Tantric Academy News:  This loving-sex academy is now home to the largest bed ever created on planet Earth.
Tantric Academy
The Tantric Academy

Mission Statement:
Lovingly abbreviated as "T&A", Inisfree's primary academy teaches the fusion of sensuality and spirituality as both a science and an art.  By instilling the beauties and intricacies of sexual intercourse in all Inisfreean citizens, the Tantric Academy ensures that the childish and mud-minded Outlander attempts to taint sex and free love with negative connotations never pollutes the spirit or status quo of the gifted people who call Inisfree their home.

The prestigious Tantric Academy of Inisfree is the primary post-graduate temple-university for all Inisfreean citizens graduating from the city's sole high school.  
Students maintain A+ GPAs, re-taking any course as is needed to achieve this.  Students at T&A go on to surpass even the Registered Companions of the Outlands, and all within the first few years of their studies here.

The O-course:
The obstacle course at T&A is orgasm-based (thus, its pun), although still entailing numerous 'obstacles' that cannot be overcome without clever teamwork.  These obstacles may be physical ones (constructs upon which partners and groups must balance or maneuver around during their demonstration of Nymphonomicon masteries), mental ones (where they must determine the correct position and technique combinations), or emotional ones (such as grace overcoming pride).
The 'Shared Breath' Technique

Here, it begins with both partners softly inhaling to pass cool air over one another's lips, followed by blowing warm air onto them.  As this warm exhale continues, they very slowly ease their lips together, completing the seal until one takes the lead, upon which they share the same breath back and forth a dozen or more times until a natural 'high' is achieved.  Inisfreeans use the techniques they learn in their high school and academy, and the bodies and companies of their fellow citizens, -not drugs- to get their highs.

Trails on Inisfree's mountain slope on the side housing T&A

Cleansing the Chakras

By something as simple as touch, chakras can be connected to disperse and dispel 'negative' energy, re-associating all of their corresponding body parts with only good things.

Additional Notes

A Balanced Sexual Appetite:  
Like the Paleolithic Diet adhered to by all FOBians, the sexual lifestyle is also that of the Paleolithic and general ancient times; the beliefs and practices of the previous Golden Ages many millenia ago having been found to be the healthiest and most immortalizing for all of the humans.

Settling is Cheating Yourself:
There's a big difference between someone who has studied, practiced, rehearsed, and performed professionally composed music all her life... than some annoying, apathetic, chaotic, juvenile delinquent blowing sloppily into a tuba or banging on a broken drum with no concept of rhythm at all.  Isn't there.  One you love, and one you can't even stand.  One makes you melt into your seat or sink down into the suds of your bathtub.  The other makes you pull out your own hair and scream up at the sky in helpless fury.  
​So.  ...Why would you ever put up with someone who has no idea how to have sex properly... when there are now millions of us here who have perfected it?  'Nough said.

Visual Aids:
All girls who study at this university have the film equivalent of required reading; several hundred video clips and GIF images are used in their classrooms, and prescribed as regular homework viewing and analyzing assignments, to best illustrate the equally numerous techniques they must master in order to graduate as ladies capable of quality and worthwhile sex.
Sex Facts

