Subterranean Vatican
The Subterranean Vatican Clone

Rome had its gladiator tournaments and arenas, and Inisfree has its own.  Like ancient Rome's, the Inisfreean gladiator events are hosted by free citizens and staffed by slaves trained as pseudo-warriors.  Like ancient Rome's, the Inisfreean events here are often fatal.  UN-like ancient Rome's, Inisfreean gladiatorial contests often come with sexual punishments, as well...

Location and Dimensions:
This construct is hidden below the surface of Inisfree; somewhere many dozens of stories down beneath the Kathedrom, and is an architectural clone of the Vatican; one of the few still-standing (preserved) human structures in the Outlands of planet Earth (now is now being fully terraformed and healed from the global zombie outbreak which was known as 'modern humanity' from ~10,000 B.C. to 2013 A.D.. The only major difference is that the basement vaults are not filled with books, but with the remains of those who failed to survive the gladiator games hosted here.

* Instead of being the new seat of the Catholic religion (which was erased and forgotten during the Rapture Campaign), this copy of their fortress headquarters is used to host the restored gladiator games in which slaves (captured during Inisfreean deployments) are made to engage each other in great battles to the death, sometimes in pairs, sometimes in groups. Distinguished guests and, of course, Inisfreean-borne citizens are welcome to enter the arena (as none of them are capable of being harmed while in Inisfree) to distract, bother, fuck, hurt, and kill these slaves however they might fancy. The games are not so much for scoring, points, and honors... as they are to begin the nightmarish punishments that all opposers of the Inisfreean Way must be corrected by.

Fair Warning:
The purpose of this facility is to prevent institutionalization; no one who is corrected (punished) in the events held within this facility will ever want to return. More importantly, they will naturally and rapidly begin devoting their whole life to never again offending a single Inisfreean. Since the Outlanders who are sent and sentenced here earned this Hell by not being humane toward us, they are not treated humanely, either; fair is fair, and Inisfree does not recognize the Geneva Convention or similar barbaric and counter-productive laws.  The message is clear; be polite to Inisfreeans, do not be ugly in any way around them, and you will get to watch these proceedings (if you like), not be subjected to them.

Upcoming Events Directory

[No gladiator events are scheduled.]
Subterranean Vatican News:  For years it was thought this attraction would never go active, but now it has...
Details of Events:

The following paragraphs describe a fictional tournament and dungeon where very unfortunate prisoners of war are abused to the point of madness. This is extremely graphic, offensive, brutal creative writing which details a sport based entirely on kidnap, rape, mutilation, torture, scat, snuff, and mass-murder. It combines hard-core pornographic literotica with elements from science-fiction and horror films. This is one of the darkest parts in the entire saga of the Inisfreean chronicles. Much of this takes the work of Hans Rudolf Giger to a MUCH worse level. Discretion is HIGHLY advised. Read on at your own risk... and not while eating spaghetti.

Inisfreeans use the subterranean Vatican for such games as Outlander Rape, and the Inisfreean MFs serve as proud and happy, eager and ever-focused judges, announcing merrily and clearly the scores based on how we capture and rape the girls in the arena. The more a girl struggles and is defeated, the more points you (the player in question) get. The more sexual positions you succeed in enjoying her in, the more points you get. The more girls you capture and rape at a time; orgies, the more points you get, etc. etc., with all the logical combinations of such. When chasing them, we can whip them down, bole their legs out from under them, choke them into suffocated submission; anything but permanently disfigure or kill them. Chloroform rags are perfectly acceptable, then. And those who Are accidentally disfigured or killed (or intentionally, during fits of understandable rage from the struggle upon capture, or in response to inappropriate comments (spells of negativity) from them), merely result in their captors being docked a few points and allowed to do whatever they wish with the corpses. Corpses are usually piked or crucified and left on display, or even left in the middle of the arena to be trampled by beasts and tripped over by fleeing and distracted Outlander girls; perfect motivation (reminders) for them to play WELL -and NEVER be offensive; only resist long enough to help those trying to capture and rape them earn more points. It is not uncommon for players to keep spines for staffs, pelvic bones for helmet ornaments, rib cages for shield layers, and skulls as steins or dining bowls, which, of course, they eat and drink from in front of all the captured Outlander girls about to play in this literally underground game; wonderful emotional triggers to get them crying and satisfying all our (Inisfreeans') dacryphilia before, during, and after each game.

