, use make-ups or contact lenses, or bleach or dye their hair. They don't even need to style their hair, such as by using curlers or gels to compensate for humidity, because their SRC-based hairs can be adjusted to remain at any degree of curliness, volume, and sheen without so much as the feeling of slight flexing (like how humans can tell in their mind that their muscles are flexing at times).

The trade-off is that guests of Inisfree cannot digest things made of SRC, which is why we grow healthy Outlands crops in our Cropland region of our city, as well as in most balcony troughs, silos (with the help of hydro- and aeroponics with sunlight lamps), and backyard and rooftop gardens; we grow the foods and make the drinks that our guests can digest, and engineered our city's synthetic cum such that we can either recall it back out of their systems when it enters them, or will it to remain in such a state that they can process it out with the rest of their biological waste.

It should also be noted that the technology and newly coined terms required to make SRC possible would seem like the Navajo code to Outlanders, thus even if it was declassified and explained to them, it would take many generations to further educate their brightest minds to the point that they could grasp its fundamental concepts, let alone begin to practice working with it, let alone make it feasible for their industries and people. Think of it this way: if you had never even seen a wheel, let alone a bicycle, how could you possible describe, let alone explain, how a nuclear reactor or a Spaceship worked? Even if you were an exceptional genius (not just a regular genius) and figured it out, how could you translate any of it to the rest of your people? Would they even be able to write its crudest description down?

SRC is also what allows Inisfreean pussies, assholes, and throats to perfectly adjust to many more sizes of cocks in any sequence without soreness or loosening; perfect elasticity; exactly what each user desires.  And Outlanders love sex with Inisfreean-born girls because they know an Inisfreean-born girl is the most lifelike sex-toy, she can't transmit any diseases, and because their presence cures any diseases they are near; those with STDs are cured sooner the closer they get to these girls.