It has been documented and scientifically proven that:
  • A penis can hold 250 lbs. 2' off the ground.
  • The longest human penis is 13.5", the deepest human vagina, 19".
  • Most penises are 2-3" soft, 5-6" hard.
  • Most vaginas are 2" unaroused, 4" aroused, 6" with penetration.
  • If a girl abstains from penetration for two months, her vagina will become tighter again, though not quite virgin tight.
  • A man can safely masturbate for 10 hours.
  • Average male ejaculations contain 180,000,000 to 400,000,000 sperm.
  • Men can launch their semen more than 18 feet out or 12 feet up, though only after a 2/+ day recharge (zero ejaculations during that time). It comes out up to 42.7mph.
  • Sperm need an environment cooler than body temperature to survive, so to have more powerful orgasms flexing out larger loads and more individual spurts per load, men should stay in cooler areas so their testicles don't have to work as much per recharge.
  • Men's orgasms naturally take 7-14 minutes to trigger, lasting 22 seconds, but can be significantly expedited and increased in duration and intensity.
  • Women's orgasms naturally take 10-20 minutes to trigger, lasting 3-18 seconds, but can be 45 seconds long with 25 successive contractions.
  • A man can have 16 orgasms per hour. A woman, 134.
  • A woman can safely have over 900 sex partners in one day.
  • Semen is sticky because it contains an enzyme that clots it into a gel-like fluid to help it stay in the vagina longer, where it can survive up to 5 days.
  • The average vagina can hold 600 milliliters; nearly 1.3 pints (about 300 loads; male ejaculations).
  • Semen can only survive a few hours outside the body, so collecting and storing it, such as in a refrigerator or incubator, allows it to be injected (via turkey baster) or poured (via funnel into a speculum or beer bong hose) into the vagina with zero chance of pregnancy. Inisfreeans such as Nyria Serra enjoy and teach this practice, lifestyle, and diet. Nyria keeps a second refrigerator in her residence stocked full of beakers, mugs, turkey basters, and vials full of various mixes and flavors of both natural and synthetic semen, washes her face and mouth with it every day, brushes her teeth with it instead of water and toothpaste (though toothpaste is still recommended for humans), and fills her pussy and asshole with it during showers and bedtime. For special occasions, she drinks this semen from champagne glasses. For casual hangouts with her girlfriends, they all have tea cups full to the brim with it, or a large bowl they pass around, sipping from and backwashing into to add all their saliva to the mix.
  • Semen includes spermine; a powerful antioxidant which helps smooth the skin, eliminating wrinkles (as well as an abundance of natural lipids, essential amino acids, and prostaglandins; natural substances which aid in skin repair and increase blood flow bringing in more nutrients to the to the skin). A Norwegian spa began synthesizing spermine for this very purpose, while Inisfree has both natural and synthesized available for all its female guests in any desired quantity.
  • The sugary/salty fluid component of semen is to nourish the sperm, but is also nourishing to girls who swallow it.  This flavor combination has the same effect as chocolates sprinkled with a hint of sea salt; the sweet part makes you want more of the saltiness, and the saltiness makes you want more of the sweet; back and forth until you are completely full, loving every successive bit of it.
  • Semen has water in it, making it good for basic hydration.
  • Semen includes: water, protein (critical for healthy muscles), vitamin C (critical for healthy gums), calcium (critical for healthy bones), citric acid (good for enhancing antioxidants, which are great for skin care, fighting cancer, and have many other health benefits), creatine (for cellular energy, such as muscle contractions, such as during orgasms), fructose (a type of sugar found in honey and fruit), lactic acid (great for digestion and mitigation of intestinal infections), magnesium (regulates blood pressure and heart rhythm), potassium (like that in bananas, this is great for the heart, kidneys, and reducing stress), sodium (the primary ion and electrolyte in the body, this is critical for extra-cellular fluid, enzyme operations, fluid maintenance, and nervous system function), vitamin B12 (critical for preventing anemia and nervous system injury), zinc (a great antioxidant which also boosts the immune system, is found in every tissue in the body, and is critical for cellular division), 5-25 calories (2000-3000 per day are recommended for girls based on activity level, so a girl could swallow 80-600 loads per day to satisfy her caloric needs), several other nutrients and elements, and sperm.
  • When girls drink semen (or receive it into their vaginas, and especially when they keep it there) it decreases depression and blood pressure.
  • Just like drinking water with added electrolytes, or sports drinks based on electrolyte replacement during post-workout recovery periods, drinking semen is more replenishing of key nutrients than just water, and it is healthier for girls to drink semen after any exercise, especially sex, which is the healthiest form of exercise (even more so than swimming).
  • Exercise is the greatest antidepressant, and sex is the best form of exercise for the entire body and spirit, so it is unhealthy to abstain from sex, and partners who care about each other will want and help each other to have sex whether they are present or not; so their partners are healthiest and happiest.  The question they should ask themselves is: What's more important? Controlling your partner, or loving, encouraging, and uplifting them in all they want to do?
  • Inisfreean men's semen tastes better because they avoid dairy and onions, never drink coffee or alcohol, never smoke (even marijuana damages sperm), eat fresh fruits and vegetables, have plenty of zinc in their diets, exercise regularly, and do not wear restrictive, heat-trapping clothing, so their semen tastes like candy to all the girls who drink it.
  • A woman can safely swallow up to 1.5 pints of semen every six hours (165 to 650 loads; male orgasms of multiple spurts).  That's .7 of a liter; nearly 24 oz.; 3 8-oz. glassfuls; 16 shot-glasses.
  • The vast majority of women love the taste of semen (the majority of the range of semen flavor profiles), but most semen is not tasted because it is often ejected into the back of the mouth where there are few taste buds.
  • With hundreds of millions of sperm in every ejaculation, and only one of those sperm ever reaching the ova (female 'egg')​​, more than 99.99% of all sperm ever created are never used once they are ejaculated, so girls might as well drink and play with them, benefiting from them in other ways.
  • The throat and anus are series of sphincters which can elasticize to fit the average penis, meaning that deep-throating and anal sex do not cause any harm other than minor initial soreness.
  • Anal sex is just like vaginal sex in that foreplay for 10-30 minutes is preferable to sufficiently lubricate the orifice to be penetrated so all sliding, thrusting, and friction feels great.  However, the anus will not self-lubricate, so when synthetic lubrication is not available, one should arouse the vagina long enough that it produces enough lubrication to be used both in itself and on the anus.
  • Most women prefer anal sex to vaginal, but prefer vaginal 'creampies' (releasing semen inside the vagina) to anal creampies, so it is usually best to penetrate and cum inside the vagina, then spend more time penetrating her anus.
  • With proper simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris, G-spot, A-spot, ribs, wrists, ankles, neck, ears, and tongue, along with shared breathing and edging (a form of teasing), a woman can experience a non-stop wave of screaming shivering orgasms that are felt not just in her belly and pussy but throughout nearly every cell in her body.
  • It is possible through skilled orgies to achieve trance states; sex-triggered trances and higher states of consciousness, including collective consciousness, instead of music-triggered or drug-triggered, and there is no come-down from music- or sex-triggered, and no side-effects.
  • With techniques such as tantric partners yoga, foreplay for at least half an hour before penetration, multiple positions, and caressing the erogenous zones as well as acupuncture is employed (being acupressure in this case), one not only guarantees orgasms, but the most powerful and long-lasting orgasms of all, including simultaneous ones; both or all partners orgasming at the same time.
  • A well trained girl can, with a brief dance, or a passing, feather-light caress or lick, or even entering a doorway and glancing a certain way, trigger a surprise orgasm in a man or woman.
  • Skillful application of various forms of bondage, wordplay, subtly suggestive phrases and gestures (similar to subliminal messages), partner swapping, and other sciences, such as the science of sadomasochism (and BDSM in general), can virtually spellbind people with the most thrilling full-body energy-gasms and other sensations a person might ever be able to feel.
  • Both males and females have dozens of erogenous zones, each person's having different degrees of sensitivity and favoritism based on a number of factors, so take time to experiment and memorize them, enjoying this process as much as their application later on.
Inisfreean girls wash their faces with semen daily, meditate while nearly fully submerged in bathtubs of it, and are fully submerged in it during their baptisms in semen, not water.