Deaths, no matter how gruesome, never cause hauntings in Inisfree, for 1) Outlanders don't have the souls they Claim to, 2) torturing and killing creatures as evil as Outlanders is never murder, 3) evil creatures such as Outlanders are seldom allowed to haunt things even in the ridiculously tainted Outlands, and 4) Ghostbuster technology ensures that upset spirits, the few times they actually eXist, are instantly sucked into permanent traps just as easily as flies are to flypaper and mosquitoes to bug-zappers. It is actually unjust, and the cause of restless spirits, when Outlanders Aren't tortured and killed for their endless heinous crimes from the realm we keep capturing them from. While Their courts and 'justice' system are backwards and only leading to More injustice, Our justice system is logical, correct, incorruptible, and naturally in the form of this architectural clone of the Vatican used as an instant-karma arena.

When our players here are vampires, as sometimes our guests tend to be (for vampires are Far more tolerable, agreeable, and compatible than humans), they are, of course, allowed to sporadically drink from the girls they are using in these sporting events, slowly weakening them throughout the game to ensure, eventually, some or even All of them start to pass out, fall, and be claimed for binding, raping, orgies, and even slaughter to be turned into skeletal trophies.

Outlander girls who urinate or defecate in fear have these orifices cauterized shut -with no anesthetic, and are then made to play in spite of the searing pain of the aftermath of such pee-hole and asshole fusing-shut. They are also, usually, made to drink and eat up all they excreted, and any girls standing Near them at the time they release control of their bowels like this are required to help hand-feed them Or, sometimes, eat a portion of the shit and drink a portion of urine for failing to notice this was about to happen, and for failing to use their hands to block and plug those orifices before they were able to exCrete such wastes.

Every Outlander girl forced to play in these brutal sporting games are of unbeLievable beauty, for beauty is Nothing in the eyes of an Inisfreean; we can clone and perfect it in an instant, and to any scale we like, modifying any part or all of it just as quickly. Only the most beautiful girls in all the Universe are selected also because that is the only true motivator for any true being; that which inspires us to chase, win, and fuck, and so all the ugly females in the Outlands are slaughtered and deleted out of existence the moment we encounter them, and no Outlanders ever get to learn what we seek and require for an Outlander girl to be spared these games and allowed to try out for ADO and the Fleet Concubine units, because then, naturally, being pathetic Outlanders, they would always preTend to want to do those things, which we would instantly telepathically and technopathically detect, Anyway, which would Only Further annoy us, and we do not wish to be annoyed.

When the girls forced into our games here in the Subterranean Vatican do Well in these events, they are allowed to live and compete indefinitely in successive games. They can never Earn this as a Right, per say, for we can pull them at Any time, and for any Reason, and for any aMount of time, keeping them for other purposes, and returning them, if we wish, into any new event. Still, though, returning champions do sometimes happen, and we Inisfreeans, having perfect memories for eternity, know all their stats, and are very happy to see return players from time to time, especially when they conTinue to be pleasing to us -given that none of them are ever told How; they must figure it out for themselves, or just be lucky in life or at guessing.

In Inisfree, all females compete for the right and honor to be with the male, but they compete to ensure that it is universally known that they are among the finest in all Creation at orgies, polyamory, and all things deemed pleasing in the Inisfreean man's eyes. Even those females who will never have a hope of fucking him... still must compete; to preserve their very lives, for to slack in this universally expected duty of the most heartfelt performance... means the worst forms of torture; ones which humans cannot even imagine, even in places such as Vietnam. In Inisfree, there is no worse, immoral, unethical, illogical, insane, ridiculous, blasphemous, disgusting, subhuman evil than to Not want to compete in such ways for the favor of the Inisfreean man.

