Street-light Buildings News:  These gracefully slanted towers now line both sides of the GAH section connecting Sotu's Mall-side port to Dropship Theater.
Street-light Buildings
Street-light Shaped Buildings

Built in the form of tall, slender, slightly slanted, street light posts, but much taller and wider, these signature buildings of Inisfree serve as the only major 'glass-and-steel' office buildings outside the dense urban sector known as Sotu.  Seven on each extreme shoulder of this section of the G.A.H. makes a total of 14 identically-shaped constructs in this group.

Dimensions & Layout:
Each of these buildings is about 260 feet in diameter, and is tilted about 15 degrees from its base up and out over the adjacent G.A.H. section.  Each of them stands 100 stories tall; about 1,000 feet, and each of their stories has office space and apartments.  Each building has a mansion-sized penthouse on the top, too.  An AIOW runs the vertical length of each of these buildings (at the same slight slant as the buildings themselves), and is built into each of their cores; this is to ensure that all offices and apartments have unobstructed views out all of their windows.

Special Features:
At night, the giant lamp lens part of each of these buildings functions like an actual street-light, but with a raver spin; instead of beams of orange-pink light glowing out and down onto the highway lanes below, they have clusters of moving spot-lights, UV-lights, and lasers of every color, putting on a beautiful, kaleidoscopic light-show for all within miles to see.  *This is no danger to drivers, though, as so much of their vehicles, whenever they are in Inisfree, are automated and full of highly tested safety redundancies.