Subway News:  All subway cars can now be hermetically sealed at a moment's notice.

Inisfree's subway system runs parallel to its surface highway sections.  It is one of the fastest forms of transportation in the city, as its trains travel at speeds above 380mph.  Each of its trains is as luxurious as any mansion you might explore on the city's surface; each subway train car has thrones instead of chairs, canopy beds instead of benches, jacuzzis instead of booths, chandeliers instead of light-bulb indentions, studded Corinthian leather instead of plastic, sheets of diamond and transparent metals instead of glass, Oriental rugs and vicuna throws (which subway users enjoy standing and walking barefoot on) instead of carpeting, and gold painting frames bordering each of its LCD-maps showing riders where they are along the Inisfreean subway routes.  Its trains are also cavitating (due to both standard cavitation methods, as well as Repulsines) to help with noise reduction and air friction negation.  Whenever you want to get to the opposite side of the city in about five minutes flat, just hop into the next subway car once its train smoothly pulls into the next (and equally luxurious) subway station and waiting platform, and off you go.

Dimensions & Layout:
Inisfreean subway trains, and their subway train cars, are the same size as double-decker trains and their cars in the Outlands; this is to allow ample room for their canopy beds and chandeliers. To maintain more walking space and 'elbow room', all furniture, such as those beds, are kept to one side of each car, and the side they are on is alternated back and forth from car to car along each train; this is to keep the weight distribution even overall.  All furniture is fused with the rest of its respective subway train car's structure, such that it is immovable even without having bolts or clamps to hold it down (and inertial dampeners, among other things, help to keep it perfectly in place, too; not even the pillows shift around during rapid accelerations and decelerations).  The subway stations are triple-decker and cascading; three train tracks run side by side, but on a 45 degree slope, such that from one side, anyone on any of those levels can see all three tracks and their trains when they pull into the station at or near the same time.  To cross the tracks, as is the case with the pedestrian walkways on Inisfree's surface, both over- and under-passes (bridges and tunnels, both, of course, very luxurious, such as with intricate masonry and light-posts) are woven around these tracks, well out of the way of the areas where their trains move.

Restricted Access Routes:
Only when the Governor of Inisfree is on board can an Inisfreean subway car move to, past, and from Inisfreean subway sections connecting the following facilities:
  • the 'Bat-cave' Command & Control Bunker Complex
  • the Keel Hatch
Only when Inisfreeans of the 19th Grade or higher are on board can an Inisfreean subway care move to, past, and from Inisfreean subway sections connecting the following facilities:

Only when Inisfreeans of the 20th Grade (Master Females) or higher are on board can an Inisfreean subway care move to, past, and from Inisfreean subway sections connecting the following facilities:
Inisfreean Subway Stations

The following are general-access stops; open to all visitors:
  1. Amphitheater / PBPK Buildings
  2. ​Amusement Park / Zoo
  3. Apartments / Waterfall City II​
  4. Atlantis Resort / Beach Strip​
  5. ​Arch City / School
  6. Auzdome 1 / Palaces Neighborhood​
  7. Auzdome 2 / Mosques Neighborhood
  8. Auzdome 3 / Cliff-dwellings
  9. Auzdome 4 / Slant-top Spire
  10. Auzdome 5
  11. Cathedral / Sphynx​
  12. Civilian Aerospaceport
  13. Civilian Desert​​
  14. Clothing Factory / Highway Niagara​
  15. Cropland / Uber Baobab​
  16. Flower Towers / Statue Park​
  17. ​Luxor II
  18. Mall / Dropship Theater
  19. Santorini / WMKM Studios​
  20. Snowdunes Area​
  21. ​Sotu 1 / X2 Hotel
  22. Sotu 2​ / Double-tree Hotel
  23. Sotu 3 / Laser-tag Arena
  24. Sotu 4 / Grocery Store
  25. Sotu 5 / Hospital​​​
  26. Valhalla Resort / Dickens Village​

No Stops Necessary

At 380mph, Inisfree's subway travels just under 560 feet per second, meaning it only takes 2 seconds to pass Inisfree's four corners' subway tunnel turns. Stops that are one mile apart mean 10 seconds of travel time, stops two miles apart; 20 seconds, and 3 miles apart; 30.


Some Inisfreean subway trains never stop moving, never having to slow down to make stops or speed up to get going again, so they need far less fuel, battery power, and brake adjustments, making them much more efficient. This means less friction, less noise, and that they are much easier to time to the second. These trains pick up and drop off access-cars as illustrated in the sequence of images to the right. For instances where nearly an entire subway train may need to board or disembark, normal subway trains making stops at each station are available on parallel tracks.