Many Outlander girls; millions now, have been tortured and beaten to death by the bare hands of enraged Inisfreean females for failing to be pleasing to this man of all men. That number would be in the billions now if it wasn't for the fact that only 1% of the entire human female population of planet Earth had been even reMotely attractive; ~40,000,000 out of a total human race on Earth of ~8,000,000,000 at the time of the Rapture Campaign and global terraforming event; 2013 A.D..

In Inisfree, males Never compete for their naturally guaranteed rights (not privileges) to enjoy all the females they desire -in all the ways they desire them. Such is the only True fairness, balance, harmony, and Yin-Yang. Such is the Inisfreean Way; the wisely uncompromising, unilateral policy statement and code of honor and law for the whole Inisfreean realm and all places where Inisfreeans and their constructs are deployed.

Champions of these, our Inisfreean sporting events for slaves (while Inisfreean sporting events for Inisfreean-borne girls are held atop the Flower Towers high above and far away within the Inisfreean property on the surface), earn the privilege (nothing is a right for Outlander females in Inisfree, no matter How well they do from time to time) of sleeping in kennels (which are, of course, kept more spartan than those for the Inisfreean Siberian Huskies), eating the scraps discarded from the feasting tables of the Inisfreean citizens (the Inisfreean-borne and the distinguished guests of our holy city), and sometimes being walked around behind Inisfreean-mounted steeds while these champion females wear handcuffs, a muzzle, and a leash connecting their choke-collar (should they move too slowly for our liking, or should we merely wish to enjoy yanking them around and choking them) to a simple handle held by the mounted Inisfreean walking them.

* When in the Outlands, these champions are chained beneath the Inisfreean vehicles; left outside to sleep at night beneath the armored underbellies of the White Rhinos and Desolator tanks.​​

Girls who fail in these events, but who clearly gave it all their heart and soul, sleep in one of the unused, topside, Pearly Gate, rectangular-prism-shaped chambers, chained from a bolt in the otherwise featureless floor to their tight-fighting choke-collar at the base of a burlap sack covering their entire head and making it impossible for them to see anything. They eat the scraps that the champions do not want, and they are not walked; their only exercise is in proceeding to, through, and back away from successive games in the Subterranean Vatican.

Girls who fail to excel in these events, but who clearly have not tried to be otherwise offensive to us Inisfreeans, sleep on the sandy crags slope of the faux volcano on one of Inisfree's military-training desert-plateaus, not on smooth, hard, cold floor plating surrounded in darkness (as the girls kept in the chambers of the unused, topside Pearly Gates), but on coarse, painfully rocky, wind-swept, sand-blasted, uncomfortably warm, volcanic ash terrain well-lit by the endless glow of the fake lava flowing from the always full caldera many stories above them. The sound of the volcano is always one of foreboding rumbling, and these rumblings also sporadically shake the earth of the slope beneath them with earthquakes carefully designed to keep them scared and wondering if they will fall into forming cracks to a horrific fate of burning into spreading liquid remains amidst the imagined magma flows creeping not very far beneath them. These girls are fet a gruel-like slop which is dropped onto their faces from passing cloaked Owls; impossible to detect or anticipate, for they always monitor these girls' brainwaves and know the moment they drop into deep-sleep. Unwanted for most games, their only exercise is in pleading with their captors for the chance to prove themselves in one of the upcoming games in the future. They are never told that while in Inisfree, they are immortal (though easily killable by Any Inisfreean); that their sentence on the slope of this volcano might be... forever... IF... they don't Plead pleasingly enough.

Girls who do anything offensive to we Inisfreeans, whether they won in some of the events of these games or not, are usually beaten unconscious, raped back awake, raped again to within an inch of their life, and then tortured so as to slow their healing. They sleep in cramped boxes in which they cannot fully sit up nor extend any of their limbs, leading to cramping at times, and when they are about to fall asleep, these pitch-black boxes (made of unbreakable materials, such as buckypaper) are slowly filled with chunky slime designed to offend ALL of their senses and horrify them. It is only After they can no longer control their bowels, and also being to shit and piss into the rising, chunky slime, soiling themselves and nearly asphyxiating themselves in the process, that they are allowed to eat.