Felching is the technique of sucking semen out of an orifice such as the vagina, and Inisfreean girls arouse each other by doing this for one another almost every day. One version of this they frequent is French kissing semen out of one of their girlfriend's vaginas, then French kissing it into a different girlfriend's vagina, or giving their girlfriends sloppy French kisses, swapping it into their mouths, then having their girlfriends French kiss it back into their own mouths or pussies.

Like how humans have wine tasting parties and cafés, Inisfreean girls have semen tasting parties and cafés, and nearly every drink glass in every Inisfreean night club is filled not with alcohol, but each girl's favorite flavor of semen.​​

At this university (T&A; the Tantric-sex Academy) many of the showers, bathtubs, and swimming pools are full of cum (semen), not water, some of which also being fed not by water faucets, shower-heads, or waterfalls, but cum-falls. Many of the water-fountains girls drink from here also have a cum-fountain option.

~9% of human females are 'squirters' during some orgasms (meaning they squirt fluid out of the urethra when they orgasm). Inisfreeans do not enjoy experiencing that as part of their sexual activities. The >1% of humanity which was allowed to learn of and visit Inisfree includes no 'squirters'.​​

In Other Realms:
In realms beyond Inisfree, such as the Nagas' cave networks deep in the Earth's crust, there are entire rivers of semen which the Naga and their guests bathe and swim in daily and nightly. Semen is well known around the world and across the Universe for its calming and healing properties, and few species and civilizations are as skittish and ignorant about it as the humans.
Parental Advisory:

This webpage contains adult material in the form of text and images.  It touches upon subjects such as sexual education courses, evolving sexual intercourse to a science and an art, encouraging others to have sex more often, several sex positions and techniques, facts about body-parts used in sex, and facts about sexual fluids.