The way in which they are fed is this: the top of their box is opened, though they are unable to stand up and stretch out (a further mental torture), spot-lights are turned on from all angles pointing in toward them, and all they are able to see is what looks like the mouth of a hideously mutated monster, whose gender cannot be determined, extending down over their head. If they crane their necks and open their mouths as wide as they can, this animatronic (though comPletely real looking) mouth imitates vomiting up pre-chewed, pre-digested food scraps which fall directly down and out from it to splatter on and splash within the boxed girls' mouths. If they choke, gag, puke, or otherwise spill their food, it falls into the chunky slime now submerging their confined bodies all the way up to their necks, and is, of course, inedible at that point.

The only exercise these girls get is when they plead pleasingly enough to be used in beastiality gloryholes, in which they are left free to move around however they like, but in which they are instructed and expected to be used for triple-penetration by dogs, horses, and panda bears (all of which are animatronics, of course, but which seem in all ways to be completely real). Once, if they are deemed worthy enough to be in these beastiality glory holes, they perform pleasingly enough to the supervising Inisfreean-borne girls serving as their wardens and judges (critiquers), they are allowed to be upgraded to being chained to the slope of the fake volcano, from which they may again try their skill at pleading for the right to someday be returned to the tournament games of the Subterranean Vatican. This, however, typically only happens after they have had at least 100 dogs, 100 horses, and 100 panda bears cum inside EACH of their main holes; (~12 full cum-spurts per load) x (3 per animal; each animal cums at least once in their mouth, once in their asshole, and once in their pussy) x (300 animals per hole) = 900 creampies (orgasms inside their holes) & ~10,800 long, full, hot squirts of thick, gooey, animal sperm all the way up inside, or down into, their collective, main holes.

Lastly, the girls who go out of their way to inTentionally offend us Inisfreeans during the Subterranean Vatican games, are slated for a special fate, in deed -and one which makes all those of the Previous paragraphs Pale by Far in comparison; girls who work Hard at offending Inisfreeans are, if they are not trampled to death and decapitated in the arena, then left crucified or otherwise displayed for all to see for the remainder of that event's games. This happens on the Rape Fields; that special slope of foot-hills between the edge of the Biodomes property and the edge of the Kno Clothing Cloning and Distribution Facility, where spectators get to watch public rapings which can range from voluntary demonstrations of lust and skill by both rapists and rape-ees, to brutal punishments of prisoners and other criminals in the most personal and everlasting of ways. It is there, on this slope, that these girls from the Subterranean Vatican events are left every night with their heads stuck in breathable bags half full of animal dung, tied tightly around their necks, until they pass out or vomit in them. If they vomit in them, their heads are left inside these bags. If they pass out, they are freed from the bags long enough to have enough fresh air to stabilize themselves before being put right back into the re-sealed bags.

Each morning, after being exhausted from trying to sleep through this Hell, they are dragged by their hair, handcuffed and ankle-cuffed, down into a restricted, special-access, special-purpose tunnel of the Subterranean Silos Network that runs beneath all of the Inisfreean property. Through this special tunnel, they are dragged by their hair to a special, also-restricted, G.A.H. subway car in which they are piled like luggage on top of each other. They are kept in a space that is too small for all of them to stand in, so they must take turns sitting or lying on each other. Though their heads are freed of the half-dung-filled bags, they are now in new bags which prevent them from seeing anything, and which are just as securely tied around their necks. They are allowed to speak to each other in this cramped place, but this does little good, and only serves to let their fellow prisoners know when they are about to lose control of their bowels. They are kept in this special subway car until 100% of them have had at least one bowel movement; until each girl has pissed and shat on at least one other girl there. They are not told that this is the time when they will be released, so they fight against their urges and only prolong their suffering here.

Once this requirement is met, their subway car moves to a special, restricted chamber of the Underway... in which they are dragged out, again by their hair, still with their heads sealed in breathable bags preventing all sight, and are tossed screaming down into a hole in this special, restricted, cave-like chamber's center, terrifying each of them as they are guaranteed to hear the lowering, fading screams of their fellows, clearly indicating to them that they might be being pushed into an abyss to their imminent, smashing deaths. Of course, this is only terrifying for first-timers, but it is still quite unnerving for repeat guests, for never once are they allowed to get their bearings, see anything, or know when it will be their turn to be shoved over the edge to fall down into the hole. Every time, no matter how Used to it they might somehow get, they will never know if all their fellows survived the fall or not.

What they find after this terrifying waiting line and even more-terrifying free-fall, still blindfolded, handcuffed, and ankle-cuffed, is that they eventually land in a pool of extremely thick fluid which cushions their fall, almost with a splash (though this fluid is too thick to splash). Tentacles rapidly swirl and tighten around their limbs, yanking them down under the surface of this thick, gel-like fluid. The only thing allowing them to breathe is the burlap-like material of their bags; thick enough to keep the fluid out while keeping their remaining air IN. This only gives them a few breaths, though, and it is still terrifying to feel the fluid pressing in on their face from all sides while they are dragged, half floating, half sliding through the thick fluid, underwater (under the surface of the fluid, that is). This rapid, tentacle-based dragging is what keeps them from landing on each other as their entire group falls down from the above opening to this Lower chamber and pool-like bowl of a fluid-filled pit. In a way, they eventually become grateful for this.

Having been dragged out of the way, they are position by many more tentacles in uncomfortable positions and postures at odd angles, often hanging upside down, while still more tentacles begin to fuck their pussies and assholes, cumming the whole time. Something tears open a hole on the front of the bag over their heads, just big enough for another of these raping tentacles to fit through, and another one slides in through the hole, stuffing their mouth, and sliding all the way down their throat to constantly cum in their stomachs until they are completely full. When they begin to suffocate, these throat-raping tentacles slide back out, letting them catch their breath. If they puke up some of the tentacle-cum, they are completely refilled until they Stop. Once their stomachs, intestines, and pussies are all comPletely filled with cum, and it is imPossible for them to hold any More inside them, three Inisfreean-modified Xenomorph Facehuggers are unleashed on them; three Facehuggers leap toward and firmly attach to each of these imprisoned girls. One Facehugger goes for the mouth, ramming its ovapositor down the girl's throat and pumping a special egg into her stomach. One Facehugger goes for her pussy, ramming its ovapositor in there and pumping another of these eggs into her depths. The final of each group of three Facehuggers goes for her asshole, ramming its ovapositor into There, and planting Its egg deep up into her lower intestine.

It takes nine hours for these eggs to hatch, and the girls are kept hanging this entire time, upside-down in mid-air by the dozens of tentacles tightly coiled around their limbs, blindfolded by the burlap bags tied over their heads and around their necks, nude, completely coated in the thick fluid from the pit they fell into, waiting for the inevitable. First timers sometimes don't realize what they were filled with, so this is especially horrifying to Them, but it is Equally disturbing in concept and sensations every single time, no matter how many years are spent enduring this punishment and corrective, disciplinary measure (which Inisfreean citizens often enjoy observing (and masturbating and orgying to) from their computer screens, in their mind's-eyes, or in person).

At the close of the ninth hour, these eggs, usually within several seconds of one another, release a specially engineered creature which begins to squirm within the cavity it was implanted inside. This is an Inisfreean version of the Xenomorph Chestburster, though none of these will ever cause any physical harm to the girls that are impregnated with them (only emotional trauma and fatigue). Each of these modified Chestbursters is the size of a small snake or large slug. The one in each girl's stomach wriggles its way up her throat, too strong to be hurt by her teeth, and forces her mouth open to crawl out of it and then out of the hole made in her burlap head-bag by the mouth-raping tentacle from earlier. It then crawls all over her upper body while waiting to sense the escape of its two fellows.

The modified Chestburster in each of these girls' pussies then crawl around inside them, instinctively targeting these girls' G-spots to make them shiver in multiple orgasms all the while they are cringing. After a few minutes of this truly confusing and mind-altering stimulation, it is only Then that they crawl their way out of these girls' pussies, at which point they start crawling around, spiraling all the way down and back up again, repeatedly, around these girls' right legs.

The final of these three modified Chestbursters, and by far the most sensationally offensive (offensive to these girls' senses), is the one in their assholes. It is This modified Chestburster which first crawls all the way up their large intestines, not Out of them, until it nears the sphincter for their stomach, ensuring they feel the thing, like a living, mobile turd, moving every which way inside their gut, terrifying them perhaps more than all the rest. After it reaches the Top of their lower intestine, it then crawls allllll the way back out, until it forces its way out of their asshole, often covered in their shit, at which point it crawls all the way down around and back up again, many times, their Left leg, smearing their shit all around it the whole time.

When these modified Chestbursters, three per girl, complete their slimy, crawling circuits around the girls' upper body, left leg, and right leg, respectively, they then meet up and crawl into her pussy toGether, work together to stimulate her G-spot until she orgasms again, crawl Out of her pussy together, crawl into her Asshole together, crawl up her lower intestine, crawl back Down and Out of her lower intestine, crawl back out of her asshole, crawl up her spine, crawl around her neck (under where the burlap bag is tied), crawl around her tits, then crawl up into the hole in her burlap head-bag, ALL of them now covered in her shit, force their way into her mouth, crawl all the way down her throat, aided by her reflexive swallowing, secreting a chemical which prevents her from vomiting, and then float together in her stomach, unaffected by its acid (and submerged in all the Tentacle-cum still filling it), for another hour until they crawl back up her throat and back out of her mouth again, this time crawling around her neck inside the head-bag, and sliming their way around her ears, poking their slimy tips into her earholes several times.

It is uncertain which is more horrifying; to be, by chance, alone in this level of punishment, or to be in the company of fellow girls, all of whom are screaming, choking, gagging, vomiting, and noisily yet futily fighting desperately to free themselves. Both the silence and the cacophony of these alternate situations is quite maddening -and designed to be so.

It is now the 10th hour that these girls have been subjected to this special chamber in the Underway, and with their nights up on the Rape Fields high above and far away... being 8 hours long, ...and with their time in the special subway car being about Three hours long, that leaves three hours for the remainder of their daily sentencing down in this special chamber of the Underway.

The remaining three hours are spent thusly: The tentacles keeping these girls hanging upside down over the fluid-filled pit of this lower chamber in the special annex of the Underway... now move these girls down into the fluid again (with only their heads left above its surface), which feels much like being dipped down into thick honey or even molasses. More tentacles triple-penetrate them, as before, but suck Out all the cum in their three holes this time... then reFill them all... and then another three Facehuggers rapidly tighten their tough, hand-like, spidery appendages around these girls' pelvises, legs, and heads, plugging and impregnating them with their ovapositors again, and then pull out their ovapositors and swim back away, leaving them to feel the much more rapid gestation of these New, Inisfreean-modified Chestbursters.

Again, as before, no harm of any kind happens to these girls; they are merely left extremely disgusted and feeling dirtier and more soiled and degraded than ever before; a fitting punishment for the beings who felt it in their black hearts to attempt to use their Words (annoying spells) to degrade and harm the irreproachable Inisfreeans.

These Chestbursters, again three per girl, take far less time to grow, hatch, and begin their disgusting work. The one in each girl's stomach drinks up large portions of the new load of cum filling her stomach, then presses its head up into the pipe connecting her stomach to her throat, and blows it all back out of its Own stomach so as to force her to throw it all Up. It takes half a dozen repetitions of this for her stomach to be emptied, and only Then does this Chestburster (also like a large slug) crawl its way up and out.  The Chestburster in each of these girl's pussies does the same with the cum filling their Pussies, and the Chestburster in each of these girl's Assholes does the same with all of the cum filling their Assholes.

Since they have alReady experienced these groups of Chestbursters crawling together back into Each of their main holes, it wouldn't be as horrifyingly disGusting to them, and so these Chestbursters are not engineered (genetically programmed and technopathically mind-control guided) to do that aGain. InStead... they all crawl into the now-emptied Pussies of these girls, rapidly gestate even More --and in these girls' Wombs this time-- causing their bellies to swell as if they were pregnant with natural Human babies. Once they appear 9-months pregnant (unharmed due to special classified techniques keeping their bodies from rupturing or failing during this process which takes an hour or two to fully 'bloat' them), one by one, these three self-implanting, fetus-like creatures, now in the form of full-sized Facehuggers, crawl down out of these girls' birthing canals, moving into position for the final round of punishment.

The final round of punishment here in the Underway for the most intentionally offensive Outlander girls to ever cross the Inisfreeans... is that the Facehuggers they just gave Birth to as Triplets... are now ramming their ovapositors into these girls' three main holes for the third round (per day) of Facehugger-based, triple-penetration, impregnation. A final three, Inisfreean-modified, Xenomorph Chestbursters rapidly gestate and crawl up out of these girls' throats, pussies, and assholes, and then each of these girls is pulled all the way down to the bottom of this chamber's fluid pit by the dozens of tentacles which have been tightly coiled around their limbs these whole 13 hours. The girls are held down there until they run out of air and start squirming frantically, and only Then are they brought back up to the surface to catch their breaths through the holes in their head-bags --all of which had begun to let in the thick, molasses-like Fluid this time, for they were no longer fluid-tight.

The tentacles invert each girl again, then dunk only their Heads under the surface of this thick fluid, and aGain leave them suspended there, limbs pulled tight and wide open, spread-eagle, until aGain these girls begin to frantically squirm and fight to free themselves for air. Again, it is only Then that they are brought back up so that their heads are no longer completely submerged under the surface of this fluid, and, still blindfolded by these burlap head-bags, they are put in the arms of the Inisfreean-modified Xenomorph Drones (ant-like humanoids standing much taller than a human, and looking just like in the Alien movies), who carry these girls up through winding, confusing, hive-like tunnels, sometimes crawling inverted on their ceilings, to deposit all of these girls back in that special, restricted-access, G.A.H. subway car they had been Brought here in.

The subway car takes them back to its pick-up and drop-off point; a station beneath the Rape Fields they had been Brought from this morning, and their Inisfreean-borne, female wardens and inspectors drag them back out by their hair, back up the A.I.O.W. to the surface hatch, and out across the Rape Fields to be returned to their bondage racks for another night of having their Heads taken Out of these Tiny burlap bags... and tied right back down into the Larger ones half-filled with dung.

Eventually, these girls stop resisting this mindbogglingly unheard-of Hell, and go numb and limp, and they are Let to, for That is part of what the Inisfreean-borne people want to See from them; that wholly defeated, soul-crushing (and soul-Crushed) reaction on their faces and in the depths of their eyes --and in the shrinking of their auras and life-forces-- which lets the Inisfreeans know their punishments were seVere enough.

These girls are occasionally asked if they want to plead for these nightly and daily punishments to end; attempt to be pleasing in their pleading enough to earn the privilege of being upgraded to the boxes that their slightly Less offensive fellow Outlander girls are kept in (and on and on, practicing their pleading more and more until they make it to the volcano slope, and then the cold floor of that otherwise-unused Pearly Gate chamber, and then back into the games held within the arena of the Subterranean Vatican). When they fail to respond in a manner deemed timely and polite enough to their Inisfreean-borne wardens, they are left for another 24-hour period in the rotation between dung-bags and 'Xenomorph Hive pregnancy toleration and acclimation practice'.

Few girls ever make it through more than one 24-hour period here without pleading VERY well and earning their way up into the higher and less disgusting levels of the Inisfreean correctional system.​